2CW Living On The Edge X Night Two 4/19/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Living On The Edge X Night Two
From: Syracuse, NY

Opening Contest: Jay Freddie vs. Sean Carr: Freddie starts with a dropkick, but Carr comes back with a quick heel kick, which is a different start than usual. Now we go for a basic takedown and counters on the mat. Carr comes off the ropes to shoulder block Freddie but neither man can get a clear cut advantage. They exchange chops until Freddie hit a back suplex. Freddie delivers a knee lift to the midsection and a snap suplex for a two count. Freddie springboard kicks Carr off the apron and Jay goes for a suicide dive but Carr delivers a kick. Carr comes off the ropes to hit a head scissors and takes Freddie out with a suicide dive to the floor. Carr leaps off the top to hit a cross body for another near fall. Carr kicks Freddie and hits a standing moonsault and swanton for a two count. Carr kicks Freddie into the corner and delivers a high knee. Freddie hits a running dropkick and a northern lights suplex for a near fall. They both fall over the top to the floor on a suplex attempt by Freddie. They both roll into the ring and trade more strikes. Carr big boots Freddie and they trade superkicks. Carr nails Freddie with a discus forearm before dropping Jay across his knee. Freddie takes Carr over with a German suplex and dumps Carr to the floor where Freddie hit a suicide dive hitting the guardrail as well. Jay climbs to the top but Carr rolls forward only to allow Jay to hit a sit down power bomb. Carr fights back with a kick but runs into a boot. Carr stops Freddie with a rolling fireman’s carry and attempts a middle rope moonsault but lands on knees. Freddie hits a running yakuza kick and plants Carr with a brain buster for a near fall. Carr battles back with a brain buster of his own. They are both battling on the middle rope trading shots. Carr drops Freddie gut first to the mat and hits a swanton bomb. Carr spikes Freddie with a tombstone and wins the match. (***1/4. A solid opener between two of the best workers that 2CW has developed. They got plenty of time and they both looked pretty good in there. If they wrestled more I could see these two having classic battles. A good way to start the biggest show of the year.)

Second Contest: Biff Busick & Ted Goodz vs. Handicapped Heroes (Zach Gowen & Gregory Iron) vs. Brute Van Slyke & Kevin Graham: Biff and Graham kick off the match with Biff working over the arm of Graham, but that gets quickly countered by Graham. Biff controls Graham with an arm drag and tags in Goodz. Ted hits a double stomp off the top to the back of Kevin. Goodz hits a dropkick to a seated Graham for a near fall. Gowen tags in and hit a slingshot senton from the apron onto Graham for a near fall. Iron tags in but Graham comes off the ropes to deliver a shoulder block. Iron trips Graham and connects with a head scissors. Goodz gets double teamed and Biff is taken out by a Codebreaker and dropkick by the Heroes. Brute enters and gets worked over by the Heroes before shoving them down. Brute power slams Iron for a two count. Brute works over Iron in the corner and tags in Graham. Graham slams Iron to the mat but only manages a near fall. Iron fights back on Brute but is met with a press slam turned into a power slam. Iron comes off the ropes dropping Graham with a forearm shot. Biff gets the tag and works over Graham with an uppercut and the same for Brute. Biff runs into opposite corners splashing Graham and Brute until he is stopped by a leg sweep/clothesline. Goodz super kicks Graham but is clotheslined by Brute. Gowen dropkicks Brute from the middle rope but Brute hit a sit out spine buster for a near fall as Iron broke up the cover. Brute clotheslines Iron over the top to the floor and goes back to Gowen. Biff plants Brute with a flipping neck breaker but Gowen knocks Biff off the middle rope. Gowen hits a top rope moonsault and pins Biff. (**1/2. A solid ten minute match between these three teams. I’d consider it an upset for the Heroes to win, but that’s cool. Brute and Graham have really come along great since the beginning of their careers in 2CW.)

