ECW Hardcore TV 8/23/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-08-23 (Matches taped Heatwave 1994-07-16 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa and Hardcore Heaven 1994-08-13 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Public Enemy

We get stills of the Tommy Dreamer and Sandman match from Hardcore Heaven. Sandman and Woman are backstage and Woman is made because Dreamer is comparing kissing her to kissing Peaches. Woman says Dreamer, Peaches and “Ironman” Tommy Cairo are probably together at Sandman’s house drinking his beer and hanging out. Sandman is mad at Dreamer because now he has to listen to her bitching.

Opening video.

To Joey Styles and he brings us the brackets for the NWA Title Tournament this Saturday. Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas takes on Tazmaniac, Dean Malenko versus Osamu Nishimoura, 2 Cold Scorpio up against Chris Benoit and 911 goes at it with an unnamed wild card entrant. Dean Malenko introduces himself to those that don’t know him and talks about all the great names and says that you can’t help but get excited to think that your name might get added to the list. He says this completely monotone and not very excited like. Malenko says he knows the names of the seven other competitors and it gets his blood pumping thinking about the competetion. Apparently Dean knows who the wild card is but isn’t telling. Man oh man that was a bad promo.

We head all the way back to Heatwave and see the Tazmaniac and a mystery partner that turned out to be Sabu beat the Pitbulls.

2 Cold Scorpio hypes the tournament.

To Hardcore Heaven we go for the battle of the big men as 911 defeats Mr. Hughes and chokeslams Angel a few times too.

Paul E Dangerously talks about how the NWA is going to become the 3rd World Champion. Paul E talks about how the great wrestlers that are going to be in the tournament. Paul E hypes the card hard. He is so damn good at this.

Shane Douglas cuts a promo that I thought was just a re airing of last weeks promo until Mr. Hughes also talked. Douglas tells everyone to take out a second mortgage and empty there bank accounts and put it all on Douglas to become Heavyweight Champion of the World. These Paul E and Douglas promos sound very foreshadowy lately.

Cactus Jack tells a story about how he first met Terry Funk. Jack talks about how he has build up aggression after being in WCW recently and Tag Team Champions Public Enemy are the ones that are going to suffer for it.

We get the same stills and footage of the Funk Jack match as last week.

PE talk about all the violent things they are going to do to Funk and Jack on Saturday.

My thoughts on the show
Almost all matches we saw already so I didn’t pay much attention to those. As for promos Paul E of course steals the show. Douglas right behind him though. Nothing stood out as any good and then there was Dean Malenko. Terrible promo. When we next meet up things will be very different for ECW.

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