JAPW Wild Card VI 3/20/2010

Written by: Bob Colling

Jersey All-Pro Wrestling presents Wild Card VI
From: Rahway, NJ

In each title match, the champion is unaware of who they are defending against. Hence, the name Wild Card.

Opening Contest: The Garden State Gods (Corvis Fear & Myke Quest) vs. The Switchblade Conspiracy (Jon Moxley & Sami Callihan): Moxley and Callihan go on the attack waiting at the top of the aisle way and brawl with Fear and Quest. Moxley is working over Quest while Callihan works over Fear. Callihan and Quest kick off the match legally with Quest being worked over in the corner. Quest stops Sami with a double knee gut buster. Fear tags in and double teams Sami hitting a dropkick/DDT combo. Quest plants Sami with a Flatliner for a near fall. Fear runs into a big boot and Sami connects with a missile dropkick. Moxley gets tagged in and continues to work over Fear with strikes. Fear delivers a modified Codebreaker to Jon’s face for a near fall. Quest gets tagged in and hammers away on Moxley in the corner. Quest is double teamed as Callihan hits a running forearm strike for a two count. Sami gets a two count following a splash off the ropes. Fear continues to be double teamed and nearly pins Sami with a rollup. Quest gets the tag and cleans house on Moxley and Sami. Quest kicks Moxley and hits a neck breaker on Sami for a two count. Moxley holds Quest to allow Sami to hit a running ace crusher for a near fall. Moxley is driven down by a double team slam but kicks out at two. Fear and Moxley collide in the middle of the ring following a clothesline. Sami kicks Fear and delivers a vicious chop to the face. Fear nails Sami with an ace crusher which drove Moxley down as well. Quest with a suicide dive to take Jon out on the floor and Fear locks in the dragon sleeper on Sami to get a submission. (**1/2. I enjoyed the opener here as they kept a good pace and the final sequence was delivered well. It’s kind of neat to see Moxley and Sami before they got big.) After the match, Sami and Jon return to the ring and attack the winners. Quest gets on the microphone and calls Sami a bitch because he made him tap without having to kick him in the groin. He promises vengeance and this isn’t over.

Second Contest: JAPW Lightweight Champion Bandido Jr. vs. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Neene Capone vs. Rich Swann vs. Sabian: Sabian goes after Bandido with stomps in the corner and strikes. Sabian blows some snot onto the champ but Bandido comes back with an arm drag and dropkick. Bandido takes out Sabian with a suicide dive. Swann and Fantastico are going at it until Capone enters to dropkick Fantastico. Capone drops Swann with a back suplex but is met with a clothesline from Fantastico. Bandido takes Fantastico over with a swinging head scissors. Sabian nails Bandido with a lariat and backdrops Capone on the apron who takes Fantastico out with a shooting star press off the apron to the floor! Swann hits a somersault dive to the floor. Sabian acts like he is going to dive but taunts the fans. Bandido enters and hits a leg lariat for a two count on Sabian. Sabian low blows Bandido Jr and Capone hits a moonsault on the floor. Sabian takes Bandido over with a suplex. Sabian kicks Bandido off the apron while the other three battle on the floor. Swann super kicks Sabian and a head scissors on Fantastico. Swann hits a rolling fireman’s carry and a standing moonsault on Capone for a near fall. Fantastico power bombs Swann a couple of times. Sabian comes off the top to hit a double stomp and Fantastico pins Swann to get an elimination. Which, nobody knew it was elimination rules.

Capone is backdropped by Bandido and Fantastico. Fantastico dropkicks Capone and kicks Bandido several times. Capone hits a top rope kick on Fantastico for a two count. Capone plants Bandido with a reverse hurricanrana and a spinning heel kick on Fantastico. Sabian dropkicks the knees of Capone and hits a vicious double stomp while Capone was trapped on the middle rope, and Fantastico pins Capone for the elimination.

Sabian works over Fantastico with a series of chops and hits a split legged moonsault for a two count. Fantastico plants Sabian with a twisting suplex and heads to the top rope hitting a moonsault for a two count. Fantastico plants Bandido with a Flatliner for a two count. Sabian hits a springboard DDT to pin Fantastico for the elimination.

