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ECW Hardcore TV 12/5/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
: 12/5/1995
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer defeated Raven & Cactus Jack
2.) Public Enemy defeated Bubba Ray Dudley & Dances With Dudley

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Guess which match I came for? This starts out as a brawl on the floor but Raven goes back inside only to get dinged in the back of the head by a Funk chair throw. Stevie Richards shows up while Funk empties a trashcan of plunder in the ring. Richards goes for a ride in a shopping cart. Dreamer belts Raven in the head with a VCR. Funk works Cactus over with a snow shovel. Funk beats referee Jim Molineux down with a dustpan just so he can feel involved. Funk whacks Raven in the groin with a golf club. I wonder if New Jack made his whole career from watching this match? Raven chokes Funk with a toilet seat. Dreamer gets clotheslined with a chain and a bloody faced Raven celebrates. DDT on Dreamer but the referee is out. Cactus slices up Funk’s arm with a fork and then busts his head open with another shot. Raven DDT’s Dreamer again. Tommy avoids a 2nd chain clothesline and DDT’s Raven.

Cactus takes his shirt off to reveal an Eric Bischoff shirt with “forgive me Uncle Eric” on the back. Dreamer is busted and in a great spot he pulls Cactus Jack’s shirt over his face and chair shots “Bischoff”. Cactus hits a double arm DDT onto a chair on Funk. Everyone is bleeding now. Raven hits a dive onto Dreamer. Funk is down and not moving so Cactus makes a count of 3 himself but there’s no official so it doesn’t count. Alfonso and Taz come down to ringside and Alfonso counts 2 on Funk and then boots him and so does Taz. Dreamer gets in Taz’s face and Raven knocks him down. Alfonso and Taz leave. Dreamer hits a leaping DDT on Raven and another standard DDT. Ref is back up and Dreamer piledrives Raven on a chair. Funk pins him and it’s over at 13.36. ***. Crazy match with some solid brutality but the finish was a complete mess. It doesn’t end there as everyone continues to brawl. The worst part of this is Raven getting ‘crowned’ with barbed wire before headbutting Dreamer in the guts. Lots of brawling and blood but not a whole lot of wrestling. Still everything they did was entertaining and the sight of Raven bleeding and wearing barbed wire around his head was something else. (Credit: Arnold Furious, November To Remember ’95 Review)

2.) Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk cut a promo where Funk puts over Dreamer as a great kid and Dreamer thanks Funk for everything he’s done for him. Funk says he might not be back in the ring ever again but they will continue down their roads and they’ll meet up again in short time.

3.) Alright, so the Public Enemy/Dudley match is from Maryland and has Fancam footage. The Heavenly Bodies make their debut attacking the Pitbulls, and Public Enemy with steel chairs. Tommy Dreamer was also involved in the attack. The Heavenly Bodies will be on Raven’s team for Ultimate Jeopardy.

Final Thoughts:

Heavenly Bodies in ECW is great since I really enjoyed their work for the most part in SMW. I think they fit in well with what ECW is all about. They didn’t show the opening tag match in full, but still, I provided the full review of the match. Not an overly strong episode but it flew by anyway.

Thanks for reading.

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