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ECW Hardcore TV 4/26/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-04-26 (Matches taped 1994-03-26 Ultimate Jeopardy at Valley Forge Music Fair in Devon, PA & 1994-03-27 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Pitbull
Tag: Public Enemy

Photos from last weeks main event. Paul E Dangerously says this week you will hear the rest of the story.

Opening video.

Joey Styles welcomes us once again to ECW TV. May 14th is the next ECW Arena show titled When Worlds Collide. We see the end of last weeks show. We see more of the four men going at it from after last weeks show went off the air. Terry Funk and Arn Anderson fight off Sabu and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and then they shake hands. Back to Joey and he tells us the main event on the 14th is Sabu and Eaton against Anderson and Funk!

TV Champion Pitbull and Jason are backstage. Jason talks about how he used to be a jobber as a wrestler and now as a manager he is a champion. Pitbull has some words and we see a few clips of the match. Pitbull had a figure four on and with help from Jason Smith passed out. Joey tells Pitbull that his first challenger is Tazmaniac. Jason looks very worried but Pitbull is confident that he will be victorious.

Tazmaniac vs. Mike Norman ref John Finnegan (1994-03-27)
Tazmaniac attacks before the bell as Pitbull is on commentary with Joey. Belly to belly and head butt from Tazmaniac. Norman gets sent to the floor and belly to bellied through a table. Back in the ring a half nelson suplex finishes the match in 1.18. After the match with go back to Pitbull and Jason. Pitbull says that on May 14th Tazmaniac needs to ask himself if Pitbull is willing to kill to keep the title.

We get clips of the Public Enemy and Bruise Brothers lumberjack match from last week’s Arena show.

Bruise Brothers vs. Badd Company ref Jim Molineaux (1994-03-26)
Paul Diamond starts off. They go back and forth for a bit and Diamond gets hit with a back breaker but he pops back up. Both teams tag. Pat Tanaka is over powered by the Harris brothers. After a few minutes Diamond helps out his partner and things break down. All four men brawl in the ring but the ref is able to regain control. Pat Tanaka works over his opponent and then tags in Diamond. Harris ducks a double clothesline attempt and hits one of his own. Tag made and Badd Company are bumped all around the ring. Tanaka nailed with the double big boot and is pinned in 8.45.

Terry Funk and Arn Anderson and backstage. Funk says he knows that “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton is in town to destroy ECW. Funk wants to know why Anderson is there though. Arn says he is there because word was leaked to him about Eaton showing up in ECW. He’s not there to help Funk but he’s there to keep an eye on Eaton. Arn doesn’t really make it clear as to why he gives a fuck about what Eaton is doing with his life but oh well. Funk and Anderson promise each other that they will not double cross each other. Paul E Dangerously and Bobby Eaton are backstage now. Paul E says Sabu will sacrifice his body more then Funk. Sabu beat Funk fair and square and Funk wants to blame it on Eaton he says. Paul E talks about the Dangerous Alliance and how Anderson never talks about how great they were. He talks about the down fall of the group and says that Eaton is going to end the Anderson family.

Back on April 16th “Ironman” Tommy Cairo beat the Sandman and Peaches got to give him ten lashes with a belt. Sandman though got up as they celebrated and threw powder into the eyes of special ref Sal Bellomo. He then nailed Cairo with a DDT and went after Peaches. Cairo was able to save her though. As they were leaving Peaches was last in the line and Woman jumped out of the crowd and grabbed her dragging her back to the ring. Woman whipped Peaches a few times until Cairo noticed and ran back to save her. Joey is with Sandman now and he announces a mixed tag Singapore Caning Match. Sandman talks about how Woman is very familiar with the culture and he can’t wait to cane Cairo and Peaches. This is a great example of ECW staying with the times as this is during the case of American Michael Fay being sentenced to caning in the country of Singapore.

My thoughts on the show
The two matches were nothing special at all. Paul E promo was real good of course. I’m looking forward to this tag team main event. Interested in seeing if they explain why Woman has joined forces with Sandman.

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