The final two start off trading strikes and chops. Bandido hits a backstabber over the middle rope but Sabian kicks out at two. Sabian with a head scissors and a tilt a whirl back breaker. Sabian leaps off the top to hit a frog splash for a near fall. Bandido takes Sabian off the middle rope with a German suplex and plants Sabian with a reverse piledriver for the win. (***. It’s a decent showcase of the men involved. I’ve never understood why they make there appear to be rules and then completely forget about that about two minutes into the match. Nobody knew it was elimination, either. As per usual, the high flyers deliver an entertaining segment.)

Devon Moore cuts a promo saying that he has beaten every homegrown talent that has been put in his way. Moore begs for another homegrown talent to send them packing. Here comes Charlie Haas…

Third Contest: JAPW New Jersey State Champion Devon Moore vs. Charlie Haas: Moore runs into a big boot and a suplex soon follows. Haas locks in the Haas of Pain and gets a quick submission to win the championship. After the match, Haas cuts a promo saying he isn’t going anywhere and he is glad that he got fired because he hated being there on a prison sentence (WWE). Haas wants a piece of Dan Maff and he is coming for the JAPW Heavyweight Championship.

Fourth Contest: Nick Gage vs. Drake Younger in a CZW Style Match: Gage spits at Younger and is met with several right hands. Younger misses a cross body and goes to the floor. Drake sends Gage into the guard railing back first. Drake comes off the apron to hit a somersault dive. Gage sends Drake into the railing but is backdropped over the railing into the crowd. They brawl into the crowd, which we can’t see since it’s really dark in the arena. Gage takes Younger over with a suplex on the floor from the bleachers. Drake tosses Gage back into the ringside area. Younger whacks Gage over the head with a steel chair for a two count. Younger drives Gage down with a back suplex for another two count. Drake heads to the top rope but Gage whacks Drake over the head with the chair. Gage hits a fallaway slam off the top landing on a chair. Gage decks Younger with a clothesline to maintain control of the bout. Drake avoids Gage in the corner and hits a sit down power bomb for a near fall. Younger hits a sit out suplex but Gage kicks out at two. Gage nails Drake with a running big boot in the corner and follows up with a piledriver for a near fall. Gage misses a diving head butt and hits the chair. Drake with a Death Valley Driver onto the chair but Gage still kicks out at two. Gage gets out of the Cop Killa going for a choke slam but Younger nearly wins with a backslide. Gage hits a suplex on the chair and that gets a three count. (*1/2. Well, that wasn’t all that violent and for the most part just a chair was used. The lack of violence prevents the match from standing out. It also didn’t seem to connect with the fans and may have been better off taking place in Philly or not at all.)

Fifth Contest: JAPW Tag Team Champions The Heavy Hitters (Havok & Monsta Mack) vs. Un4given (B-Boy & Eddie Kingston): Kingston and Mack kick off the title match. Kingston tries a few shoulder blocks but Mack doesn’t budge. Mack shoulder tackles Kingston and delivers a few chops. Havok enters and along with Mack drops Kingston with a shoulder block. Boy gets tagged in and is slammed by Havok quickly. Havok drops Boy with a shoulder block of his own and continues to work over Boy. Kingston attempts a big boot but is slammed by Mack instead. Mack decks Boy off the apron and is held by Kingston against the ropes. Boy kicks Mack across the back and delivers a few forearm shots. Boy eye pokes Mack and delivers a few chops in the corner but Mack isn’t phased by them. Boy dropkicks Mack in the corner and gets a two count. Boy dropkicks Mack on the knee and heads to the top rope but misses a leg drop. Kingston gets in and so does Havok who cleans house on the challengers. Havok catches Boy on a rocket launcher and hits a Samoan Drop after backdropping Kingston. Kingston comes off the ropes and is met with a double flapjack. Boy decks Mack with a kick to the head. Mack is met with a double kick to the head Boy gets a two count. Mack plants Boy with the Greetings From Brooklyn for a two count. Boy manages to plant Mack with a DDT off the middle rope but can’t get the cover. Mack nails Boy with a spear and Kingston decks Mack with a back fist for a two count. Mack clotheslines Kingston but Boy hits a shining wizard for a two count. Mack drives Boy down with a power bomb and gets the win. (*1/2. It was a relatively quick match, but there wasn’t much story to it. I’ve never been a big Kingston fan and he didn’t do anything here, really. A lackluster tag title bout.)

