ECW Hardcore TV 11/8/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-11-08 (Matches taped November to Remember Night 2 1994-11-05 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Public Enemy

Tommy Dreamer vs. “Ironman” Tommy Cairo ref Jim Molineaux
Cairo makes fun of Sandman on his way to the ring. Dreamer jumps in the ring and attacks but Cairo comes back with a spin kick and the go to the floor. Cairo with another one on the floor. Dreamer gets a chair and nails Cairo a few times then hits a suplex on the floor. Back in the ring Dreamer with a pile driver. Back to the floor they go Dreamer with a frying pan to the head of Cairo and he breaks it. A fan hands him on oar and he nails Cairo with it. Cairo fights back on the floor and nails Dreamer with a wood pallet. Back in the ring Dreamer with a neck breaker and he chokes Cairo with his shirt and uses it for another neck breaker. Cairo fights back and makes fun of Sandman. Cairo gets a cane but Tommy fights it away. Dreamer cracks Cairo twice before Cairo falls out of the ring. Dreamer follows for more shots and he busts open Cairo. Back in the ring Dreamer nails him a bunch more with the cane including a few nut shots. The ref stops the match and declares Dreamer the winner in 8.21 as Cairo can not continue. Dreamer continues the beat down after the match.

Opening video.

Joey Styles welcomes us to the show and brings us to the the Sandman retirement speech. Sandman talks about how he almost ended Cario’s career. Peaches comes out and says she can’t decide if she should slap him or kiss him. She choses to kiss him. Peaches says she has changed a lot as she is now dressed more sexy than usual. Sandman says he doesn’t care how much weight she has gained because he realizes that she is the most important that he lost in all of this. Out comes Woman with a cane. Woman says she is out to let everyone know who she is going to marry Peaches wants to know what she is doing out there and calls her a bitch. Woman nails her with the cane. Tod Gordon tells her to get out of the ring. Gordon goes to stand in front of Sandman and bumps into him. Sandman shoves him to the crowd thinking he is under attack. Woman is now all alone with Sandman but Dreamer comes out and gets the cane from Woman and drops it on the mat. Sandman takes off the sunglasses and bandages and picks up the cane and begins to destroy Dreamer with it. It’s been a trick all along! Dreamer is bleeding from the mouth.

Dreamer is in the locker room showing his bruises and cuts on his back. He says he loves ECW and people cared about him. Dreamer has a swollen lip, eye and nose. Dreamer says he is going to take it to levels no one has ever seen before. Dreamer’s face is mangled from his beating. Dreamer says he will die in the ring if he has to but he will take Sandman with him. Signed for the 19th at the Arena is Dreamer and Sandman with Cairo as the special ref. Woman and Sandman are in the back and Woman says that they did it. They got Dreamer to take care of Cairo and even Peaches came out so they could take care of her. Woman says that Sandman never cared about the fans or what they thought of him. Sandman lights 4 cigarettes each on dedicated to Cairo, Peaches, Dreamer and the fans.

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Mr. Hughes ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
Hughes overpowers Scorpio. Fans hate this and want 911 to come out. Hughes throws Scorpio into the air and he crashes on the mat. He goes for it again but Scorpio drop-kicks him. Hughes right back in control and he drops an elbow. Hughes misses a corner charge and goes down. Scorpio off the top with a 450 for the cover and the victory in 6.46.

We see the opening of the World Title Match and the aftermath when Ron Simmions and 2 Cold Scorpio beat down Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Later in the night Douglas came back out with taped up ribs. Douglas runs down Simmons and Scorpio. Shane called up Sherri and got her to argue to come back on the 19th. Douglas says he has gone outside of ECW to get the best wrestler that can hang with him athletically. Douglas says that on the 19th his partner to take on Simmons and Scorpio will be “Stunning” Steve Austin! Backstage Simmons and Scorpio respond. Simmons says he was born a fighter. Simmons runs down his accolades in college football and wrestling. Scorpio says stuff.

Joey closes out the show and gives us a few more matches for the 19th. Double Dog Collar between Pitbulls and Bad Breed, Sabu and Tazmaniac team up for the first time to take on the Malenko Brothers. Joey hypes next week’s TV which features more footage from Night 2 of November to Remember.

My thoughts on the show
I thought this was a great recap of two of the big stories coming out of N2R. The streak continues of good TV here on ECW.

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