ECW Hardcore TV 9/19/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) The Pitbulls defeated ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards in a double dog collar match to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Cactus Jack cuts a promo on Tommy Dreamer about his willingness to sweat, bleed and sacrifice for the fans. Cactus tries to tell Dreamer that the fans aren’t worth it. Cactus says the wrestling world is smiling at Dreamer and he better not turn his back on it. Cactus recalls Terry Funk slicing him with a broken glass bottle and admits he was a coward for giving up. He saw a sign in the crowd that said “Cane Dewey.” Cactus says the pain became a distant memory when he saw that sign. Cactus notes that his son Dewey is three years old and they ripped his heart out and his soul. Cactus has to listen to his son saying that he misses Atlanta because he traded it in for a sweatbox. Jack left the best owner for a guy who operates out of a pawn shop. He takes out his aggressions out on Dreamer to look at his future to see that the hardcore life is a lie. The letter behind him are a lie. Cactus says that Raven wants Dreamer to realize that the hatred he feels is not towards Dreamer and not because he hates him. He only wants the best for Dreamer. Cactus gets upset hearing that WCW called Dreamer and he said no. Cactus finishes off acting assured that Dreamer will end up in WCW.

2.) We hear from the Dudley Boys where Big Dick had complete reconstructive knee surgery. Big Dick just groans and they zoom into his eyes to end the segment.

3.) Tommy Dreamer is sitting on steps somewhere. Dreamer never thought that Cactus would lie to the people. Dreamer says everything Cactus has gotten has been because of hardcore. Dreamer isn’t going to allow Cactus to destroy what they have built here. Dreamer says they deserve being nationally known and all the money. He is coming after Raven and he will die trying to change Cactus Jack’s mind.

4.) No Stevie to start. Beulah says he broke his arm last night in a six-man tag and feels it’s only fair to change this match to 2/3 falls. Well, okay then.

First Fall: Since Pitbull #2 is connected to Raven, Pitbull #1 goes to the back to find Stevie. After Raven gets a chairshot, Pitbull #1 is found beating a bloody Stevie towards the ring. Meanwhile, Raven gives Pitbull #2 a piledriver through a table in the ring. That’s enough for Raven to secure the first fall at 2:10.

Second Fall: Raven helps out Stevie as they deliver a DDT on Pitbull #1. Stevie Kick doesn’t do the job. The Pitbulls fight back and SUPERBOMB Stevie through a table. AWESOME. Pitbull #2 covers him for the three-count at 4:20.

Third Fall: While Pitbull #1 and a bloody mess of Stevie Richards are brawling in the front row, Pitbull #2 brings another table into the ring. Raven shoves him into the ref and here comes the Dudley family. They help out with STEREO SUPERBOMBS on the Pitbulls. Unfortunately for Raven and Stevie, the Pitbulls NO-SELL the whole thing and deliver STEREO DOUBLE DDTs. Dudley Dudley and Dances With Dudley both take SUPERBOMBS. They, however, do sell them. Now Raven gets a SUPERBOMB and hits the back of his head on the edge of a table. Geez. Cover and a slow count gets 1-2-NO! I believe everyone is bleeding now. Raven ends up pulling out an ether rag and puts out Pitbull #2 onto a double stack of tables. Raven tries to legdrop him through it, but doesn’t really do much. He ends up just having to crash onto Pitbull #2 to put him through the table. Meanwhile, Pitbull #1 puts Stevie through a table with a suplex, but Raven breaks up the pin. Beulah baits Francine into the ring for our monthly catfight. Raven grabs Francine and drills her…with a DDT. While Pitbull #2 is being carried out by EMTs, Tommy Dreamer appears to sub for him in his street clothes. He straight up KNEE DROPS Raven in the balls and hits a DDT for the pinfall at 14:40. Just when ECW fans couldn’t be more satisfied, ref Bill Alfonso heads out and refutes the entire match saying that 2/3 falls was never in the contract and Tommy Dreamer can’t just hop into a match and substitute for somebody else. Commissioner Gordon comes out and gets up in Alfonso’s face before restarting the match. Standing on his crutches, Big Dick Dudley chokeslams Tommy Dreamer anyways. Fonzie shouts at Dreamer that he will never pin Raven. Did somebody say chokeslam? Here comes 9-1-1. He finally gets his hands on Fonzie and delivers the Chokeslam. Huge “ECW” chant. Pitbull #2 returns and SUPERBOMBS both Raven and Stevie Richards at the same time. Todd Gordon counts the pinfall. (19:46) It’s not a perfect match, but it’s the perfect ECW match. All the loose ends were tied, all the heels finally got their comeuppance, and all the good guys are over like wrestling gods. **** (Credit: Matt Peddycord, ECW Gangsta’s Paradise ’95 Review)

5.) 911 finally choke slams Bill Alfonso and the crowd goes nuts.

Final Thoughts:
A pretty good episode with the continuation of Dreamer/Cactus and the dog collar match is a good match to have included here. A big moment or the Pitbulls, I’d say.

Thanks for reading.

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