ECW Hardcore TV 12/19/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Taz defeated El Puerto Ricano
2.) Public Enemy defeated The Heavenly Bodies

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Joey Styles announces that on December 29th, ECW World Champion Sandman will defend against Steve Austin.

2.) Steve Austin cuts a promo about people hearing him complain about WCW and he runs his mouth in ECW which gets him two title shots and he drops the ball. When Mikey pinned him he beat a man with one arm and who hadn’t rehabbed, but is still one of the greatest wrestlers ever. Austin contemplates that he doesn’t have what it takes and begs for WCW and Eric Bischoff to take him back. Austin isn’t going to do that because he is better than everyone that is here. He is disgusted with himself and will take a week off because he is the only person that can deny him of the championship.

3.) Taz gets on the microphone saying that he doesn’t care about Sabu and Sabu doesn’t care about the people because he is wrestling in Japan.

4.) Heavenly Bodies cut a promo about hearing about the Public Enemy down in the South. They had to come here to ECW to find out what everything about them is. Raven says that the Bodies are worshiping him from afar for when he takes out Tommy Dreamer. “This guy is intense, isn’t he?” – Tom Pritchard.

5.) Bubba Ray Dudley comes out to dance with Public Enemy during their entrance, but is attacked by the Heavenly Bodies with a steel chair until the Public Enemy make the save for Bubba. The fans are chanting “please don’t go” since Public Enemy is leaving for WCW. Bubba gets up and wants the Heavenly Bodies, which he takes care of.

6.) All four men brawl in the ring trading right hands with the Bodies being sent to the floor. They brawl on the floor for a few moments using weapons that fans hand them. Rock places Pritchard on a table but misses a senton splash and crashes through the table. Del Ray whacks Rock with a chair but Grunge uses a piece of broken table to hit Del Ray. Rock tosses Pritchard into the crowd while Del Ray does the same to Grunge. Del Ray sends Grunge into the guard railing after they use chairs in the crowd. Pritchard plants Rock with a gut wrench sit down power bomb for a near fall. Grunge hits Del Ray several times with a cooking pan. Rock connects with a swinging neck breaker on Pritchard. Grunge splashes Pritchard from the middle rope for a two count. Del Ray sends Rock into the post in the aisle away. Del Ray elbow drops Rock after leaping off the balcony. Rock backdrops Del Ray to counter a piledriver attempt. Del Ray is crotched on the top by Rock and Grunge rolls Pritchard up for the win. (*1/2. It’s not that great since its just a brawl with weapon shots. It is cool to see the Bodies in ECW, though.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a shame that Steve Austin won’t challenge Sandman since he has signed with the WWF. So, his brief run with ECW is over with but it is forever remembered. A below average episode for ECW standards since I’ve grown to expect great television every week.

Thanks for reading.

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