ECW Hardcore TV 8/3/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) The Dark Patriot defeated JT Smith
2.) Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot defeated JT Smith & Glen Osbourne

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Smith and Patriot battled up to the Eagles Nest trading right hands after several moments of in-ring action. Patriot ended up tossing Smith off the balcony to the floor. Patriot stands on the edge and leaps off to take Smith out with a cross body. Patriot won the match by count-out. This match is what would setup the scaffold match at Ultra Clash.

2.) There is a video promoting the Headhunters, who will be appearing at Ultra Clash. They are from the WING promotion in Japan and they show some footage of that hardcore company.

3.) They also showed the Snuka vs. Cairo match from the Super Summer Sizzler event. I’m thinking not a whole lot was aired here since it’s the last show before the next TV tapings.

4.) Eddie Gilbert and Tod Gordon talk about Ultra Clash and how Gilbert doesn’t know who he will be wrestling at the event. Gilbert is confident that he will beat whomever he is scheduled to face. The opponent will be announced at the next TV tapings. Sherri Martel will be there at the tapings and Gilbert says “ah, the one woman I haven’t had in wrestling!”

5.) Eddie Gilbert wants Gordon to fire Jay Sulli and mentions that Gordon had fired Stevie Wonderful already. That’s it for the episode.

Final Thoughts:
Literally nothing going on here and I’m glad to have made it to the next TV tapings since that appears to be a time when some interesting stuff happens and new wrestlers enter the promotion.

Thanks for reading.

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