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ECW Hardcore TV 8/30/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-08-30 (Matches taped 1994-08-27 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa & 1994-08-28 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

Heavyweight: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Public Enemy

911 (w/ Paul E Dangerously) vs. Doink ref Jim Molineaux
“Kill the clown” chant rings out. Doink avoids the chokeslam twice but can’t get out of the way the third time. Fans chant one more time and Doink goes up again. Fans again ask for another. Three chokeslams are enough for Doink and 911 advances in the tournament after 1.58. ECW fans help make some things so awesome.

Opening video.

Joey Styles is very flustered as to how to introduce the show. He says it will all make sense later.

We see highlights of the feud between Tommy Dreamer and Sandman with narration by Styles. Woman tells Sandman that she wants Dreamer bloody and his knees looking up at her begging. Sandman again complains that Woman has to many wants.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Sandman (w/ Woman) ref Jim Molineaux Singapore Canning Match (1994-08-28)
Dreamer posts Sandman and then has a fan hold a chair and ram Sandman into it. Commercial break. We come back and Dreamer still in control and he brings it back into the ring. Dreamer with a DDT but Sandman’s thumb pokes the ref. Woman comes into the ring and Dreamer goes to kiss her but Sandman attacks from behind. Dreamer moves and Sandman stops from hitting Woman. Dreamer goes to attack but he stops when Sandman moves. Woman nails Dreamer with the cane and Sandman hits the DDT. Tod Gordon comes down and says they will restart the match cause Woman cheated. Dreamer says no and prepares for his ten lashes. Woman says she will call it all off if he bows to her and kisses her feet. Dreamer choses the lashing. After each shot Woman offers him his out and Dreamer keeps telling Sandman to hit him. Dreamer takes all ten shots never giving in to Woman. Dreamer gets up and gets in the face of the Sandman and tells him he took Sandman’s best shot and is still standing and there is nothing Sandman can do about it. Dreamer turns and gets BLASTED, Dreamer however gets back up as Sandman and Woman leave. And just like that the fans have taken to Tommy Dreamer and chant his name. Props to the creative decision on this match. They have been trying for some time now to get Dreamer over as not just a pretty boy and nothing was working. This had a lot of time to unfold and was real good. Woman was a big part of this with her being the only one on the mic the whole time.

It’s now time for the finals of the tournament but first highlights of how we got here. Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas beat Tazmaniac with a roll up and a hand full of tights. 2 Cold Scorpio and Chris Benoit appeared to have a double pin after a Benoit superplex however the ref awarded the match to Scorpio saying he get a shoulder up. Douglas beat Dean Malenko in the second round no finish is shown. Scorpio beat 911 by count out after Doink came out and attacked Paul E Dangerously and 911 went out after him. Matt Borne comes out and attacks 911 with a chair. Doink pulls off his wig and is revealed to be Douglas. Really they show everything except Malenko and Osamu Nishimura.

Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas vs. 2 Cold Scorpio ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
This is it time to crown a new NWA Heavyweight Champion. Lots of wrestlers out of the locker room and at ringside to watch. Some back and forth stuff for the first five minutes nothing great. Scorpio with a cross body from the top for 2 and into a chin lock. Douglas up and turns into the chin lock and hits a belly to back. Shane with a camel clutch. Scorpio stands up and as Douglas on his shoulders and drops back. Scorpio with a leaping clothesline and slingshot splash. Scorpio covers 1,2 but no Shane kicks out. Scorpio goes up top now and hits a drop kick. They go into the crowd and brawl a bit. Scorpio goes for a suplex on the floor but Shane reverses and drops Scorpio on the guard rail. Shane brings Scorpio in the hard way with a suplex from the inside out. Douglas goes for a cross body but Scorpio ducks. Tombstone by Scorpio and then he goes up top and misses a moonsault! Douglas with a belly to belly and Shane Douglas is the NEW NWA WORLD CHAMPION in 12.48! Scorpio tells Douglas he will be on his ass for the belt. Douglas says he will not hide. This is it the moment that REALLY put ECW on the map. Douglas names former NWA Champions. Douglas looks up and speaks to his father. Douglas names a few more champions and says they can all kiss his ass. Douglas throws down the title and says he will not be handed the torch of a dead promotion! Douglas says he is going to ignite the new flame of the SPORT of pro wrestling. Douglas grabs the ECW Title and declares himself ECW Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD! Shane says tonight starts the era of ECW. Big “ECW” chant from the fans. Scorpio gets in the ring and talks on the mic but the fans are either to loud or it’s turned off. They shake hands. Scorpio’s a dick and trying to take away Shane’s spotlight. Shane even doesn’t want the spot light and has gone into a corner to give the glory more to the company then himself. “Flair is dead” chant by the fans.

Dennis Corraluzzo says he is on his way to have a conference call with other board members. Corraluzzo says Douglas IS champion wether he likes it or not. Then he says they are going to talk about stripping Douglas of both the NWA and ECW Titles. Right after he said he WAS champion.

Tod Gordon says as of noon today Eastern Championship Wrestling has folded. They are now Extreme Championship Wrestling and Douglas is recognized as their champion.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy sneak onto the set and spray Extreme on the “Eastern Championship Wrestling” banner. Johnny Grunge even tries to cross out the “Eastern” but the spray paint is the same color as the lettering so it does nothing at all. “Flyboy” Rocco Roc says that if we thought they were hardcore before now they are taking it to the extreme.

My thoughts on the show
I wish more of the tournament matches were shown. Would have been interested in seeing them all besides the 911 Scorpio match. The title match was just eh but it’s what happened after that was more important anyway. Cool Shane Douglas promo and the birth of Extreme makes this a must see episode!

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