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ECW Hardcore TV 12/12/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Bubba Ray Dudley & Dances With Dudley defeated The Bad Crew
2.) ECW World Tag Team Champion The Sandman defeated ECW World Champion Mikey Whipwreck and Steve Austin in an elimination match to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Stevie Richards is with the Heavenly Bodies and asks them to ask Beulah if she likes him better than Raven, but they don’t think that’s a good idea. Richards goes to leave but runs into the wall and falls to the floor.

2.) Austin backs Whipwreck into a corner and pats him on the face before stepping away. Mikey slaps Austin back on a second instance. Austin shakes hands with Whipwreck though Sandman is still nowhere near the ring. Austin takes Whipwreck down to the canvas with a leg trip and focuses his offense with a front face lock. Mikey comes back with a headlock to control Austin on the canvas. Mikey attempts a sunset flip and goes to grab the tights but Austin stops him with a flurry of strikes and here comes the Sandman. Mikey dropkicks Austin and clotheslines Austin over the top to the floor. They are brawling during Sandman’s entrance. Austin plants Whipwreck with a piledriver on the floor and tosses the championship at Mikey on the floor. Austin wants Sandman to enter the ring. Austin goes after Sandman working over him with right hands and they trade more strikes. They both go down following the blows as Mikey gets on the top rope to hit a head scissors on Sandman. Mikey attempts a head scissors but Austin counters with a power bomb and nearly pins Whipwreck. Mikey sends Austin into the ropes and Sandman pulls down the ropes sending Austin over the top to the floor. Mikey takes out both Austin and Sandman out with a somersault dive. Mikey hammers away on both Sandman and Austin before delivering a low blow to both men. Mikey misses a springboard cross body attempt. Whipwreck gets a two count on Sandman with a cross body. Austin spikes Mikey with a piledriver. Austin hits the Stun Gun and pins Mikey to promise a new champion. The fans cheered for that elimination.

Sandman hammers away on Austin on the floor sending Austin into the guard railing. Austin sends Sandman into the railing before delivering a chair shot. Sandman avoids another chair shot by dumping Austin over the railing into the crowd. Sandman tosses a table at Austin in the crowd and the fan are cheering Sandman big time. Austin sends Sandman face first into the table and Sandman flips over the railing back to ringside. Austin Stun Guns Sandman over the railing but is met with a chair shot. Sandman scoop slams Austin on the floor and places a table against the railing. Austin tosses Sandman through the table. Austin is choking Sandman with the metal part of the table. They return to the ring where Austin gets a two count after jumping on Sandman while across the middle rope. Austin drives Sandman face first to the canvas to maintain control of the bout. Sandman wakes up while Austin taunts the fans. Sandman pummels Austin with wild strikes. Austin scoop slams Sandman but the referee gets knocked down. Austin decks Sandman and has the cover but Sandman gets his boot on the ropes. Sandman nails Austin with bras knuckles and pins Austin despite Austin having his boot on the bottom rope. Sandman wins the championship. (**3/4. Once Whipwreck got eliminated the match was just a wild brawl that didn’t have any story attached to it, really. Sandman appears to be a face, or at least going in that direction. It was an enjoyable segment, though.)

3.) The Heavenly Bodies hit on Beulah about her box and what they’ve heard about it.

4.) Bill Alfonso yells while Taz is now sporting the towel over his head look.

5.) The Pitbulls are still coming after the Eliminators and Francine has choice words for Beulah and Jason.

6.) Joey Styles reveals that Sandman broke his hand in that match but is going to defend the championship at Holiday Hell.

Final Thoughts:
A fine episode as we are progressing to face Sandman era, which the fans are quickly jumping ship on. There wasn’t much angle development this week, but they’ve done a lot of that in recent months so I’m fine with match heavy programming.

Thanks for reading.

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