Sixth Contest: Chris Dickinson vs. Necro Butcher: Butcher hits himself with a chair several times and is busted open before the match. Butcher tosses Dickinson to the floor after Dickinson attempted to attack before the bell. Butcher rams Dickinson groin first into the ring post. Butcher tosses a chair at Dickinson and sends him into the guard railing. Butcher hits a chair assisted scoop slam on the floor. Butcher tosses Dickinson over the railing into the crowd. Dickinson hits a springboard forearm shot off the railing to knock Butcher off his feet. Butcher nails Dickinson with a straight right hand to the face. Butcher repeatedly rams Dickinson’s face into the ring post. Dickinson nails Butcher with a chair but gets a chair tossed at him. Butcher whacks Dickinson over the head with a steel chair. Butcher is bleeding badly, but has nothing to do with what Dickinson has done. Several referees come down to check on Dickinson and help him to the backstage area, it appears. Dickinson wakes up and gets a second wind to go after Butcher. Dickinson comes back with several strikes and kicks to control Butcher. Dickinson nails Butcher with a running big boot in the corner. Dickinson follows up with a spinning heel kick and a sit out suplex for a two count. Butcher hangs onto the ropes but Dickinson delivers more shots against the ropes. Butcher decks Dickinson with a right hand to regain momentum.

Butcher nails Dickinson with rights and chops in the corner several times and hits a bulldog onto the chair but only manages a two count. Butcher sets up couple of chairs but Dickinson hits an ace crusher across the chairs. Dickinson comes off the top to hit a double knee across the chairs, but Butcher kicks out on the cover! Butcher stops a springboard attempt with a punch to the face. Butcher choke slams Dickinson onto a chair and a sit down power bomb onto the chair for the win. (**. It was far more violent than the CZW match, which is kind of ironic. Dickinson comes across like a badass and could be used in a big role as a badass for JAPW. He fits that build very well, I’d say. A decent hardcore match, but not anything overly memorable. Butcher isn’t the same as he was and he’d fall off quite a bit in a year or two after this.) After the match, Dickinson gets a standing ovation and a few people chant for him to comeback.

Seventh Contest: JAPW Women’s Champion Sara Del Ray vs. Hailey Hatred in a falls count anywhere match: Hatred comes out from the crowd to attack Del Ray, but that doesn’t work very well as Del Ray gets several rights to stop Hatred. They go to the floor where Del Ray tosses Hatred into the railing. Del Ray whacks Hatred with a chair as they brawl into the crowd. Del Ray hits a suplex in the bleachers and plays to the crowd. Hatred drops Del Ray with a kick to the face and tosses a trash can at Del Ray. Del Ray tosses Hatred into a storage unit and hits her with some plastic. Hatred sends Del Ray into empty chairs and delivers a running knee against the railing. Hatred hits Del Ray with weak chair shots and Del Ray delivers proper chair shots across the back. Del Ray kicks Hatred in the chest several times. Del Ray tosses Hatred into the railing, which collapses. Del Ray scoop slams Hatred onto the guard railing. Del Ray tosses a weight ball at Hatred as they continue to brawl in the crowd by the announcers. Del Ray drives Hatred face first onto the plastic table. Hatred dropkicks Del Ray into the railing. Hatred chokes Del Ray with a chair while talking some smack. Hatred sends Del Ray into the wall and continues to deliver kicks. Del Ray hits a German suplex onto the amateur mats that are rolled up but only gets a two count. Del Ray attempts a piledriver on the floor but that gets countered with a backdrop. Hatred sends Del Ray into a table and slams the table onto Del Ray for a near fall. Del Ray hits Hatred with a couple of kicks but still can’t get a three count. Del Ray spikes Hatred with a piledriver on the floor and gets a victory. (***. It’s simply a fight and a fight that was done rather well. The brawling and crowd stuff probably went on a little long, but if they were going for just delivering a fight, they delivered that very well.)

The South Side Playas have one of the most ridiculous entrances I’ve ever seen. They have stripper poles on the aisle way and they make it look like a party scene. It’s kinda funny.

