ECW Hardcore TV 7/6/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) The Super Destroyers defeated ECW Tag Team Champions Rick Michaels & Johnny Hotbody to win the titles
2.) Ivan Koloff defeated the Sandman
3.) ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco, Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot defeated Glen Osbourne, Tommy Cairo & Larry Winters

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tod Gordon says they are going to start handing out fines and suspensions on the Dangerous Alliance because he is sick of what they have been doing in ECW. Dangerously is stumped on what to say.

2.) Hunter Q. Robbins has two children with him and is looking to end the rumor that the Suicide Blonds aren’t popular. The girls are clearly fans of the Super Destroyers. The Super Destroyers come over and say that they love the kids and you can’t beat that. For a badass team, that made them look like the Natural Disasters in the WWF.

3.) Hunter Q. Robbins says he created the Super Destroyers and he can destroy his own creation. He goes with winners not the losers. Robbins is confident that the Blonds will remain the champions.

4.) Destroyer #1 and Michaels kick off the title match with #1 hitting a gut wrench slam. #2 tags in and power slams Michaels for a near fall. Michaels has been dominated since the start until Hotbody enters but is slammed by #2 as is Michaels again. #2 kicks Michaels on the back of the head and delivers a head butt to the groin area. Michaels comes off the ropes to deliver a bulldog on #2 and Hotbody gets the hot tag to get some strikes in. Hotbody hits a snap suplex and tags in Michaels to double team #2. Michaels is back to being worked over by the Destroyers. Michaels stops #2 with a neck breaker. Chris Candido comes out and switches with Michaels but gets rolled up and #2 gets the pin. Funny note, Sal Bellomo counted three on the floor, and the Destroyer thought it was the referee letting lose on the pin attempt. (1/2*. It was mostly the Destroyers beating on the champs and the finish is just a comical way for the heels to lose, I’d say.)

5.) The Sandman and Miss Peaches cut a promo. Sandman doesn’t like how Ivan Koloff has treated the American people. Sandman says Koloff is coming to his backyard. Sandman as a surfer is just really weird.

6.) Vladimir Koloff says that Ivan Koloff taught him well and he is going to take everyone out. What they have in store for the Sandman isn’t going to be pleasant.

7.) During the Sandman/Koloff match, Rockin’ Rebel came out and tossed a cup of ink or something into Peaches face. Sandman is unaware and is pinned by Ivan with a rollup to end the match. Several wrestlers come out to check on Peaches and Sandman checks on her as well wondering who did this to her.

8.) Hunter Q. Robbins and Tod Gordon are interviewed by Stevie Wonderful. Robbins is upset about the tag titles being robbed from him and the Suicide Blonds. He wants the tag titles back and they will do anything to takes to get them back. Robbins offers to put a loser leaves ECW stipulation and to be handcuffed to Sal Bellomo. Gordon simply says he is going to try and get hat signed right now.

9.) Cairo and Patriot kick off the match with Patriot getting press slammed in the early moments. Patriot regains control and tags in Gilbert. Gilbert clotheslines Cairo into the ropes but Cairo tags in Winters who comes off the middle rope with an axe handle. The faces keep on switching in and out of the ring without tags and Dangerously is freaking out on commentary. Cairo knocks Gilbert down with an elbow strike. Winters gets kicked by Gilbert a few times and Patriot drops Winters throat first across the top rope. Muraco tags in and power slams Winters before tagging in Patriot who slams Winters followed by a leg drop. Osbourne gets tagged in and cleans house with strikes. Osbourne monkey flips Patriot out of the corner. Gilbert cheap shots Osbourne from the apron and Patriot hits a top rope shoulder block for the win. (*1/4. I was expecting a longer match but the heel group is simply dominating every single face in the company. I don’t even think, aside from Funk, there is anyone seen as a threat to them.)

10.) Eddie Gilbert says that the Philadelphia fans have something to be proud in and it is him as their king. Gilbert is going to start a tax on the people of Philadelphia. With the money he gets he will get some women. Eddie talks about Freddie Gilbert and says that everyone will know about Freddie in the weeks to come.

11.) Eddie Gilbert and Freddie Gilbert are interviewed by Jay Sulli. Eddie says that his brother isn’t all right in the mind and was sent to another school. Eddie says that Freddie is going to be in his corner from now on.

12.) Tod Gordon reveals that the Super Destroyers will defend the tag titles against the Suicide Blonds next week with the stipulations that were discussed earlier.

13.) The show comes to an end with the Super Destroyers brawling with the Suicide Blonds. Sal Bellomo stomps on Chris Candido’s arm on the apron and the commentary team act like his arm has been broken.

Final Thoughts:
Super Destroyers shouldn’t talk on the microphone since they sound like dweebs. Rebel/Sandman advancement was fine this week as I liked him throwing something into Peaches face. If you’re a fan of Eddie Gilbert or Paul Heyman on commentary, you’d probably really enjoy these shows.

Thanks for reading.

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