SMW TV 12/31/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Princeton, WV

1.) Chris Candido defeated Steve Skyfire
2.) D’Lo Brown fought Inferno #2 to a no contest
3.) Bryant Anderson defeated Anthony Michaels
4.) Buddy Landell defeated SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Brian Lee to win the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) There was a tournament for the NWA World Championship that was held in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Tracy Smothers, Dirty White Boy and Chris Candido were involved in the tournament. Chris Candido won the tournament winning the championship. Dirty White Boy won a first round match against Jerry Lawler. There is footage shown of White Boy winning the bout. Jim Cornette accidentally hit Lawler with his tennis racket and the referee gave the match to White Boy by disqualification. Lawler attacked White Boy following the match with the tennis racket.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy is interviewed regarding Jerry Lawler and Jim Cornette. White Boy knows that Lawler was mad that he was eliminated from the tournament despite being a favorite to win it. We hear some pre-tape comments from Lawler who insults the fans calling Knoxville people hicks. Lawler says that Memphis is the only place that have literate people. Lawler is going to venture into Knoxville and will challenge for the SMW Heavyweight Championship. There will be an event Super Saturday Night Fever where Lawler will finish the unfinished business. Lawler doesn’t want the Dirty White Girl but he does want the SMW Heavyweight Championship. The event takes place on January 28th. White Boy says that Lawler is going to have to be prepared for a fight with him. White Boy notes that if Buddy Landell wants a shot at his strap he will have to beat Tracy Smothers. White Boy wants to get his hands on Landell, as well. Harmon, the agent for Landell, comes over and is upset that Lawler is getting the championship match. White Boy says that Buddy doesn’t deserve it just yet and he needs to prove himself.

3.) Buddy Landell prevents the D’Lo/Inferno match from happening by calling out Dirty White Boy to come out to the ring for a fight. Buddy wants a title match right now. White Boy decks Inferno and is yelling at Buddy. Harmon prevents Landell from getting in the ring and holds him back.

4.) Bruiser Bedlam confronts Jim Cornette saying that he wants title matches and is annoyed that Jim Cornette is with Rock N’ Roll Express. Cornette notes that Bedlam had shots against Dirty White Boy but it didn’t go his way. Cornette wants Bedlam to stay with him but he needs to be patient. Bedlam warns Cornette that he better produce. Jim Cornette says that Bedlam blew some of the shots but he is going to get him some more shots.

5.) Tracy Smothers cut a promo from backstage and says he would have won the NWA tournament if Candido didn’t hit him with a chain. Smothers is looking forward to January 28th where he can get a shot at the SMW Heavyweight Championship and he is looking forward to that opportunity.

6.) Bryant Anderson is interviewed regarding Tracy Smothers. Anderson is a little upset that he isn’t the number one contender to the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Anderson says that by the time he is done with Tracy Smothers, he won’t be the number one contender anymore.

7.) Lee shoves Landell down to the canvas at the start of the main event. Lee backs Landell into a corner and drops Buddy with a clothesline. Buddy gets out of a sleeper hold and works over Lee with a hammerlock. Buddy bails to the floor when Lee has a hammerlock on the Nature Boy. Lee keeps Landell on the mat with a hammerlock and rakes the eyes. Buddy battles back with a short arm clothesline but Lee powers out at two on the cover attempt. Lee hammers away on Buddy in the corner, but Landell takes Lee down with a hammerlock. Lee gets a second wind as Buddy stomped on his arm. Buddy rams Lee head first into the corner but Lee is not affected by several chops. Buddy begs off but Lee goes right after Landell with strikes of his own and a big boot. Lee misses a knee drop and Landell goes for the figure four but Lee counters with an inside cradle for a near fall. Lee runs over Buddy with a clothesline. Buddy takes Lee down and puts his feet on the ropes to win the match. (*. As I expected, this match wasn’t any good and the finish felt like it came out of nowhere. Buddy as the new champion makes sense considering his return and his apparent riches. Brian Lee is probably phased out at this point, I’d think.)

8.) Buddy Landell is interviewed and says that Brian Lee asked him to take it easy on him so Buddy slapped him really hard. Buddy says that $1,000 means nothing to him and gives the check to Jim Ross, but Buddy’s agent grabs the check and puts it in his pocket. Buddy suggests everyone takes notice of him. Buddy tells Dirty White Boy that January 28th is a date that White Boy experiences bad luck as he will hold both championships on January 28th.

Final Thoughts:
I can dig Jerry Lawler coming to SMW just because he is a good heel to give heat to White Boy. Brian Lee and Bruiser Bedlam can probably just leave SMW at this point. There wasn’t any reference to what happened at Christmas Chaos, considering this show was taped prior to the event. There isn’t anything all that entertaining this week.

Thanks for reading.

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