Eighth Contest: Annie Social & The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. Mia Yim & The South Side Playaz Club (Joe Hardway & Mo Sexton): Well, the strippers are on the pole during the match, which I’d imagine would take away from the match happening. Yim and Social kick off the match with both women getting brief advantage until Social takes Yim down with arm drags. Yim delivers a forearm shot in the corner and a shoulder ram to the lower midsection. Yim with a running double knee for a two count. Social clotheslines Yim in the corner and Sexton gets tagged in. Sexton backs Social into the corner but gets his feet stomped on. Social kicks Hardway and Yim off the apron along with a headlock on Sexton. The Portal taunt the Playaz and the strippers. Sexton works over Ophidian in the corner with the referee distracted. Hardway dropkicks Ophidian for a two count. Sexton scoop slams Ophidian and heads to the top but is met with a boot in midair. Hardway and Amasis hits a top rope cross body followed by a spinning heel kick. Amasis heads to the top and hits a 450 splash for a two count. Amasis is caught and tossed over the top by the Playaz. Hardway gets a two count on Ophidian. Ophidian comes off the top with a double knee strike on Hardway. Social and Yim are tagged in with Social hitting clotheslines and a snap suplex for a two count.

Social ducks a kick by Yim and delivers a face buster for a two count. Sexton grabs Social but is nailed with a super kick. The Portal do a trance again to get the strippers to dance on the apron. The strippers make out on the apron and the Portal flip out. Their trance work on the Playaz and they begin to dance. Social low blows the Playaz and the Portal do the trance again but Yim delivers a kick only for Ophidian to nail Yim with one go his own. Playaz with a double kick to Social and Yim gets the pin on Social. (*1/2. Not all that entertained by the action, but the comedy stuff at the end was fine and probably should have been what the match was all about to be honest.)

Ninth Contest: Kazuchika Okada vs. Samoa Joe: Joe takes Okada down to the canvas at the start of the contest. Okada backs Joe into a corner and they begin to trade forearm shots. Joe drops Okada following a spinning forearm shot. Joe nails Okada with a leaping spin kick. Joe delivers several face washes but runs into a dropkick from Okada. They begin to trade chops with Okada getting the better of the exchange. Okada nails Joe with a running dropkick against the ropes for a two count. Okada misses a springboard cross body as Joe casually walked aside. Joe takes Okada out with a suicide dive to the floor! Joe puts Okada on the top rope looking for the Muscle Buster, but Okada fights out of it. Okada hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Okada nails Joe with a running clothesline for a two count. Joe drops Okada face first across the top turnbuckle. Joe plants Okada with the Muscle Buster and wins the match. (*1/2. Uh, well, that wasn’t much of a match at all. Joe dominated and the fans seemingly wanted that to exactly happen. I’d think in 2016, these two would have a great match and it would be far more even. I was disappointed by this majorly.)

Tenth Contest: Jack Evans & Teddy Hart vs. The Young Bucks: Hart and Matt kick off the contest as the fans are behind both men. Hart has a rollup on Matt but isn’t able to keep him down for long. Hart has an ankle lock on Matt but Matt reaches the ropes to break the hold. Hart hits a dropkick but Matt comes back with one of his own. Hart quickly hits a side Russian leg sweep. Matt sends Hart into the corner face first and here comes Nick following a tag. Evans gets tagged after Hart breaks free from the corner. Nick kicks Evans and hits a head scissors to gain the early control before tagging in Matt. Matt hits a double axe handle and Nick delivers a double stomp to the arm of Evans. Matt hits a moonsault to Evans arm as well from the top. Bucks delivers a double dropkick and another dropkick sends Evans to the floor. Evans fights through both men and here comes Hart hitting a top rope clothesline and a snap power slam. Hart hits a swinging neck breaker and goes to work on Nick. Hart plants Nick with a spike piledriver across the middle rope to the canvas! Hart hits a double knee power bomb on Matt! Evans knocks Nick off the apron and Evans leaps off Hart’s shoulders to hit a moonsault double stomp on Matt, who was across the middle rope in the corner! Hart spikes Matt with a cradle piledriver and plays to the crowd. Hart catapults Evans to hit a 450 splash but Matt still kicks out.

