ECW Hardcore TV 4/19/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-04-19 (Matches taped 1994-04-16 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: JT Smith
Tag: Public Enemy

Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas is with Sherri. He tells Sherri she should go on vacation. He then says it’s time to finish off Terry Funk once and for all. Shane says he is going to take out Hawk.

We get a recap video of the Douglas Funk feud including a large amount of the awesome press conference from Night the Line was Crossed back in February.

Kevin Sullivan & Tazmaniac (w/ Woman) vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka & RJ Powers (w/ Hunter Q Robbins) ref Jim Molineaux
Powers is some jacked dude but he’s shorter then Tazmaniac. Powers flexes a lot. It gets him tossed with a suplex from Tazmaniac. Sullivan gets Powers on the floor and beats the shit of him. Snuka doesn’t even attempt to help. Sullivan now the legal man in the match beats on Powers more. Tazmaniac goes for the tree of woe but Sullivan stops him because it’s his move. Tazmaniac now goes for the sullivan double stomp but jumps over Powers. HAHA he jumps around angry and tags Sullivan. Sullivan now tags in and takes it to the floor and again just beats the shit of Powers. Tazmanic with a belly to belly through a table. We cut for commercial and when we come back Snuka has finally tagged in but Sullivan sends him to the floor quickly. Sullivan stomps on Snuka. Sullivan suplexes Snuka back into the ring. Snuka able to tag Powers back in and Sullivan almost kills him with a power bomb. Powers comes back and hits a suplex and splash off the top onto Tazmaniac. Powers goes for a double axe handle but Tazmaniac catches him and nails a suplex for the win. 7.41 of the match was shown. Snuka and Sullivan continue to go at it after the match and Woman attacks Robbins.

Paul E Dangerously is in the Eagle’s Nest with Joey Stytles. Paul E says they are going to make an impact. We see a clip from earlier in the night of Paul E hitting Crash in the head with his phone allowing 911 to hit the chokeslam and pick up the win.

Jason “What a Man” video.

Pitbull picked up the win over JT Smith to become the new ECW TV Champion. Tag Team Champions Public Enemy attacked Smith in the aisle before the match.

PE cut a promo with Matty in the House. Lots of highlights from previous episodes of TV.

Terry Funk is in the ring waiting for Mr. Hughes. Styles though says he doesn’t think Hughes is going to show up. We see that during the lumberjack Tag Team Title Match Hughes came in the ring and helped PE retain the titles. This led to Hughes getting beat down but the Harris Brothers. Then when Hughes was coming to the ring for his match with Funk he was attacked in the aisle by the Bruise Brothers. The three men fought back to the dressing room. Paul E and Commissioner Tod Gordon are in the ring. Paul says that Hughes is in no shape to wrestling and that Funk should take on Sabu. Funk says ok but then Paul E nails Funk with his phone. Funk gets up and puts a plastic bag around Paul’s head. Sabu hits the ring and was have our match!

Sabu (w/ Paul E Dangerously) vs. Terry Funk ref John Finnegan
A couple of masked men are at ringside with Paul. Joey mentioned that Shane Douglas lost by DQ but of course keeps the title. Sabu is all over Funk. Funks fights back and hits a DDT on the floor. Funk with a sick looking neck breaker. He hits a second one. Funk is bleeding from the forehead for some reason. Funk with a pile driver on a chair. Funk uses the chair on Sabu. To the floor and Sabu gets thrown through a table. Sabu fights back and then hits a dive over the top rope from the ring. Funk now with a springboard dive from the apron to the floor. Funk goes after a photographer and the ring announcer. Back in the ring air sabu connects. Funk hits a super piledriver onto an open chair! They go to the floor again. Sabu tries to put Funk though a table with a leg drop but Funk moves. Funk DDTs Sabu through a table. Funk goes for a spinning toe hold. The masked men attack and get unmasked one is Rockin” Rebel the other is the usual handler that isn’t 911. A third one comes in and hits a swinging neck breaker and then goes up top and hits an elbow. Sabu drops a leg and gets the pin in 12.18. Sabu and the still masked handler beat on Funk. Paul E unmasks him to reveal “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton!!! Arn Anderson now hits the ring!!!!! Anderson nails a DDT on Sabu and Eaton! The fans a flipping the fuck out!!

My thoughts on the show
This is one you gotta see! Fun opening match where we saw RJ Powers make his debut and Sullivan and Tazmaniac make it clear that they think he doesn’t belong. A good main event ends with a shocking surprise debut of not one but two big names that are currently under contract to WCW. This is a must see episode!

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