Third Contest: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Nick Ando vs. JT Dunn vs. Dick Justice vs. Jason Axe vs. Dalton Castle vs. Isys Ephex in a six man scramble match: Justice punches Ando and the rest of the challengers punch Ando causing the champion to go to the floor. Axe and Castle are in the ring while everyone else brawls on the floor. Axe catches Castle on a leapfrog hitting an atomic drop. Castle dropkicks Axe but Ephex enters the match and is taken to the mat. Justice is brawling with Ando on the floor while Ephex controls Castle hitting a shining wizard. Dunn gets a few near falls on Isys before hitting a somersault leaping flatliner. Ando is in the ring with Dunn where JT hammers away on Ando. Ando takes Dunn over with a suplex and strikes Justice a few times, but Dick blocked the shots at first. Castle tosses Ando over the top to the floor and is in the ring with Justice. Dalton works over Justice with strikes and plays to the crowd but Justice lands on top of Castle nearly suffocating him on the canvas! Justice is rolled off and stands up with his fingers pretending to have a gun, but is slapped by Ephex. Ephex clotheslines Axe and they trade shots in the ring. They both go to the floor following a clothesline over the top.

Castle works over Ando with strikes but Ando fights back with body shots. Castle takes Ando over with a suplex and punches JT off the apron. Castle sends Ando into the corner but misses a running knee strike. Ando hits a top rope hurricanrana but can’t cover Castle. Dunn decks Ando with a knee strike and a dropkick to the seated champion. Dunn plants Ando with a leaping ace crusher but Dick Justice is able to arm drag Dunn a few times. Dunn kicks Castle from the apron and leg drops Ando across the guard railing from the apron! Castle plays to the crowd but is sent to the apron by Ephex. Jason Axe runs in and spears Castle off the apron to the floor. Isys climbs to the top rope and takes a group of men out with a cross body on the floor. Dick goes to the apron and takes everyone out with a cross body. Ephex kicks Axe in the ring and Justice plants Ephex with a swinging side slam for a near fall. Justice jabs Axe several times but a knee lift stops him. Castle kicks Axe down to the mat and focuses on Justice managing to hit a dead lift German suplex for a near fall. Axe plants Castle with a spine buster. JT and Axe trade forearm shots and hit a discus forearm shot in the corner. JT hit another discus forearm but is speared by Ando. Axe gets speared as well falling to the floor. Ando comes off the ropes and spears Dunn to win the match. (***. I don’t really like six man matches, but this was a fine match and I liked that there wasn’t any rules to the match such as tags or anything of that nature. JT Dunn and Castle were the highlights of the match, though.)

Fourth Contest: Mike Bennett & Matt Taven vs. Magnus & Pepper Parks: Magnus and Bennett start the match. They trade wrist locks until Bennett delivers a flurry of forearms. Magnus decks Bennett with a forearm and tags in Parks leading to a double team as Magnus slams Parks onto Bennett for a two count. Taven enters and is hip tossed by Parks followed by a knee drop. Both Parks and Taven get knee lifted by the opposition and they try to deck them but fail. They attempt eye pokes and they both get staggered. Bennett trips Parks and Taven gets tripped by Magnus. Parks stomps on Bennett’s hand but Taven hit a springboard kick. Bennett works over Parks with a chin lock and hit a Thez Press followed by an elbow drop, similar to Steve Austin’s move set. Taven plants Parks with a swinging neck breaker before tagging in Bennett. Bennett accidentally kicks Taven and Parks plants Bennett with a neck breaker. Magnus gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines. Magnus clotheslines Bennett and a sit out scoop slam on Taven. Parks gets tagged back in and they hit a back suplex/neck breaker on Taven for a near fall. Magnus and Bennett brawl on the floor while Parks has Taven over his shoulders buts Magnus grabs Maria off the apron and carries her to the back. Parks hit a Death Valley Driver on Taven. Bennett spikes Parks with a piledriver for the win. (*1/2. It was a short match, which is fine. There was some decent comedy in the match, but this wasn’t going to be anything memorable.)

Originally, the following match was supposed to be the American Wolves taking on the Young Bucks. However, the Bucks didn’t make the show, and I believe Eddie Edwards was hurt. Thus, we get the debut of Team Tremendous (Bill Carr & Dan Barry).

Fifth Contest: Bill Carr & Dan Barry vs. Davey Richards & Roderick Strong: Richards and Barry kick off the tag match. Barry backs Richards into a corner but Strong tags in and keeps control of Dan with a wrist lock. Barry uses the referee to counter a wrist lock but Strong regains the advantage on the mat. Carr tags in with Strong trapped in the corner and decks Roderick with a right hand. Davey tags in and gets met with a shoulder block, but neither man goes down. Richards kicks Carr a few times but Carr shoulder blocks Davey to the floor. Carr wants a test of strength with Richards but Davey hammers away on him instead before tagging in Strong. Carr gets worked over in the corner with kicks and chops. Strong dropkicks Carr into the corner. Barry tags himself in and works over Strong with strikes. Strong nails Barry with a heel kick for a two count. Richards tags in and clotheslines Barry followed by a snap suplex. Barry is worked over in the corner by Strong with chops. Strong power slams Barry and Richards hit a diving head butt for a near fall. Richards controls Barry with an Indian death lock but can’t get a submission. Strong has Barry on the top but get shoved off and Barry hits a double dropkick from the top. Barry takes Strong over with a suplex and takes Richards out with a suicide dive on the outside. Carr scoop slams Richards and Barry hit a springboard moonsault for a near fall.

