ECW Hardcore TV 8/31/1993

Written by: Bob Colling

Eastern Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) The Sandman & Salvatore Bellomo defeated Ivan & Vladimir Koloff in the semi-finals to crown the ECW Tag Team Champions
2.) Eddie Gilbert & Dark Patriot defeated The Super Destroyers in the semi-finals to crown the ECW Tag Team Champions
3.) The Headhunters fought Mr. Danger & Miguel Perez to a double disqualification
4.) ECW Heavyweight Champion Tito Santana & Stan Hansen defeated Don Muraco & Shane Douglas by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Stan Hansen cut a promo about September 18th and said that he doesn’t care about that date. However, it’s the date that Abdullah the Butcher and Eddie Gilbert are going to have to deal with Hansen and Terry Funk teaming with each other for the first time ever.

2.) Eddie Gilbert asks Jay Sulli why the TV Guide doesn’t have ECW listed as Eddie’s Championship Wrestling program. Sulli intelligently lets Gilbert know that it’s not the name of the promotion. Gilbert gives Jay some liquor as a present. Gilbert talks about accidentally hitting Dark Patriot with a chain last week. Gilbert thinks that people were in Memphis remembering his death but Sulli says they were mourning the death of Elvis. Gilbert talks about Jerry Lawler saying he doesn’t want anyone claiming to be the king but Lawler says he is the only real king. The phone rings and Sulli leaves but it’s just Gilbert messing with him again.

3.) Douglas and Hansen kick off the main event. Hansen works over Douglas in the corner with a few strikes. Hansen drops Douglas with an elbow strike and Santana gets a few strikes in from the apron before double teaming Douglas for a near fall. Douglas bails from the ring and tries to recover. Muraco tags in and is decked by Santana with a right hand. Hansen and Santana work over Muraco, and for some reason during the match we get a video taking a look at Abdullah the Butcher. I’m not sure why they’d do that right in the middle of the match, but okay. Back to the match, Santana is being double teamed by Muraco and Douglas as Hansen isn’t able to get the tag. Santana tries to break free from Muraco but can’t quite make the tag. Santana takes Douglas over with a vertical suplex. Hansen gets the tag and the ring breaks when Muraco is sent into the ropes. Dark Patriot, Jimmy Snuka and Eddie Gilbert enter the ring and that causes a disqualification. Eddie Gilbert accidentally throws a fireball into Patriot eyes to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
The Butcher thing during the main event really bugged me. ECW needs to get out of using the old 80s guys, and focus on younger talents.

Thanks for reading.

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