Evans comes off the ropes to dropkick Matt followed by a senton splash for a two count. Hart is back in and trades strikes with Matt. Hart takes Matt over with an overhead belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Hart plants Matt with a quick DDT. Evans hits a standing twisting moonsault for a near fall on Matt. Matt springboards off the top to hit an ace crusher on Evans. Nick gets the hot tag and cleans house on Evans and Hart. Nick with a neck breaker and a DDT across the middle rope for a two count. Hart helps out but Nick drops him with elbows and sends Hart to the floor. Nick hits a slingshot face buster from the apron and takes Hart out with a moonsault on the floor! Matt accidentally super kicks Nick and Evans hits a dive into the ring followed by a standing corkscrew splash for a near fall. Matt spears Evans and the Bucks hit a double splash but Evans is saved by Hart. Hart plants Nick with the Captain Crunch DDT! Hart comes off the middle rope with a corkscrew neck breaker on Matt. Matt drops Hart with a super kick but Hart delivers a backstabber. Evans with a springboard senton across Hart’s knees but Matt won’t stay down on the cover. Bucks kick Evans several times and nearly pin him after a German by Matt. Hart drops Nick with a back suplex face buster. Hart takes Nick out with a moonsault to the floor! Evans nearly pins Matt with a backslide and delivers a spinning kick. Evans leaps off of Matt’s stomach across Hart’s shoulders but missed a splash. Bucks hit two moonsaults and pin Evans. (****. A complete spot fest, but these guys are great. I enjoy Teddy Hart and his innovative offense.)

Main Event: JAPW Heavyweight Champion Dan Maff vs. Brodie Lee: They start the match trading chops with Lee getting the advantage following right hands. Lee knocks Maff to the floor following more rights but Maff grabs Lee by the beard to deliver a strike. Maff drops Lee throat first across the top rope but Lee knocks Maff off the apron with a big boot and delivers a suicide dive! Brodie has a steel chair and whacks Maff over the head with it. They brawl into the crowd where Lee sends Maff into a table with merchandise on it. Lee tosses the table outside but they continue to brawl in the arena. Lee slams Maff onto another table, which didn’t break. Lee attempts a splash through the table but it yet again doesn’t break. Maff tosses a table at Lee to get momentum and tosses Lee over a table that has DVDs on them. Maff leaps off another set of bleachers to elbow drop Lee through an RFVideo table! Brodie nails Maff with a DVD and tosses Maff onto another DVD table. Lee sends Maff into the guard railing face and shoulder first. Maff throws a piece of railing at Le but gets a chair whacked over his back. Lee sends Maff flipping onto the railing and stands on the railing to taunt the fans. Lee leaps off the apron to deliver an elbow drop. Lee sends Maff head first into a chair in the corner. Lee whacks Maff over the head with another chair and Maff is busted wide open. Lee goes for the cover but Maff powers out at two.

Lee is choking Maff with a plastic bag over his head! Lee decks Maff with a right hand and grabs a chair before chopping Maff some more. Maff smashes Lee with a chair to the face and delivers a chair shot across the back. Maff delivers another chair shot to the face to drop Lee in the corner. Maff hits a running cannonball splash in the corner for a two count. Maff hits a standing moonsault but Lee kicks out again at two. Maff gets caught coming off the middle rope and Lee hits a choke slam. Lee hits a superplex but both men are down following the move. They battle on their knees trading right hands. Maff decks Lee with a roaring elbow and a German suplex a couple of times for a two count. Maff runs into a right hand and Lee delivers a running big boot in the corner a couple of times. Lee delivers a super kick followed by a TKO and another big boot for a two count. Brodie continues to work over Dan with right hands. Maff grabs Lee off the middle rope to hit the Burning Hammer and that’s good for the three count! (***1/4. A fun brawl and some good action throughout. I like both guys and they delivered a fine main event to close the show.) After the match, Necro Butcher comes into the ring and attacks Maff. Lee has the JAPW Heavyweight Championship but here comes the Heavy Hitters to make the save. Dan Maff whacks Butcher and Lee with a chair. Nick Gage runs into the ring with a steel chair and attacks Maff. Gage has joined with Brodie and Necro. Charlie Haas runs into the ring and chases the heels from the ring. There is a brief confrontation between Haas and Maff, but they show each other respect to close the show.

Final Thoughts:
I’d say it’s a good show with several good to very good matches. The double main event delivered to leave the show on a good note. A good women’s brawl and the bad stuff was kept relatively short. The only disappointment was the Joe/Okada match, but the good outweighs the bad here.

Thanks for reading.

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