Barry continues to work over Richards with a forearm shot. Carr delivers a leg drop and gets a near fall on Richards. Davey sends Barry into Carr, and kicks Carr causing Carr to hit Barry with a DDT. Richards tags out to Strong who cleans house with a clothesline and sends Carr to the floor. Strong plants Barry with a back breaker for a near fall. Barry is picked up and kicked by Richards in midair. Strong hit an Angle Slam on Barry for a two count. Barry kicks Richards and Carr plants Strong with a swinging side slam for a near fall. Richards kicks both Carr and Barry and gets decked by Carr with a clothesline after a handspring kick. Strong is on Carr’s shoulders but he breaks free. Richards big boots Carr and attempts a side suplex, but fails. On a second attempt after a Roddy kick, Richards gets Carr over. Strong hits a superplex on Barry. Richards comes off the top to hit a double stomp and gets the win. (**1/2. Carr and Barry were in a tough spot replacing the Bucks, which we found out at the doors of the show. The crowd was silent for most of the bout, but the action wasn’t awful by any means.)

Sixth Contest: Bin Hamin, Pete Order & EMT vs. Loca Vida, Steve McKenzie & Rob Cook: Long story short, Hamin gets a submission victory forcing Vida to submit to a camel clutch.

Seventh Contest: CJ Parker vs. Cheech vs. 2 Cold Scorpio: Cheech wants Scorpio to shake his hand, but Scorpio doesn’t appear to be all that interested in doing so. Scorpio gets double teamed at the start of the match. Scorpio messes up a flip and just lays on the canvas. Scorpio dropkicks both men and follows up with a kick to Cheech and Parker. Scorpio takes Cheech over with a snap suplex. Scorpio gets double teamed in the corner for a few moments. Scorpio fights back with a few jabs a clothesline. Scorpio sends both men to the floor and dives over the top to take them out with a cross body. Parker turns on Cheech but that advantage didn’t last very long. Parker monkey flips Cheech into the ropes and is sent to the floor. Scorpio is back in the ring and tries his luck with Parker. Scorpio takes Parker down to canvas with an armlock. Scorpio misses a spin kick but on a second attempt Scorpio hits the spin kick. Cheech dropkicks Scorpio from the top rope. Cheech hit a middle rope forearm drop for a two count on Scorpio. Parker hits a senton splash on Scorpio for a near fall. Parker decks Scorpio with a clothesline for a near fall. Cheech and Parker drive Scorpio down to the canvas with a double vertical suplex but neither man can agree on who should get the cover. Parker slaps Cheech and Cheech returns the slap followed by some chops. Parker drives Cheech into the corner and puts Cheech on the top rope. Parker sets up for a superplex but Scorpio comes over and power bombs Parker who by default superplexs Cheech.

Scorpio drives Cheech down with a back suplex and hits a somersault leg drop. Scorpio goes to the top rope and hits Parker with a twisting splash for a near fall. Parker nails Scorpio with a standing side kick, and the same for Cheech. Parker delivers a running double knee strike to Scorpio in the corner. Parker hits a somersault splash onto Scorpio for a near fall. Parker nearly pins Scorpio after a top rope diving head butt. Scorpio decks Parker off the apron and Cheech hits a running face wash in the corner on Scorpio. Cheech heads to the top rope hitting a knee drop on Scorpio for a two count. Parker stomps on Cheech in the corner. Scorpio works over both men and power bombs Cheech. Scorpio has both men down and heads to the top hitting a reverse 450 leg drop for the win. (**1/4. Parker and Cheech had some entertaining moments working as a heel team, but the match lasted a little too long for my tastes. Scorpio can still pull off the high flying moves. This just didn’t need to be twenty minutes or close to it.)

