SMW TV 12/3/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Oakwood, VA

1.) Steve Armstrong defeated D’Lo Brown by disqualification
2.) Bryant Anderson defeated James Adkins
3.) Cactus Jack defeated Chris Candido by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Bob Armstrong and SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy are interviewed at the start of the programming. Ron Wright is there too as Armstrong lets us know that Christmas Chaos will be taking place in Knoxville for $6. It’s being promoted as being fan appreciation night. Armstrong says that an agent came to him about a wrestler wanting to come in and challenge for the SMW Heavyweight Championship but won’t come in until he knows he gets a title match. White Boy says that he has no problem signing an open contract and defending against a mystery opponent.

2.) Footage of Jim Cornette sitting at a table with the Rock N’ Roll Express for some reason. Cornette requested that the Express sit down and listen to what he has to say. Cornette notes that the Gangstas have said that Christmas Chaos will be the last chance for the Express to get the tag championships back. Cornette is hyping it up as if the Express don’t win they won’t make their money and they’ll have to go somewhere else. Cornette knows how the Express can get the tag championships back. Cornette says that he is the reason the Express haven’t been able to dominate SMW. Cornette isn’t going to be responsible for the Gangstas taking out the Express and he doesn’t like that. He wants to be able to take credit for being the reason the Express were forced to leave SMW. So, he is offering to be the manager for the Rock N’ Roll Express largely so that when the Heavenly Bodies eventually return they can be the reason to eliminate the Rock N’ Roll Express. He believes that Express are too good and moral to beat the Gangstas and thus they won’t win the titles. Cornette believes they need someone who doesn’t care how they win, but as long as they win. Morton says they were thinking about it and compliments Cornette for being a cheater. Morton accepts Cornette’s offer to manage them and says if Cornette turns on them they will make sure that Cornette ends up six feet under the ground.

3.) Armstrong nearly pins Brown after countering a back suplex attempt. Armstrong has an abdominal stretch on Brown but isn’t able to get a submission with the hold. Brown has control with a test of strength but Steve fights back with a leaping clothesline and hits a splash for a near fall. Brown stops Armstrong with a spine buster and delivers a leg drop for a two count. D’Lo drops Steve throat first across the top rope and taunts the fans. Steve avoids being dropped across the top and clotheslines Brown. Steve continues with a backdrop and a front suplex. Steve heads to the top and hits a flying clothesline but the Gangstas enter the ring to attack Armstrong causing the disqualification. After the match, Bob and Scott Armstrong make the save. (*. Nothing much of a match, really, but it wasn’t offensive. Brown does come across rather green.)

4.) Scott and Steve Armstrong are interviewed about the Gangstas. Scott has a tire iron saying that it doesn’t matter if they want 3 on 2 with them. Scott challenges the Gangstas to a match next week.

5.) Cactus Jack and Brian Lee are interviewed regarding Boo Bradley and Chris Candido. Cactus says there are two big thoughts in his mind. They will battle Bradley and Candido in a falls count anywhere match. Cactus will jump off the balcony to save Boo’s soul. Jack thinks he is going to make Candido bleed. Cactus says at the end of his mission he will see a stain in Candido’s speedo.

6.) Backstage, Chris Candido, Tammy Fytch and Boo Bradley are interviewed. Candido says that Cactus Jack has never gotten in the ring with him and when he is done with Jack nobody will hear from Cactus ever again.

7.) There is an exhibition segment between Tracy Smothers and Bryant Anderson. They are going to be making two jobbers submit, apparently. Anderson is confident saying he can make them both submit. Smothers decides to take the bigger of the two. Anderson makes his jobber submit rather quickly with an arm bar. Smothers has a figure four on his jobber but is attacked by Anderson with an elbow drop. Anderson drives Smothers down with a hammerlock scoop slam. Anderson has the arm bar on and now officials try to get Anderson off of Smothers.

8.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Gangstas are interviewed regarding Jim Cornette. New Jack says that Cornette must be drunk to think that the Gangstas would need him to manage them. Jack says they are going to beat up the Rock N’ Roll Express and this is the last chance for the Express to get the tag titles back. Jim Ross asks if the Gangstas have a deal with Cornette under the table. Jack suggests that the Express watch their back because you never know what could happen.

9.) Candido attacks Cactus from behind at the start of the match. Candido runs into an elbow and bails to the floor. Cactus prevents Candido from escaping through the crowd. Jack clotheslines Candido against the apron and bites Candido’s forehead against the ropes. Cactus kicks Candido down to the mat and delivers a head butt. Cactus hits his trademark clothesline sending both men over the top to the floor. Candido is crotched over the railing and knocked into the crowd. Cactus comes off the ropes and leg drops Candido for a two count. Candido sends Cactus through the middle rope to the floor. Candido baseball slides Cactus to the floor and dives over the top to take Cactus out with a cross body! Candido grabs a crutch from a fan and whacks Cactus over the back. Cactus hammers away on Candido with right hands in the corner. Cactus misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post. Cactus is taken down to the canvas in the middle of the ring as Candido attempts to get a submission with an arm bar. Candido lets go and hits a snap suplex but Cactus battles back with a swinging neck breaker. Candido connects with a top rope hurricanrana thanks to Tammy distracting Cactus. Candido misses a top rope diving head butt. Cactus jumps on the back of Candido as he was across the middle rope. Cactus leg drops Candido across the middle rope from the apron. Cactus hits a snap suplex on the floor. Candido runs the ropes and runs into Boo Bradley. Cactus plants Candido with a double arm DDT and gets the three count. After the match, Tammy sprays something into Cactus Jack’s eyes. Candido scoop slams Jack and holds Cactus to allow Boo Bradley to climb the ropes but Brian Lee runs out and makes the save. (**. Nothing special for a match, but there was some decent brawling in there and Cactus is fun to watch. The aftermath wasn’t all that exciting as the angle involving Boo’s pet is just a little too silly.)

Final Thoughts:
The main focus this week was Cornette being so desperate to get rid of the Rock N’ Roll Express that he is teaming with them to get it done, at some point. I get the idea, but Cornette should just be happy that Express could be gone. Anyway, a decent main event this week with Cactus and Candido as they are working around a silly angle. I am curious to see who they are bringing in for the mystery opponent to Dirty White Boy, too.

Thanks for reading.

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