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PWS Frozen Fallout 1/31/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Syndicate presents Frozen Fallout
Date: 1/31/2015
From: Rahway, NJ

Opening Contest: Mike Del vs. Trent Bsretta in a PWS TV Championship Tournament Match: A slow start to the match with neither man attempting all that much of offense. Del punches Baretta in the corner after backing off and is met with a running forearm shot. Baretta grabs Del on the apron but gets dropped throat first across the top rope. Baretta hits a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Trent with a splash in the corner but Del yanks Trent off and Trent hits the top turnbuckle back first before falling to the floor. Del works over Baretta in the corner and chokes him briefly. Del springboards off of Trent’s back to come down with a leg strike for another two count. Baretta dropkicks Del in midair as he attempted a top rope axe handle. Trent drops Del with a step-up kick to the head. Trent misses a high knee in the corner and Del hits an ace crusher for a two count. Baretta gets up to stop Del on the top rope with a right hand. Del shoves Trent off but Trent comes back with an overhead suplex off the middle rope. Ashley Massaro grabs Trent’s boot to allow a dropkick from Del. Del proceeds to hit a double under hook flipping back stabber, which was unique, and that gets the win. (**1/2. A fine opener to kick off the show, as I was entertained by what Del did here. I haven’t seen much of his work, but this was the best I’ve seen from him. They got the crowd into it and it was fine action.)

Second Contest: The Heavenly Bodies vs. Rock N’ Roll Express: No, it’s not the same Heavenly Bodies from the early 90s, but rather a younger team named Dustin and Justin. However, it is the same Rock N’ Roll Express from the 80s. Gibson and Dustin kick off the contest with Gibson controlling the early portions with a scoop slam. Gibson sends Justin into Dustin though I think they botched a backdrop spot. Morton gets tagged in works over Dustin with a headlock. Justin enters but is taken down with an arm drag. Gibson enters and cleans house. Morton delivers a high knee to drop Justin. The Express are getting a “you still got it” for basic offense. Justin stops Morton with a scoop slam. Dustin power slams Morton and the Bodies hit an assisted standing moonsault for a two count. Gibson gets the hot tag and cleans house with strikes. Gibson backdrops Dustin but the Express are sent into each other only for Dustin to clothesline Justin on accident.Dustin is met with a double dropkick, but no cover. Justin nails Morton with brass knuckles and that wins the match. (*. This was just awful, really. There were several moments where they looked lost and the Bodies were presented like jokes, really. The finish feels like something you’d see in SMW circa ’92, just not executed very well.)

Third Contest: Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Payne in a PWS TV Championship Tournament Match: Payne ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Kingston to the floor. Kingston uses the middle rope to low blow Payne as he returned to the ring. Kingston follows up with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Kingston takes Payne over with a snap suplex and controls with a sleeper. Payne fights back with a bridging suplex for a near fall. Kingston stops Payne with a gut wrench suplex. Payne puts his foot on Kingston’s face and drops down. Payne hits a snap power slam for another two count. Kingston hits a forearm and another belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Payne counters a clothesline with a backslide to win the match. (*1/4. Yeah, that was very basic.) After the match, Kingston attacks Payne sending him into the ring post and grabs Tessa Blanchard tossing her into the ring. Tessa slaps Kingston but gets met with a spinning back fist. Well, at least something interesting happen there.

Fourth Contest: PWS Tag Team Champions Reynolds Brothers vs. Handicapped Brothers: Kyle and Iron kick off the title match with counters on the mat. Neither man gets long lasting offense until Iron is backed into the corner and Alex tags in to work over Iron, but Iron hits a head scissors takedown and tags in Gowen. Gowen gets a few near falls with rollups and controls Alex with a front face lock. Kyle is tagged in after Alex yanks Gowen to the mat by the arm. Gowen springboards off the ropes to arm drag Kyle and Iron gets tagged in to try his luck and drop toe holds Kyle to allow a leg drop by Gowen and a senton splash by Iron for a two count. Alex enters and drops Iron with a big boot for a two count. Alex maintains control of the bout with a snap suplex. Kyle tags back in and drives Iron down with a vertical suplex for a near fall. Iron is worked over in the corner by the Reynolds Brothers but they can’t put him away. Alex attempts a top rope moonsault but lands on his feet only for Iron to hit an exploder suplex into the corner. Kyle tries to prevent the tag but Iron breaks free and here comes Gowen to clean house planting Alex with a tornado DDT. Gowen hits an STO on Kyle for a two count, as well. Iron sneaks a tag as Kyle is dumped to the floor where Iron takes both Alex and Kyle out with a suicide dive. Gowen proceeds to take everyone out with a springboard somersault dive! Iron tries for the cover but only gets a near fall.

