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ECW Hardcore TV 9/20/1994

Written by: Heelsinc

TV 1994-09-20 (Matches taped 1994-08-28 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pa)

World: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
TV: Jason
Tag: Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck

Back to the Tournament and we get the post match interview from “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. Douglas and Matt Borne are backstage and Douglas talks about how deep down he knew there was something about Doink deep down he was a wrestler. Douglas talks about taking wrestling to the outer limits. ECW is the only place for hardcore wrestling and the best champion in the world.

Opening video.

Joey Styles brings up back to last week and the end of the Tag Team Title Match. Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck are back stage and Cactus says they are going to be fighting champions.

Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Chris Kanyon & Dino Sendoff ref Jim Molineaux
Kanyon and Mikey start off. Cactus and Mikey send both their opponents to the floor. Jack and Dino tag in. Cactus beats up Dino and throws him to the floor. Public Enemy hit the ring and beat down Cactus and Mikey. Cactus gets back up and hits a double DDT on PE. The brawl continues all the way back to the locker room.

2 Cold Scorpio vs. “Stormin” Mike Norman ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
Before the match we go to pre recorded comments from 2 Cold and he talks about getting a rematch with Shane Douglas. Scorpio with a neck breaker and body slam. Leg drop almost gets a 3. Scorpio with a splash in the corner then he comes off the top with a moonsault. Scorpio follows it up with a super kick and 450 for the win in 3.04.

All major matches from the night of the Tournament will be getting rematches on October 1st at the Arena and Sabu will take on Chris Benoit.

We go back to last week when Jason and Chad Austin turned on Rockin’ Rebel.

TV Champion Jason (w/ Dean Malenko) vs. Rockin’ Rebel ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
Malenko gets in the face of Rebel as the ref checks Jason. Rebel knows the deal so he goes after Malenko but gets taken down in single arm DDT. Jason goes to work on the arm but Rebel comes back even though he only has one good arm. Rebel misses a corner charge and hits shoulder first. Jason with a school boy and feet on the ropes for the win in 1.28.

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas is backstage for a press conference from the night of his Tournament win. He talks about becoming a World Champion as a wrestler not an entertainer. Tag Team Champion Cactus Jack shows up and says tonight was probably the best night of both of their careers. Jack says that started together 12 years ago and maybe some day soon they can go at it to figure out who the better man is.

World Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/ Borne Again) vs. Osamu Nishimura ref John Finnegan
2 Cold Scorpio shows up at ringside as he is next in line for a Title Match. Nishimura with some mat work. Douglas comes back and hits a side slam and snap suplex. Douglas locks in a head scissor. Nishimura though hits a drop kick and gets a near fall. German with a bridge for another near fall. Nishimura with a slam and then he goes up top. Dropkick lands and Nishimura is inches away from the win. A few roll ups for near falls. Nishimura ducks his head and Douglas hits a fisherman with a bridge for the win in 7.40. Nice match. Douglas gets on the mic and tells Nishimura to go home with his head held high.

Tazmaniac vs. Ray Odyssey ref John “Pee Wee” Moore
Bell rings at they go right after each other. Ray with a drop kick that sends Tazmaniac to the floor. Ray up and over with a plancha. Ray puts Taz against the ring post and hits a chop that rings out through the Arena. Ray goes for a drop kick but Taz moves and Ray crashes to the hard floor. Taz throws him into the guard rail and they go back into the ring. Ray with a low blow and then he goes up top. Ray with a somersault drop kick for 2. Interesting move. Slam and Ray goes up top again and hits a missile drop kick. Ray loves his drop kicks. Ray goes for a clothesline but Taz ducks and hits a half nelson suplex for the win in 2.34.

We come back from commercial and 911 is in the ring and ref John “Pee Wee” Moore and Chris Kanyon are laid out in the ring. Paul Lauria gets nailed with a chokeslam. Kanyon gets another on. Paul E Dangerously asks the fans who they want to get slammed next and the fans chant Pee Wee. Pee Wee gets slammed and the fans ask for one more. Pee Wee gets laid out once more to end the show.

My thoughts on the show

Enjoyable show. Douglas with a nice first defense of the newly crowned World Title. All the other matches were short but fun. The Tazmaniac and Odyssey match being the best of the “squashes”. Plus they ended the show with a few 911 chokeslams!

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