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SMW TV 12/10/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Oakwood, VA

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated Anthony Michaels by disqualification
2.) George South defeated Bruiser Bedlam by reverse decision
3.) Brian Lee defeated The Nightmare to win the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Gangstas defeated Scott & Steve Armstrong to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bruiser Bedlam refused to let go of his belly claw hold on South resulting in a reverse decision. So, South didn’t actually upset Bedlam on television.

2.) Bryant Anderson is interviewed regarding his attack on Tracy Smothers last week. Anderson says he saw Smothers having a hard time and wanted to help Smothers save face. We get some pre-tape comments from Smothers. Smothers claims that he put his guy in the submission just a little bit quicker and was attacked by Anderson afterward. Tracy says that his shoulder isn’t 100%. Smothers says that “I Quit” are not in his vocabulary and he will overcome anything in his way. Tracy promises there will be a lot of chaos at Christmas Chaos. He is coming to win. They even clipped the promo, which makes me think Smothers talked for a really, really long time. Bryant says that no Anderson has ever quit and he isn’t going to start a new family tradition.

3.) Brian Lee became the new SMW Beat the Champ Television Champion following a top rope knee drop on The Nightmare. It was basically just a squash match, anyway. Lee needs something to not be lost in the shuffle since the split with Candido and Tammy.

4.) Ron West and SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy are interviewed. West is an official for SMW and says that we haven’t found out who the mystery opponent is for White Boy. West says the mystery man needs to come to SMW and prove himself to get a title match. White Boy says the man can’t be any bigger or badder than the guys he has already beaten in the company. He will still sign the open contract and defend his championship.

5.) Jim Cornette is interviewed regarding his new association with rival tag team Rock N’ Roll Express. Cornette says that the Express knows that without him they won’t beat the Gangstas because they aren’t dirty enough. We see some footage of Cornette talking with Morton and Gibson backstage at an event. Cornette tells them they need to listen to him because he knows how to beat New Jack and Mustafa for the tag titles. The camera crew gets kicked out of the locker room. He knows he can teach the Rock N’ Roll Express how to be dirty and how to win the tag titles back so that one of his teams can be the reason why the Express leave SMW.

6.) Chris Candido and Tammy Fytch are somewhere to show that they don’t mistreat Boo Bradley. He doesn’t sleep outside in the snow anymore but rather in the boiler room at their apartment complex. Tammy tells Boo that he needs to eliminate Cactus Jack from SMW or she’ll throw his cat into a sack and toss the cat. Tammy takes the cat away from Bradley and says he doesn’t get the cat back until Boo gets the job done.

7.) Cactus Jack and Brian Lee are interviewed. Cactus says there are no more jokes or poems saying that he is guilty of underestimating his opponents. Cactus notes that Candido came close to defeating him and that Candido may not be a punk from New Jersey anymore. He made his career by ruining lives and destroying souls, not saving them. Cactus sees a hatred in Lee that scares even him. Cactus is realizing that he isn’t going to get his two front teeth or his ear for Christmas but he wants the butt of Chris Candido. He is going to make Candido pay for mistreating Boo Bradley.

8.) Scott and Mustafa kick off the title match with Mustafa getting the control with a few strikes. Scott ducks a clothesline but gets caught on a cross body. Steve comes off the top to dropkick Mustafa getting a near fall. Steve gets tagged in and works over the arm of Mustafa briefly. Mustafa nails Steve with a forearm shot and New Jack gets tagged in to clobber away on Steve. Steve counters Jack’s offense with a Boston Crab but isn’t going to get a submission. Steve splashes Jack in the corner and Scott tags in to come off the top with a double axe handle. Scott and Mustafa are in the match now with Scott nearly pinning Mustafa with a rollup. Mustafa goes to the ropes and New Jack clubs Scott with a cheap shot, but the referee doesn’t call for the bell. Jack enters and hammers away on Scott to maintain control dropping Scott throat first across the top rope. Scott is dumped over the top to the floor where D’Lo Brown gets several cheap shots in and rams Scott back first into the ring apron.

Mustafa breaks up a rollup that Scott had to save Jack and Jack hammers away on Scott to maintain control of the bout. Mustafa has a bear hug on Scott in the middle of the ring but isn’t going to get a submission. Instead, Scott wiggles out and nearly rolls Mustafa up for a three count. Scott kicks Mustafa but Mustafa scoop slams Scott before tagging in Jack but Jack misses a top rope splash. Steve gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes. All four men are in the ring with Steve hitting a front suplex on Jack. Steve heads to the top and hits a flying clothesline but the referee is distracted. D’Lo Brown tosses Mustafa a nightstick and Jack gets the cover and three count. (**. It was a basic match between these two teams, but I thought it was solid action and the Gangstas weren’t exposed for being poor wrestlers as they normally are. The Armstrong Brothers never come across as legit threats, but they fill the challenger role in a filler capacity rather well.)

9.) SMW Tag Team Champions the Gangstas are interviewed to close the show. New Jack says they will win by any means necessary, even if that means he has to cheat. Jack suggests if you don’t like it, then you need to close your eyes. Jack says that they have beaten up the Rock N’ Roll Express every month in every county. He doesn’t think the Express can trust Jim Cornette and tells them to have eyes on the back of their head.

Final Thoughts:
An average week for television as they just hyped up the main matches for Christmas Chaos. I’m not expecting anything earth shattering to happen before the big event. I’m not overly invested in anything currently. There isn’t a major angle that has me excited for the next week, which is normally not the case with SMW television.

Thanks for reading.

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