Iron hits a codebreaker and Gowen dropkicks Kyle but misses a cross body to the floor. Iron misses a top rope cross body and Kyle allows Alex to super kick Iron followed by a double face buster. Kyle has the cover but Iron powers out at two on the cover. Alex has a tag title and is going to whack Iron with it. Kyle doesn’t want Alex to do it and is shoved down. Alex is pulled to the floor by Heroes buddy. Iron hits an STO and Gowen hits a top rope moonsault to get the pin on Kyle and win the titles! (***. That was a fun tag match with the Reynolds Brothers working a fine heel segment and the Heroes really exploding on their offensive comebacks and their high risk stuff really got over with the crowd. A pretty big pop for the title change, too.) After the match, Alex walks out on his brother disappointed with his actions.

Fifth Contest: John Hennigan vs. Sabu: Early on, Sabu takes Hennigan down to the canvas but doesn’t followup with the advantage. Hennigan rams Sabu into the corner to deliver a few shoulder rams and a side Russian leg sweep for a two count. Hennigan goes to the floor and grabs a chair but Sabu has one as well and tosses it at Hennigan twice to drop him. They go to the floor where Sabu delivers another chair shot. Back in the ring, Sabu delivers a few chair shots and a leaping splash into the corner for a two count. Sabu misses a splash in the corner and gets kicked on the back of the head. Hennigan kicks Sabu out of a chair for a two count. Hennigan kicks Sabu across the back and they brawl on the floor briefly. Sabu delivers a clothesline after Hennigan hit the corner chest first and hits a slingshot somersault leg drop for a near fall. Sabu locks in a camel clutch, but isn’t going to get a submission. Hennigan comes back with a springboard twisting kick but gets a near fall. Hennigan misses the Starship Pain. Sabu delivers a chair assisted leg drop but only manages a two count. Sabu goes to the top but misses a top rope chair leg drop. Hennigan with a side Russian leg sweep and hits the Starship Pain for the win. (*1/2. Well, that blew. It felt clunky and really rushed. I believe it was billed as a dream match and it certainly didn’t feel that big of a deal.) After the match, they shake hands and show respect for each other.

Sixth Contest: PWS Suicidal Six Way Champion Amazing Red vs. PJ Black vs. Bobby Wayward vs. CPA vs. Brian XL vs. Drunken Swashbuckler: These are usually difficult to review, but lets give it a try anyway. CPA and Swashbuckler start the match with Swashbuckler acting drunk and CPA hits a forearm shot. Wayward enters from behind to deck CPA and hits a snap suplex. XL takes care of Wayward with a dropkick and takes both CAP and Swashbuckler out with a suicide dive. Black enters the ring and wants a piece of Red, who enters the ring. Wayward tries to attack them but gets dumped to the floor. Wayward tried to attack again, and is sent to the floor again. Black and Red do a test of strength but hit a double super kick on Wayward. Red is stopped on a suicide dive attempt and Black hits a moonsault for a near fall. XL hits a cross body on Black and here comes CPA. Wayward rams CPA into the corners a few times and delivers a dropkick to a seated CPA for a two count. Swashbuckler gets involved and sends Wayward into the corner. Swashbuckler mounts CPA with right hands and a forearm drop. CPA spins around with Swashbuckler to knock Wayward down. Swashbuckler leaps off the back of CPA to hit a dive to the floor. Wayward drives CPA down with a back suplex and battles Red on the top rope. Black gets involved in the corner and is dropkicked by Swashbuckler putting him in the tree of woe. Black pulls up with German Swashbuckler who hit a double superplex. XL comes out of nowhere to dropkick Black from the other side of the ring. CPA humorously misses a bottom rope splash attempt. Swashbuckler stuns CPA and Xl delivers a backbreaker. XL botches the same spot with Wayward, so Wayward decks him with a forearm. Black super kicks Swashbuckler and heads to the top but Wayward tries to stop him and fails. Red kicks Black and hits a top rope hurricanrana landing onto Swashbuckler it appeared. Wayward delivers a dragon screw leg whip and locks in a stretch muffler to make Red tap out to win the match. (**1/2. It’s mainly a non-stop high spot match, which is perfectly fine and popped the crowd live. Wayward going over is likely the last person the fans wanted to see, because he is a hated heel. There wasn’t much interaction between Red and Black, so I’m hoping and figuring a singles match between the two would happen later on.)

Seventh Contest: PWS Heavyweight Champion Fallah Bahh vs. Dan Maff vs. Bonesaw vs. Mario Bokara: Maff woks over Bahh while Bonesaw and Bokara battle it out in the corner. Bahh and Bonesaw run into each other. Bahh is sent into Bonesaw in the corner and they drop down in the corner. Maff hits a cannonball splash onto both men with help from Bokara. Bonesaw dumps Maff to the floor and drops Bokara across the top rope throat first. Bonesaw turns Bokara inside out with a clothesline to maintain control of the match. Bahh enters and Bonesaw convinces him to work together. Bokara is double teamed in the ring while Maff is kept from returning to the ring. Bonesaw splashes into Bahh who was against Bokara in the corner. Bokara is sent hard chest first into the corner and continues to be double teamed. Maff gets in the ring and stops Bahh on the middle rope attempting a Burning Hammer, but Bonesaw cuts him off. Bahh drops Bokara with a leaping cross body for a two count thanks to Bonesaw breaking up the cover. Bonesaw decks Bahh from behind and regrets that quickly. Bahh misses a splash in the corner and Bonehaw hits springboard axe handle but now Bokara is up and drops Bonesaw a few times.

