ECW Hardcore TV 11/28/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
: 11/28/1995
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Konnan defeated Jason Knight
2.) Bill Alfonso defeated Tod Gordon

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) We see footage of Mikey Whipwreck wrestling Rey Mysterio, which Whipwreck won. Mikey praised Mysterio following the victory.

2.) Steve Austin is on the phone with Lance Wright and he is pissed that Wright has his number. Austin promises that on December 9th he will leave as champion.

3.) Alfonso is a referee brought in by Shane Douglas to uphold the laws and Gordon is the commissioner of ECW who was opposed to Alfonso’s constant upholding of laws that ECW simply doesn’t have. They fight at ringside before the match even starts. Alfonso pushes Beulah over and Gordon fights back with rights. This is bad comedy stuff with wild swinging punches and brawling. The fans send crap flying into the ring to express how happy they are with this one. Alfonso gets opened up on a chair at ringside. Gordon hits a low blow and a frying pan shot, which should be enough, but Beulah is still bumped from earlier on. Taz (who’s a referee for tonight only) comes out and punks out Gordon. He counts the pin himself at 6.37 and Alfonso wins the match. 1/2*. Taz is pissed off about Sabu coming back and he didn’t get any sympathy when he got injured. Alfonso is Taz’s new manager. Let the path of rage begin! Taz mouths off a lot about how pissed off he is and almost gets into a fight with a fan at ringside. (Credit: Arnold Furious, November To Remember ’95 Review)

4.) Taz is interviewed by Joey Styles and tells Styles that he isn’t someone that should be looked up to. Taz challenges Styles to be a man and insult him, but Joey walks away.

5.) Stevie Richards isn’t happy that if he loses Ultimate Jeopardy that he would have to wrestle Tommy Dreamer, The Pitbulls, and Public Enemy all by himself. Is he scared? YES.

6.) Public Enemy talk about having to face each other if they lose Ultimate Jeopardy. Pitbulls threatened Public Enemy to know what team they are on. Public Enemy say they will shave Tommy’s head if he messes up.

7.) Cactus Jack has his hair pulled back and the sides of his face shaved. Cactus won’t be at the next show and asks a favor of the fans to not encourage the nice, sensitive kid, Tommy Dreamer to be hardcore. Moments later, Cactus is showing his missing ear and missing teeth screaming that he is hardcore.

8.) Bubba Dudley hits on Beulah saying they should rearrange the ABCs by moving U and I together. That apparently works as Beulah walks off with him.

Final Thoughts:
Taz heel turns is probably the best move since his promo work as a face just isn’t cutting it. Ultimate Jeopardy is an interesting concept and considering everyone in the match have issues, that should be interesting to see unfold.

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