ECW Hardcore TV 9/13/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-09-13 (Matches taped 1994-08-27 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa & 1994-08-28 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Public Enemy

This week’s episode opens with a highlight video of Tag Team Champions Public Enemy. Cactus Jack and Terry Funk were supposed to tag and take on PE for the titles but Funk missed his flight. Tommy Dreamer the protege of the Funk brothers came out to be Jack’s partner but he was attacked by PE and beaten down. Jack went back to the locker room and emerged with Mikey Whipwreck.

Tag Team Champions Public Enemy vs. Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck ref Jim Molineaux (1994-08-27)
Mikey starts with “Flyboy” Rocco Roc and Mikey tries to leave. Cactus grabs him and pulls him back into the ring. Mikey begs Jack and let him go so Jack tags in. Mikey drops off the apron and runs away. Jack goes out to get him but PE attack him on the floor. Jack fights back in the ring. Mikey comes back out and nails PE with a board. Roc and Jack the legal men now. Jack tags Mikey and whips him into Roc. Jack picks up Mikey and rams him into Roc. Johnny Grunge comes in and eats a few drop kicks. Mikey on a roll. Jack with a neck breaker on the floor to Grunge. All four men brawl on the floor. Back in the ring Grunge with a DDT to Mikey on a chair. Grunge with a vertical suplex but Cactus breaks up the pin at 2. Grunge beats on Mikey but Mikey keeps kicking out. Sideslam top rope elbow combo by PE for a 1,2 but NO Mikey kicks out. Cactus in the ring and they all go to the floor and Roc and Jack into the crowd. Mikey gets laid out in the ring and PE beat on Jack in the crowd. PE brings a table into the ring. Roc moonsaults Cactus through the table. PE go for the drive by Jack breaks up the senton portion of it. Roc crotches on the ropes and Mikey school boys him to become the new Tag Team Champions in 14.02! Fans go wild.

Cactus and Mikey are backstage and Mikey says he promised his mother he would never win another title again so he didn’t end up like Cactus. Cactus says he could have picked so man other people from the locker room but he picked Mikey because he saw himself in Mickey. Jack says he will talk to Mikey’s mom and straighten this all out but Mikey can not give back the belts because PE is coming after them now.

We go back to the Singapore Cane Match from last week when Tommy Dreamer became a man. A rematch has been signed between the two men and this time it’s an I Quit Match. Woman starts rant at Sandman about how he better not quit on her. She keeps going on and on and Sandman freaks out and says Dreamer is worse then his divorce and it’s time to divorce Dreamer from ECW.

Chris Benoit vs. Chad Austin (TV Champion Jason & Rockin’ Rebel) ref John Finnegan
Match starts and we cut away to a Tommy Dreamer promo. Dreamer says he’s going to make Sandman say I quit. Benoit beats on Austin. Austin bails to the floor and seems to argue with Rebel. Back in the ring a snap suplex hits. Benoit hits the ropes but Rebel trips him up. Rebel gets on the apron Austin charges at Benoit but he moves and Rebel and Austin crash. Benoit with a tombstone and top rope head butt gets him the three in 3.35. Austin and Rebel argue and Jason tries to calm things down. Rebel pushes away Jason’s hand. Jason gets pissed and nails Rebel with the belt. Austin and Jason attack the shoulder of Rebel.

TV Champion Jason (w/ Dean Malenko) vs. JT Smith ref John Finnegan
Malenko is now in Jason’s group. As the ref checks Jason for weapons Malenko attacks and looks on a leg lock. We get the bell and Jason goes to work on the knee of Smith. Smith fights back and goes to send Jason into the ropes. Jason changes the way he is running and goes into the turnbuckle. HAAAHAA idiot. Jason comes back out of the corner and Smith goes for a slam but his knee gives out. Jason falls on top and retains in 1.37.

Highlights from last weeks NWA Tournament. World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas introduces us to his new backup Matt Borne. Borne turns and laughs evilly.

My thoughts on the show
Mikey with another huge upset that makes every one love him more and thats about it. I wonder if Funk really missed his flight or if this was the plan the whole time.

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