ECW Hardcore TV 7/27/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Terry Funk defeated The Canadian Wolfman
2.) The Sandman defeated Johnny Hotbody

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tod Gordon welcomes all the members of the press to his press conference. On September 18th, there will be a mega show called Ultra Clash. Stan Hansen and Abdullah the Butcher will be appearing. There will be a scaffold match between Dark Patriot and JT Smith. Gordon believes the show will be the greatest show in Philadelphia wrestling. Gordon says it is tough to control the wrestlers. Gordon first addresses Rockin’ Rebel and his attack on Peaches recently. Rebel stripped another woman named Angel at the Super Summer Sizzler event. Thus, Rebel has been suspended ninety-days without pay. We also hear about Freddie Gilbert who was the referee for the chain match and was fired afterward. Dangerously knocked Gordon out with his telephone to his head. There is a knock at the door and a woman says someone named Mr. Gilbert wanted to enter the room but Gordon tells her to tell Gilbert he is not needed. Gordon issues a fine for all the wrestlers who left the backstage area last week. Gordon says that several younger fans are hoping that Bellomo doesn’t get fine or suspended since it was an accident. Gordon rips on the other wrestling promotions before saying that three men will not defend the tag titles. Gordon reveals that the tag team titles have been stripped from the Suicide Blonds. The woman returns to the room and says that the man is being overbearing and Gordon continues to deny the request for Gilbert to enter the room. Gordon notes Gilbert’s issues with other Philadelphia stars and we will see one of them on the show later on. Eddie Gilbert enters the room and says he should be part of the meeting. Gilbert wants to know who he is wrestling at Ultra Clash. Gordon says to cut the tape and that’s the end of the segment.

2.) Eddie Gilbert talks about being the special guest host for ECW television this week.

3.) Jimmy Snuka and Dark Patriot enter the ring to attack Terry Funk but that doesn’t work so well. Road Warrior Hawk appears with a steel chair and has Funk’s back to scare the heels from the ring. Hawk cuts a promo saying an eye for an eye isn’t good enough, but two is.

4.) We see footage of a house show where Eddie Gilbert was apparently injured by Road Warrior Hawk in Minnesota. The show was outside and was maybe in front of maybe 150 fans. Apparently it was a charity event of some kind. Gilbert knocks Glen Osbourne out with a cane and pins Osbourne. Gilbert addresses Ron Jaworski better known as “Jaws”. Gilbert calls Jaws out to get into the ring and see who the real king of Philadelphia is. Jaws says he is going to hurt Gilbert and that Eddie won’t have to pretend to be hurt anymore. Jaws shoves Gilbert and Eddie runs away. Jaws celebrates with a few wrestlers and that was just a lame segment.

5.) Eddie Gilbert is getting mad at the director and is going to attack his director until Jay Sulli enters the scene an asks what is going on. Sulli hopes to be the host next week.

Final Thoughts:
Basically the Eddie Gilbert show this week, and it was far more enjoyable than most weeks for ECW television at this point. Considering Gilbert was the booker for ECW at this point, it’s not surprise that he is so heavily featured and promoted in the company. It’s not like there are many names to fit the role, anyway.

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