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SMW TV 12/17/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Princeton, WV

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated The Nightmare
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Brian Lee defeated Inferno #1
3.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Gangstas defeated Brian Logan & Steve Skyfire
4.) Cactus Jack fought Boo Bradley to a double count-out

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) The agent who wants to get a contract for his client against SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy will be on the show this week.

2.) Tracy Smothers has his shoulder taped up as Bryant Anderson comes to the ring after Smothers won his match. They don’t come to blows but have a few words.

3.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy, Ron West and Robert Q. Harmon, who is the sports agent, are in the ring to sign a contract to give his client a championship match. Harmon wants White Boy to sign the contract so that the world can see that White Boy can’t back out. Harmon says that White Boy doesn’t need to know the wrestler because White Boy said he would fight anyone. White Boy agrees to sign the contract and will defend against the man at Christmas Chaos. White Boy signs the contract and the match will be official. The agent refuses to reveal who the mystery wrestler is. Suddenly, Buddy Landell enters the ring from behind and attacks Dirty White Boy! Landell decks White Boy with a short arm clothesline. Buddy plants White Boy with a DDT and puts a plastic bag over the head of White Boy! Buddy is trying to suffocate White Boy! Landell has the championship and taunts the crowd saying it is his. Rock N’ Roll Express enter the ring to chase Buddy from the ring. I was not expecting that.

4.) Tammy Fytch, Chris Candido and Tammy Fytch share some comments. Fytch says that if Boo Bradley doesn’t eliminate Cactus Jack then his cat will be tossed to the bottom of the river.

5.) Rock N’ Roll Express are interviewed regarding their title match against the Gangstas. Jim Ross tells them that he thinks they are making a big mistake aligning themselves with Jim Cornette. Ricky Morton says that the only way to combat fire is to have fire and that is what Cornette is for them. Jim Ross decides to remind the Express of all the times that Jim Cornette screwed over the Rock N’ Roll Express. Ricky Morton seems to be getting bothered by all the times that Cornette attacked them or screwed them over. Morton suggests they may need to rethink this decision. Jim Cornette comes out and tries to cool things over. Cornette calls the Express jerks and doesn’t want Jim Ross to ruin what he has going on. Cornette says that Jim Ross may be their friend, but he isn’t going to get the tag titles for them like he will. Morton warns Cornette to not double cross them.

6.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Gangstas are interviewed regarding the Rock N’ Roll Express. New Jack says that Jim Cornette has some nerve to stick his nose in their business. New Jack thinks the Express are acting desperate to win the tag titles. Jack says that Cornette knows they are going to do some harm to the Express.

7.) Buddy Landell is interviewed with Robert Harmon by his side. Landell says that everyone wants to know where he has been. He has been sitting back waiting for a primed opportunity. Buddy says that Harmon has gotten him endorsement deals. Buddy says he could have taken White Boy out and he is playing games with the champion. If he wanted, Dirty White Girl would have been to his house at the snap of his fingers. Buddy is going to kick White Boy’s teeth in at Christmas Chaos. Buddy says that Ric Flair embarrassed the nickname Nature Boy and he is back in wrestling to bring prestige back to the Nature Boy moniker.

8.) Cactus starts hammering away on Bradley at the start of the match pummeling Boo in the corner. Cactus continues his offense with a swinging neck breaker. Cactus kicks Bradley to the floor where Cactus leaps off the apron to hit a somersault dive. Bradley gets some offense in the ring with a series of strikes on Cactus. Bradley chokes Cactus with his t-shirt but Cactus fights back with head butts and rubs the eyes of Boo across the top rope. Boo stops Cactus with a knee in the corner and delivers a running clothesline. Bradley power slams Cactus before heading to the middle rope but misses a diving head butt. Cactus hits Boo with several forearm shots in the corner. Cactus goes for his trademark clothesline but the referee is in the way but they still crash to the floor. Tammy Fytch gets on the apron with the cat in the bag. Cactus grabs the cat but is decked by Bradley. They go to the floor where they brawl and the referee counts both men out. Cactus sends Bradley into the ring post face first a couple of times. (*1/2. Mostly just a brawl between these and the angle advancement involving the damn cat was the main point here.)

9.) Cactus Jack and Brian Lee are interviewed to close the program. Cactus says he has a vision of Boo Bradley staring at him in the face and it makes him sick. Cactus says that Brian Lee is ready to hurt someone. Jack says you don’t fight him in a match where falls count anywhere. Cactus says that Boo Bradley is going to pay.

Final Thoughts:
Well, so much for not thinking anything drastic would occur. I think it is great that Buddy Landell is back in SMW. He comes across as an instant star and the way he returned was done very well, I thought. He is a strong promo guy, but I’m not expecting his matches with White Boy to be all that good, sadly. A better episode than I expected, too.

Thanks for reading.

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