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ECW Hardcore TV 6/29/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Koloff defeated Herve Renesto & Glen Osbourne
2.) Larry Winters fought Tony Stetson to a double disqualification
3.) Tommy Cairo defeated ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka by disqualification
4.) Salvatore Bellomo defeated Rick Michaels

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tod Gordon and Jay Sulli talk about Eddie Gilbert getting a screw job victory over Terry Funk in their chain match when a new corrupt referee only saw Gilbert touch all four corners. The new referee ended up being a Gilbert brother and apparently is named Freddie Gilbert.

2.) Terry Funk was interviewed following the chain match with Eddie Gilbert saying that it was one of the toughest matches of his career. Funk isn’t very happy with the result from the match. He wants Eddie Gilbert and the Dark Patriot in a tag team match or he wants them in singles matches. Funk wants to put up his hair against the Dark Patriot’s mask. Gordon says he will try to get the match signed.

3.) Stevie Wonderful talked to Ivan Koloff, who is making his debut and Vladimir Koloff. Ivan puts over Vladimir saying that nobody can beat him. Ivan challenges any team to come after them.

4.) Paul E. Dangerously is in the ECW production truck to show the fans just how much of a king Eddie Gilbert is to the people in Philadelphia. Eddie keeps on bragging about being king, but Tod Gordon is there and believes that Terty Funk is the true king.

5.) Winters sends Stetson into the guard railing and uses a chair on Stetson several times. Winters drops Stetson chest first across the railing and is destroying Stetson with stomps and chokes Tony over the middle rope. Stetson gets control and uses a chair on Winters over the head. The referee gets shoved down by both men and they both punch the referee to cause a double disqualification. Well, it seemed like an effective segment to get these guys across as hating each other a great deal.

6.) Don Muraco is at ringside for the Snuka/Cairo matchup, as is the Dark Patriot. Cairo starts the match with a hip toss and a scoop slam. Cairo sends Snuka to the floor with a spinning heel kick. Snuka returns to the ring and chops on Cairo a few times. Snuka keeps control with a kick to the chest but Cairo fights back with a snap suplex. Cairo backdrops Snuka but Snuka knocks Cairo down with a leg strike. Cairo is running the ropes only to get tripped by Muraco. Snuka drives Cairo down with a back breaker. Snuka heads to the top rope and hits the big splash for the win. After the match, Terry Funk comes down and informs the referee what happened. The referee ends up believing Funk and gives the match to Cairo by disqualification. (*.It’s a quick match and seeing the splash is always kinda cool to see.)

7.) Sal Bellomo talks about suicide blondes and I’ll assume he wants to get his hands on that team.

8.) Richard Michaels and Hunter Q. Robbins are interviewed about Bellomo. Hunter rips on Bellomo for joining the Super Destroyers. Michaels insults Bellomo’s weight and says he is going to win the match tonight.

9.) Bellomo wins his match but is attacked by Chris Candido and Johnny Hotboddy. Bellomo is triple teamed until the Super Destroyers run into the ring and make the save.

Final Thoughts:
The only good part about the show was the Eddie Gilbert/Terry Funk videos or interviews. ECW hasn’t found their identity and it takes a little while, so these shows are kind of a chore to sit through.

Thanks for reading.

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