ECW Hardcore TV 11/21/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) ECW World Tag Team Champions the Sandman & 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Public Enemy to retain the titles
2.) ECW World Champion Mikey Whipwreck defeated Steve Austin to retain the title
3.) Sabu defeated Hack Myers

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) This match symbolises everything that I hated about ECW in 1995. I can’t stand anyone in this match. They have a feeble and horribly unfunny dance off pre-match until PE are too over for the Sandman’s liking and they get jumped. PE clear the ring and dance some more. Oh for fecks sake – I don’t watch wrestling shows for this shit. Grunge and Sandman start out with something that’s predictably awful. Everyone runs some top rope stuff until Sandman falls off and botches his bit. Everyone grabs a chair and they run the weakest double chair duel in the history of wrestling. Loads of brawling on the outside. I like brawling as much as the next guy but this is bad brawling with no point to it. Grunge is busted wide open although I have no idea how because apparently the Sandman getting squirted with mustard is more important in a wrestling match. Rocco proves himself the best wrestler in the match by dragging tilt-a-whirl moves out of the Sandman. Scorpio hits a crappy splash for 1 and everyone starts brawling again. Ugly side slam from Scorpio but Rocco dodges a follow up dropkick. Lionsault press misses for Rocco and Scorpio kicks him down.

Double underhook bomb from Scorpio that just didn’t look right. I guess I just can’t stand Scorpio. Backflip splash gets knees but Scorpio can’t even sell that properly. Everyone in again and more brawling. On the outside Sandman gets backdropped onto a table, which doesn’t break. Rocco suplexes Scorpio over the ropes. Sandman gourdbusters Grunge through the table that didn’t break. Rocco sets him up on the remains and hits a slingshot somersault plancha. Back inside Rocco hits a messy rana on Sandman but the pinfall is broken up by Scorpio’s terrible looking stick shots. Scorpio hits a moonsault on Rocco for 2. Spinning heel kick from Scorpio and for some reason he sells that like death. What’s wrong with Scorpio? Does he have any remote understanding of what a wrestling match looks like. PE miscue a Drive By and Sandman falls on Grunge for the pin at 16.03. DUD. Worthless, horrible, botched mess of a match. I never want to watch any of these guys work ever again. (Credit: Arnold Furious, November To Remember ’95 Review)

2.) Austin gets on the mic and bitches about Bischoff, Hogan and Flair before jumping Mikey and beating the crap out of him ahead of the bell. Sign Guy’s sign – “Austin, the future has arrived”. So true. The fans chant “Hogan” at Austin to upset him so he hits a big boot and legdrop for 2. Hahaha. “That lame ass crap ain’t gonna get it done here” – Joey. Mikey takes over on the floor and Austin begs off claiming a bad elbow. Mikey ignores it and stomps away . Austin reverses into a Stun Gun for 2. Mikey hits a sunset flip with a huge pull of the tights at 4.38 and retains the title. Austin hammers Mikey down to demonstrate his superiority despite losing. *1/2. Okay little match, the Hogan imitation was quite funny. Did anyone take Mikey seriously as a world champion though? (Credit: Arnold Furious, November To Remember ’95 Review)

3.) Raven cuts a promo about the Ultimate Jeopardy match where if he were to lose then he would lose Beulah but he doesn’t think it’s a big deal and believes that Beulah would come back. He needed someone at summer camp back when he was a teen and no matter what Tommy says, he was never there for him. Raven says Tommy will leave Ultimate Jeopardy with a shaved head. Heck, he will leave with a cracked skull. Dreamer comes out of nowhere and attacks Raven letting him know he will see him in the cage.

4.) Sabu misses the single leg, hehe but gets it the 2nd time. Early DDT from Sabu and he spills outside for a chair. Springboard leaping sidekick and then another one w/chair. Why does he repeat spots like that? Armbar from Sabu and the crowd get on his case about it being “boring”. Springboard sidekick AGAIN from Sabu. He goes for a flip, which he botches, and the Shah hits a powerslam for 2. Russian double knee drop from Myers and he pulls Sabu into the ropes before pinning him. Huh? He saved Sabu himself. That was stupid. Guillotine legdrop from Sabu and he’s hurt himself. Off the shoulders swinging DDT from Sabu gets 2. Myers bails and Sabu leaps over the ropes into a less than perfect rana. To be fair that’s probably due to the Shah’s sheer size. Air Sabu against the guardrail. Back inside Sabu goes for another leaping rana and gets powerbombed for 2. Suplex from Myers but Sabu cuts him off on the ropes and hits a victory roll from the top for 2. Sabu gets crotched on the ropes though and a chair shot sends him crashing down onto his head. Guillotine legdrop from the Shah. He goes for the double knee finish again but gets dragged off into the chair face first. Sabu hits a rana over the ropes. Sabu sets Shah up on a table and hits a painful looking dive onto him over the ropes. Shah drags himself in and gets pinned for 2. Somersault Arabian facebuster from Sabu and that is it at 12.55. **1/2. Decent encounter with Sabu throwing himself around as per usual. Not a whole lot of variety in the match though which I think killed it’s overall appeal. (Credit: Arnold Furious, November to Remember ’95 Review)

Final Thoughts:
Just a recap of what happened at November to Remember.

Thanks for reading.

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