Eighth Contest: Mickie James vs. Cherry Bomb: They lockup and struggle on the canvas briefly. Neither woman is able to get an advantage and that break apart. Mickie takes Cherry over with an arm drag. Mickie controls Cherry with a head scissors on the canvas but isn’t able to get a submission. Cherry gets out of the hold and controls James with a side headlock. Mickie gets control with a headlock of her own on Cherry. Cherry gets out of the hold and has a head scissors on James. Mickie gets out of the head scissors and they shake hands showing respect. Mickie gets taken down by Cherry with a few arm drags. Mickie misses a dropkick but gets a two count on a rollup. They roll around with an inside cradle and neither woman get a three count. Cherry decks Mickie and hammers away on James with right hands. Cherry tosses James into the corner but James fights back with strikes. Cherry comes off the ropes to clothesline Mickie against the ropes for a near fall. Cherry is taunting James but is met with chops in the corner. Cherry stomps on James to regain control of the match. Cherry sends Mickie into the corner and she crashes to the canvas. James attempts a backdrop but is met with a Codebreaker instead. Mickie decks Cherry with a running forearm and locks in a Boston Crab but Cherry refuses to give in. Cherry tosses Mickie to the floor but Mickie returns to the ring and clotheslines Cherry several times.

Mickie hits a neck breaker on Cherry for a two count. Mickie plants Cherry with a flapjack. Cherry crotches Mickie on the top rope. Mickie gets out of a Death Valley Driver to hit a spin kick for a near fall. Cherry dropkicks Mickie across the bottom rope and gets a two count. Cherry waits for Mickie to get up and rams James into the corner. Mickie takes Cherry over with a hurricanrana and heads to the top. Cherry hits Mickie with a Codebreaker in midair. Cherry plants Mickie with a running Death Valley Driver for the win. (***. I recall enjoying this match far more live than I did viewing it here. Still, it’s a good women’s match and Cherry kept up with Mickie very well. Mickie had just given birth and wasn’t in tip-top shape, but they worked well here.)

Main Event: AR Fox vs. Colin Delaney: Fox controls Delaney on the canvas after a few counters. They have another standoff after neither man manages to get a clear advantage. They trade arm drags until Delaney head scissors Fox but is met with a big boot from Fox. Delaney chops Fox a few times but a kick to the midsection and a dropkick from Fox connects as well. Fox springboards off the ropes and hits a wheelbarrow bulldog on Delaney. Fox takes Delaney out with a suicide dive on the floor. Delaney stops Fox with a shoulder ram from the apron. Delaney trips Fox on the apron but gets dropkicked off the apron to the floor. Fox takes Colin out with another dive to the floor. Fox kicks Delaney on the floor but Delaney hits a modified Codebreaker on the floor. Fox kicks Delaney in the crowd and hit a somersault dive to take out Delaney in the crowd. Fox walks the wall to take Delaney out with a Slice Bread in the crowd! Fox drops an axe handle onto Delaney and goes to the top looking for a swanton in the ring but Delaney got his knees up. Delaney gets a near fall following a slam. Delaney takes Fox down with a side Russian leg sweep and has a submission locked in but Fox doesn’t give in.

Fox stops Delaney with a spin kick to the chest, but Fox does the same. Delaney gets kicked by Fox and Fox hit a springboard ace crusher for a two count. Delaney counters a suplex attempt with a stunner. Fox dropkicks Delaney off the apron and dives over the apron to take Delaney out with a somersault dive not eh floor! Fox hit a top rope swanton and nearly pins Delaney. Fox puts Delaney on the top but is met with a dropkick off the middle rope. Delaney clotheslines Fox but is met with a jump kick. Delaney rams Fox into the corner and hit a DDT for a near fall. Fox stops Colin with a knee to the face but Colin drops Fox across his knees for a near fall. Delaney heads to the top rope but misses an elbow drop. Fox plants Delaney with a twisting suplex for a near fall. Fox hits a 450 splash but Delaney kicks out at two. Fox nails Delaney with a big boot a few times. Fox puts Delaney on the top turnbuckle and attempted a Spanish Fly, but Delaney caught Fox and hit a middle rope tombstone for the win. (***1/4. It is on the same level as the opener, but these two would have better matches later on. I do get bugged by Fox’s clapping of hands on his strikes, just because it’s so blatantly obvious. Still, a good ending to the show.)

Final Thoughts:
There is plenty of solid action on the show, which makes it a viewable show. Carr/Freddie, Mickie/Cherry, and Delaney/Fox are worthwhile to go along with some other solid matches. I enjoyed the show live and the viewing on DVD makes or a thumbs up.

Thanks for reading.

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