Bokara hits a spine buster for a two count and follows up with a snap suplex. Maff is back in and hits a German suplex on Bokara, who takes Bonesaw over with a German suplex as well. Bahh has a confrontation with Maff but is met with a leaping shoulder block. Maff hits a clothesline but only manages a two count. Bonesaw hits a missile dropkick to knock all three opponents down. Bahh weights too much and splashes Bonesaw on a suplex attempt. Maff and Bokara trade strikes until Maff attempts a Burning Hammer, but is taken down to the mat by Bokara. Maff still counters going for the Burning Hammer but Bokara has an arm submission until Bahh delivers a leg drop. Bahh plants Maff with a Samoan Drop and the same goes for Bokara and soon enough Bonesaw as well. Bokara has an arm submission on Bahh on the middle rope. Maff comes over and power bombs Bahh off the middle rope causing Bokara to flip off the top to the canvas. Bonesaw hits a top rope elbow drop on Bahh for a near fall. Bonesaw plants Maff with a TKO but only gets a near fall.

Bokara has an arm submission on Bonesaw and Bahh misses a big splash so Bokara puts the arm submission on Bahh, but isn’t able to get a submission. Bonesaw sends Bokara into the ring post. Maff finally hits the Burning Hammer on Bonesaw but is tossed from the ring by Bahh. Bahh heads to the middle rope and hits a splash on Bonesaw to retain the title. (***. A decent three way with an anti-climatic finish, I’d say. Bokara and Maff really stood out in the match and seemed to get the most crowd response when they were in action.)

Eighth Contest: 30-Man On The Spot Title Shot Rumble: The features Raven coming out for a promo, the Blue World Order having a reunion. Mario Bokara competing in match after just losing in the previous title match. Dan Maff and Bonesaw also comes out to compete in the match. The final two men are Bonesaw and Maff. Bonesaw heads to the top and hits an elbow drop. Maff nearly tosses Bonesaw over the top but they both end up on the apron trading blows. Bonesaw attempts a German suplex off the apron to the floor. Maff stops him with a low blow and is able to knock Bonesaw to the floor to win the match.

Main Event: Kevin Matthews vs. Brian Myers in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Match: Myers bails to the floor saying that Matthews is crazy for having this match. Matthews grabs Myers on the floor and tosses him into the ring post face first. Matthews dives over the barbed wire and takes Myers out with a somersault dive on the floor. Myers avoids being sent into the barbed wire and Matthews avoids it as well. Myers drop toe holds Matthews face first into the barbed wire and delivers a boot to the face. On the floor, Matthews kicks Myers into the railing. Myers presses Matthews face into the barbed wire a few times. Myers hits a side Russian leg sweep into the railing. Kevin has been busted wide open as Myers continues to scrape the barbed wire against Kevin’s forehead. Myers drives Matthews down with a snap suplex for a near fall. Matthews is able to knock Myers back first into the barbed wire. Matthews tosses Myers into the barbed wire a second time. Matthews hits a back breaker but Myers powers out at two. Matthews takes his shirt off and chokes Myers. Matthews calls for the Ego Driver but Myers counters with a rollup for a two count. Myers dropkicks Matthews into the barbed wire for another near fall.

Matthews hits a Flatliner and the Ego Driver but Myers kicks out at two. Matthews goes under the ring and grabs a ladder. Myers dropkicks the ladder into Matthews knocking him to the floor. Myers drops the ladder over the top onto Matthews on the floor. Myers has a chair and rams the chair onto Kevin’s knee. Myers has some barbed wire in hand but Matthews ends up hitting a piledriver onto a chair that had some barbed wire on it but Myers kicks out at two. Matthews grabs a ladder from the outside but again has it dropkicked into him. Myers rams the ladder into Matthews and over the back. Myers keeps Matthews on the canvas with more ladder shots. Myers wraps the barbed wire around his arm and climbs the ladder in the middle of the ring. Myers leaps off and hits a barbed wire elbow drop but thats only worth a two count. Myers places a piece of wood across the railing and apron. They trade shots in the ring with Matthews getting the advantage. On the floor, Myers rams Matthews into the apron and places him on the piece of wood. Myers climbs the ladder and hits an elbow drop onto Matthews through the wood on the floor! Myers rolls Matthews into the ring and gets a near fall. Myers slaps Matthews saying he is better than him. Matthews sends Myers back first into the barbed wire. Matthews delivers a discus clothesline and wraps the barbed wire around his knees. Matthews hits the Ego Driver across his barbed wire knees and wins the match. (***1/2. This was better than I was expecting since the match can be redundant. They delivered some good action with a mixture of brawling and a couple of high spots thrown in. A good way to end the show.)

Final Thoughts:
A good PWS show and one of the better ones that I’ve watched thus far. Several matches were solid (Hereos/Reynolds, Del/Baretta, and the four way), plus a really good barbed wire match. Plenty of top names and local guys that are impressive and could be something bigger in the future. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Thanks for reading.


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