SMW TV 12/24/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Princeton, WV

1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy defeated The Nightmare
2.) Buddy Landell defeated Steve Skyfire
3.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Brian Lee defeated D’Lo Brown to retain the title
4.) Rock N’ Roll Express defeated The Masked Infernos

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed following his victory. White Boy says that Landell made two mistakes. The first was attacking him and the second was mentioning Dirty White Girl. White Boy rules K-Town and not Landell. White Boy wants Buddy to stomps his teeth out. White Boy is going to grab Landell by the throat until his eyes pop out.

2.) Buddy Landell is interviewed following his victory. Landell says the plastic bag is in the past. He says he is a new packaged man and he has something that he never had before, which is money and people believing him. Landell says that White Boy pays rent in Knoxville while he owns Knoxville. Buddy says he is going to kick White Boy’s teeth in. Buddy could have taken White Boy out last week but he didn’t because he is saving that for Knoxville.

3.) Cactus Jack and Brian Lee are interviewed regarding their match at Christmas Chaos. Cactus says that their match isn’t any ordinary match. They aren’t ordinary men, so the falls count anywhere match works for them. They have nothing left to lose. Cactus says that Brian Lee was once a good looking guy, but he isn’t anymore. At one point, Cactus was a semi-normal looking human being but that’s not the case anymore. Cactus says if he sees a chair or trash can he is going to use it.

4.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed regarding his I Quit match against Bryant Anderson at Christmas Chaos. Smothers continues to say his shoulder isn’t 100% but he isn’t going to give up. Smothers says its all about heart and he has the most heart. Tracy is going to complete his Christmas by making Anderson quit in Knoxville.

5.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Gangstas are interviewed. New Jack talks about the Rock N’ Roll Express getting Jim Cornette and says they will smack all three of them in Knoxville. Jack doesn’t think anyone will be able to save the Rock N’ Roll Express. They will be watching the main event tonight.

6.) The Gangstas tried to attack the Rock N’ Roll Express but Jim Cornette tossed them tennis rackets and cleaned house. Cornette got a few shots in as well, and the crowd popped big time for that.

7.) Jim Cornette and the Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed to close the program. Ricky Morton says this will never happen again with Jim Cornette by their sides with tennis rackets. Morton can’t wait for the night to end because they will have the tag titles and won’t have to deal with Jim Cornette anymore. Jim Cornette says he is going to make sure that the Rock N’ Roll Express win the titles. Cornette holds the SMW Tag Team Championships and says they are the real gold that they want. Cornette says that the Gangstas have a big surprise coming for them at Christmas Chaos.

Final Thoughts:
A fine episode for being a last minute hype for the Christmas Chaos event. Buddy Landell has done a fine job promoting that title match on very short notice. Interested to see the direction they are headed for ’95.

Thanks for reading.

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