SMW TV 11/26/1994

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Oakwood, VA

1.) Tracy Smothers defeated James Adkins
2.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Bryant Anderson defeated The Nightmare to retain the title
3.) Boo Bradley defeated George South
4.) SMW Tag Team Champions The Gangstas defeated Brian Lee & Lance Storm to retain the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Tracy Smothers is interviewed following his victory. Smothers says that Bryant Anderson has a bad attitude but is a great athlete. Smothers is pissed that Anderson wouldn’t shake his hand. He is ready to take out Anderson.

2.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Dirty White Boy and Ron Wright are interviewed. Wright says that we don’t want to miss what he is going to do in Johnson City. White Boy can’t wait for Wright to grab Cornette by his neck.

3.) The Armstrong Family is interviewed next with the new commissioner Scott Armstrong talks about being back and they are happy to be back. Steve Armstrong says they are back to win the tag titles. Bob is looking forward to taking on Abdullah the Butcher in his hometown. He is going to have Cornette kiss his feet.

4.) Jim Cornette is talking to the Gangstas and D’Lo Brown. New Jack talks about the Rock N’ Roll Express fighting them in street fights. They are the masters at fighting. Jack doesn’t care if they cheated and says they blamed them for getting drunk in Knoxville. Jack says he doesn’t need Jim Cornette in his corner. Cornette says that the Gangstas have gotten closer to taking out the Rock N’ Roll Express than any of his teams. Cornette sees unlimited potential in them. Cornette wants to be the guy who signs contracts for them and teach them how to be sneakier. He offers them an exclusive contract to be their manager. Jack says that he doesn’t need a white boy or any redneck to guide him. He has a college education and a criminal record so he knows how to make decisions. “We are black owned, and black operated.” Cornette freaks out and says they will regret this.

5.) Tammy Fytch, Chris Candido and Boo Bradley are interviewed. Bradley likes Cactus Jack for trying to be his friend. Tammy says that Cactus tried to kick his kitten. Boo gets upset and says he is going to hurt Cactus. Tammy promises that her men will prevail at Thanksgiving Thunder.

6.) Cactus Jack is interviewed next. Cactus didn’t come here to win a title but rather he came here to win a soul. He is willing to lead Boo Bradley through the gates of hell to get to the gates of heaven. Cactus remembers Candido wanting to carry his bags and says he can’t carry his jock now.

7.) Storm and Jack kick off the main event with Jack working over Storm in the corner with strikes. Storm fights back with a backdrop and a standing dropkick. Lee helps Storm get out of a double team in the corner of the champions. Storm gets stopped by D’Lo Brown from the outside and allows Jack to get the cheap advantage. Mustafa sends Storm over the top to the floor while the referee is distracted. D”Lo Brown drops Storm with a right hand. Mustafa drives Storm down to the canvas with a delayed vertical suplex. Lee storms into the ring but can’t help Storm with the referee stopping him. Mustafa plants Storm with a power slam for a two count. Lee gets the tag but Mustafa was distracting the referee preventing it from being legal. Mustafa continues to dominate Storm with a back breaker. Storm nails Mustafa with a super kick and Lee finally gets the hot tag. Lee cleans house with clotheslines on the champs. Jack backdrops Storm to the floor and Candido whacks Lee with a trash can and Jack pins Lee while Candido went under the ring. (*1/2. Well, it was at least a little better than the recent matches. Some decent action, but the Gangstas carrying a match isn’t likely to lead to fantastic results.) After the match, Cactus Jack comes out and has the trash can waiting for Candido to come out since he is trapped. Candido comes out and gets whacked with the trash can. Boo Bradley is out there as well causing a brawl to take place. Candido, Bradley and Fytch run backstage. Cactus Jack gets on the microphone and challenges Candido to a match next week.

Final Thoughts:
I’m not entirely sure if the point of the Cornette/Gangstas segment was to open the possibility of the Gangstas turning face at some point or for Cornette to turn face. It’s hard to see Cornette being the guy to turn face, but it could very well happen. The final show before Thanksgiving Thunder and I hope there is something major to get excited for as SMW enters 1995.

Thanks for reading.

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