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ECW Hardcore TV 11/15/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-11-15 (Matches taped November to Remember Night 2 1994-11-05 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Public Enemy

Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Public Enemy Brawl Game Match ref Jim Molineuax
In case you don’t remember the rules from last time…If you take someone out for a 10 count your team gets bats to use. Pinfall wins the match. We cut to the start of the action. PE with an elbow from the middle rope side slam combo. Mikey is down for but only for a 4 count. Grunge with a suplex but then Cactus comes in and uses Mikey as a battering ram a few times and Mikey is almost down for the 10 count. Mikey goes for the double noggin knocker but PE blocks and hits a double clothesline. Johnny Grunge clotheslines Cactus over the top rope. Grunge drops Jack on the guard rail and PE double teams Mikey in the ring. Reverse DDT followed by the drive by from “Flyboy” Rocco Roc. Mikey some how gets up and 9 as Cactus hits PE a bunch with a chair. Double DDT onto Roc on the chair. Roc up though Cactus with a double DDT on PE. Grunge throws powder in the face of Jack. Grunge is busted open. Mikey able to get in some shots. Roc ducks a punch and pushes Mikey into Cactus. Cactus can’t see and hits Mikey with a double arm DDT. Mikey is down for the 10. PE get bats and begin to beat away on their opponents. They go to the floor and Roc stakes up tables and puts Mikey on them on the stage. Roc climbs to the top of the Eagle;s Nest. Sabu shows up and argues with Roc for stealing his shit. They get into a shoving match and Roc gets pushed through the table! A woman in the crowd shrieks as Roc is falling adding to the whole thing. All four men brawl on the stage now. Cactus up to the Nest. Elbow drop puts Roc through the table from the Nest!!!! In the ring Grunge comes off the top with the baseball bat to the face of Mikey! Grunge covers and gets the win and titles. 9.49 was shown with only the beginning with PE stalling cut. PE celebrates the start of their second reign as champions. Going from the beginning that is on the fan cam to where the match started on TV the total time of the match was 13.39.

Joey Styles tells us that Mikey has been taken out of the rematch on the 19th with a concussion. Cactus says he doesn’t want to tag with anyone so he is asking for a singles match. Mikey says he can’t let Jack do that because Mikey’s mom says he can’t come home until PE are out of wrestling. Jack is worried that the partner Mikey picked is going to turn on him. Mikey slaps Jack around and yells at him telling him he has to do it. Jack says he will and that his partner will be Kevin Sullivan! New Tag Team Champions Public Enemy rap and tell Paul E Dangerously they are going after him, Tazmaniac and Sabu. They tell Mikey and Cactus they are going to take them out. This promo seems to go on forever.

Paul E Dangerously is with Joey and he says that Roc has been a thief his whole life. He started by stealing candy and cars and now he is stealing moves. Paul E says if they want them they will be at the Arena on the 19th in the ring wrestling the Malenko brothers. Joey wants to know if Sabu will actually be there to wrestle on the 19th. They show the footage of Sabu breaking his neck at November to Remember. Paul E says Sabu will be there and that Chris Benoit can show up also if he wants a piece of Sabu. Paul E hypes Sabu and Taz and says they will never get hired in WCW or the WWF cause they are to extreme. We see clips of the Taz Dean Malenko match from N2R.

Sandman and Woman hype this Saturday’s match with Tommy Dreamer with “Ironman” Tommy Cairo as the special guest referee and Peaches in the corner of Dreamer. We go into a music video to hype the match some more.

Joey runs down the story and brings us clips of what happened at November to Remember that lead to World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas tagging with “Stunning” Steve Austin to take on 2 Cold Scorpio and Ron Simmons. Simmons and Scorpio talk about how they are bringing Douglas and Austin to the streets and they are going to show them what it’s like to grow up in a place you’re not supposed to drive through. Simmons talks about how he has slapped multiple woman in his life and that he will slap more. Simmons says he is going to literally eat them for breakfast. He has LITERALLY taken punks in his hand and put them in his mouth. Simmons is so incredibly angry during this promo it’s LITERALLY awesome.

Some dude plays the extreme version of the national anthem. 911 comes out with Paul E and chokeslams the guy.

Joey hypes this weekends shows. Shane Douglas hypes this weekends match. Austin is the only man in WCW he would consider a competitor almost has good as he is. Sherri is coming back now that she’s done with Flair who Douglas calls “an old piece of crap”. Douglas says he and Austin are the tag team of the decade and they are only going to have 1 match.

My thoughts on the show
Tag title match was fun and both promos hyping the main event for Saturday were good and each had like 4 minutes to work with.

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