ECW Hardcore TV 7/20/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Johnny Hotbody & Rick Michaels defeated ECW Tag Team Champions the Super Destroyers to win the titles
2.) Larry Winters defeated the Rockin’ Rebel
3.) Terry Funk bought ECW Television Champion Jimmy Snuka to a double disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tod Gordon promises that if anyone comes out to the ring that doesn’t belong, then they will be fine or suspended. Paul E. Dangerously runs away when Terry Funk comes down to be interviewed about facing Jimmy Snuka later tonight. Funk is looking forward to getting his hands on Snuka tonight and he is going to beat the hell out of the ECW Television Champion.

2.) Chris Candido and Hunter Q. Robbins are interviewed regarding the title match. Robbins knows that they are fighting against odds but he still has faith that they will prevail. Candido says there isn’t anything the Destroyers could do to kick them out of ECW.

3.) Michaels and Destroyer #1 kick off the title match. If the Blonds lose then they are gone from the promotion. Michaels gets a few shots in the corner before taking #1 down to the mat. Michaels hits a top rope big splash but only gets a near fall. Michaels continues his offense with a suplex but misses an elbow drop. Blonds are able to maintain control of the match working on #1 arm. #2 gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes. Hotbody is punched in midair and met with a clothesline. #2 power slams Hotbody but there isn’t a referee for the cover. Candido comes running out and comes off the top to hit #2 with his cast two times. Hotbody has the cover and gets the victory. (1/2*. I prefer the Blonds as champions and hopefully the Destroyers are gone from ECW after this. Still, this was a bad match.)

4.) Eddie Gilbert is meeting people in Philadelphia as the king. It’s just your typical Gilbert promo as they are annoying and putting himself over along with Paul E. Dangerously.

5.) Rockin’ Rebel is acting like he is blind by mocking Peaches who is blind thanks to Rebel. Rebel doesn’t think Sandman is man enough to take him out. Rebel blinded Peaches and is going to d the same to Sandman.

6.) Winters gets the win over Rebel after using a cane to knock out Rebel and Tony Stetson, who tried to give the cane to Rebel. I was kind of expecting Sandman to get involved, but it didn’t happen.

7.) ECW Heavyweight Champion Don Muraco cuts a promo saying that they want to get sick and be messed up as they want to be. Paul E. Dangerously says that they are going to have injuries and not fines or suspensions.

8.) Snuka sends Funk hard into the corner back first and Funk casually leaves the ring to recover. Snuka power slams Funk as the show goes to commercial. Snuka works over Funk with several chops against the ropes but Funk doesn’t fall down. Snuka leaps off the middle rope to drop Funk with a head butt. Snuka hits a vertical suplex but Funk powers out at two. Funk fights back with a vertical suplex of his own. Funk crawls across the ring to head butt Snuka a couple of times. Funk drives Snuka down with a swinging neck breaker. Funk jabs Snuka several times against the ropes. Snuka falls to the canvas looking vulnerable for the first time in ECW, I think. Snuka avoids the spinning toe hold and they begin to roll around the canvas looking to pin each other. Funk head butts Snuka several times but the referee gets met with a head butt as well. A few more referees come out and Funk sends the referees into Snuka. Wrestlers come from the backstage area but they get decked by Funk. Don Muraco and the Dark Patriot enter the ring to attack Funk tying him up into the ropes. Rockin’ Rebel and the Koloffs enter to attack the Dangerous Alliance. Rebel hits Funk with a trash can several times. This is just a wild brawl with a bunch of guys. Suicide Blonds enter the ring to attack Terry Funk. Eddie Gilbert comes out and chokes Funk out from behind. Funk is choked with a chain but here comes Tommy Cairo to help but that doesn’t last long. Funk recovers to use the chain on Gilbert by whipping him. Tod Gordon is at ringside now yelling that there will be fins and suspensions but gets decked by Sal Bellomo! (1/2*. This wasn’t much of a match and seemed to be more of a way yo get a wild brawl to take place, which was actually entertaining. Aside from that, a boring match.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s probably a big episode largely due to the tag title match and Funk/Snuka, but it’s not enjoyable. This era of ECW feels like a poor man version of WCW. The work rate is rather bad and there isn’t any huge storyline aside from the Dangerous Alliance, that is all that exciting or interesting.

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