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ECW Hardcore TV 9/5/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Jim Thorpe, PA & Philadelphia, PA

1.) Hack Myers defeated JT Smith by count-out
2.) ECW World Tag Team Champions Raven & Stevie Richards defeated The Pitbulls to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) After their match, Hack Myers is attacked by JT Smith and Big Sal. Smith hits a top rope elbow drop and Sal delivers a big splash. Smith shoves a cannoli into Hack’s mouth.

2.) Paul E. Dangerously had a Danger Zone talk show segment with guest Bill Alfonso. Alfonso cuts for Dangerously by grabbing the microphone and says that Dangerously doesn’t tell him to do anything and rather can ask him questions. Alfonso claims that he will not be intimidated by anyone. He has a lot of power and has some good and bad news for everyone. The bad news is that the Philadelphia athletic commission would stand behind him and they reinstated Tod Gordon in Philadelphia and in Florida. Gordon gets an ovation for being reinstated. Dangerously tells Alfonso that he is going to get choke slammed tonight. Alfonso reveals that the choke slam has been banned by himself and the commission. If 911 choke slams anyone then he will not be allowed to wrestle in ECW ever again. Alfonso shoves Dangerously and taunts Dangerously to bring 911 out. Dangerously says that he will instead smash his skull with his telephone. Alfonso has a cellphone and knocks Dangerously out from behind. Gordon gets in the ring and attacks Alfonso but Alfonso is able to hit him with the phone as well. 911 makes his way down to the ring and Alfonso goes to attack 911 but that doesn’t work. 911 has Alfonso for the choke slam but here comes Big Dick Dudley to confront 911 and save Alfonso. Dangerously gets revenge hitting Alfonso with the phone.

3.) We hear from Bill Alfonso who says that Dangerously has been banned from ECW and wants to see 911 get Dangerously out of this mess.

4.) We see footage of various undercard matches from the Jim Thorpe, PA show. Sandman retained the ECW World Championship over Chad Austin. Mikey Whipwreck appeared after the match and attacked Sandman with a kendo stick. Sandman tries to get in the ring but Whipwreck hits him with the stick. Whipwreck also whacks Austin with the stick. New Jack stabbed Johnny Grunge on the shin with a broken glass bottle. Mustafa wrestled Rocco Rock and pinned him following a power slam. Sandman got involved attacking the Public Enemy as well. Mikey Whipwreck returned to use the kendo stick on Sandman and the Gangstas.

5.) Raven and #1 kick off the title match with #1 hammering away on Raven with strikes. Richards doesn’t want to tag in despite Raven putting his hand out. Stevie is begging Raven to not be tagged in since he is scared to death. #1 nearly pins Raven with a rollup. #2 gets tagged in and hits a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Raven continues to ask for a tag but Stevie backs away not wanting to get into the match. #2 clotheslines Raven and himself over the top to the floor. They get into the crowd with #2 whacking Raven over the back with a chair. Raven decks Richards on the apron sick of him not tagging ingot he match. Raven tosses Richards at the Pitbulls and Richards is pummeled. #2 has Richards on his shoulders and #1 enters to clothesline Richards off of #2’s shoulders over the top to the floor! Richards is sent into a chair shot from #2 on the floor. The Pitbulls hit a dangerous looking Super Bomb/neck breaker combo but Raven breaks up the cover attempt. Raven gets sent over the railing into the crowd by #1. Richards whacks #2 with a steel chair a couple of times while Raven gets worked over on the floor.

Richards nails #2 with a perfect looking super kick but #1 comes in with a slingshot clothesline to stop Stevie. Raven runs into a slingshot shoulder block from #2. Richards driven down with a double back suplex. Raven is setup for the Super Bomb and they hit it but Beulah breaks up the pin attempt. Raven saves Beulah with chair shots on the Pitbulls. #2 shoulder blocks Stevie but the referee is out of position on the cover. Here comes Dudley Dudley to hit a top rope double axe handle and Stevie nearly gets a three count. #2 power bombs Richards but Raven breaks up the pin there. Raven plants #2 with a DDT but #2 kicks out again on Stevie’s pin attempt. #2 spin kicks Richards in the corner but Big Dick drops #2 across the railing. Stevie has the cover and pins #2. (***1/4. The finish was rather weak, I’d say, but this was a fun tag bout with constant action. Richards being sent to the dogs by Raven was awesome. This was a fun match.)

6.) Cactus Jack finishes the show with a promo. There have been many questions regarding his recent actions. He knows that Tommy Dreamer is wondering what happened to his injured arm. Cactus says it is not a big deal that on a second degree burn there wouldn’t be much scaring afterward. Cactus got burned thanks to Terry Funk in Japan. Jack says that Dreamer never met his Uncle Willy, but he never did either since he’s been dead for fifty years. Cactus says that Willy was the hero who was on the boat with the bomb to bring to Japan to help the good guys win. Cactus is freaking out about the bombing of innocent women and children. Cactus hopes that Willy died a painful death because he was a baby killer. He was hit by his father and was told to look at his scarred body and missing body parts. His father believed in the government of the United States for their reasoning and Cactus believed it as well. Cactus says if they can sacrifice 130,000 innocent bodies then the DDT on Dreamer’s head is insignificant. Cactus believes himself and Raven have a higher purpose and that thought brings him peace. That was a great promo.

Final Thoughts:
A really good episode this week for Hardcore TV as we got an enjoyable tag match and Cactus delivered one hell of a promo. The Alfonso segment went a little longer than I liked, but he’s getting good heat from the crowd.

Thanks for reading.

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