PWU Exit Sandman 6/23/2006

Written by: Bob Colling

Pro Wrestling Unplugged presents Exit Sandman
Date: 6/23/2006
From: Philadelphia, PA

An opening video promoting the main event of the evening is aired to start the event. The final curtain call for an icon in the Sandman in a building he made famous takes place in a match against the cocky, arrogant and hated Johnny Kashmere. The video highlights their brawls that have happened in the company. The issue is also between Sandman and Tod Gordon, since Gordon has cost Sandman a few matches, it would appear. If Sandman wins the cage match, then he gets Gordon in the cage for five minutes.

Opening Contest: Aramis vs. Detox: Early on, they trade monkey flips and arm drags and Detox goes to the corner to avoid a right hand from Aramis. Detox hammers away on Aramis a few times and rakes the eyes of Aramis. Aramis hits a heel kick and a tilt a whirl back breaker for a near fall. Aramis connects with a vertical suplex for another two count. Detox stops Aramis with a standing dropkick for a two count. Detox power slams Aramis but gets stopped on the top turnbuckle. Detox leaps off the top to hit a head scissors and hammers away on Aramis in the corner. Aramis has Detox on the apron but Detox nails Aramis with a super kick and manages to hit a moonsault off the apron even after losing his footing. Detox counters a power bomb with a rollup and they trade a few pin attempts. Aramis stops Detox with a spinning heel kick. Aramis clotheslines Detox but Detox nearly wins with a crucifix slam. Detox climbs to the top but misses a 450 splash. Detox landed on his feet and Aramis goes for a reverse DDT but a masked man dressed in red and blacked named KJ Hellfire enters the ring and attacks Aramis leading to the match to be thrown out. (**. It was a little bit sloppy, but the effort here was fine and they both look promising if they were given some time to develop.)

Second Contest: PWU Unified Women’s Champion Sumi Sakai vs. Mercedes Martinez: After about five minutes of action, Sakai got the win following a hurricanrana. It was mostly just a showcase for Sakai.

Third Contest: PWU Junior Heavyweight Champion Devon Moore vs. Drew Blood: They have been friends and tag partners in the past, but they are opponents tonight for the gold. They know each other very well, so it’s a slow start and they show respect until Blood slaps Moore. Moore clotheslines Blood over the top to the floor after a monkey flip. Moore hits a dropkick and Blood goes to the floor but is tossed back into the ring. Moore hits a tilt a whirl back breaker causing Blood to go to the floor again. Blood yanks Moore down on the apron making Moore hit his face on the apron. Moore kicks Blood over the railing into the crowd. Moore proceeds to hit a springboard somersault dive off the top onto Blood in the crowd! Blood plants Moore with a sit out slam for a two count. Blood runs into a big boot in the corner but stops Moore by hitting a death valley driver for a near fall. Blood misses a senton splash and his buddy misses a twisting splash as well. Moore misses a splash in the corner and is in a tree of woe. Blood goes shoulder first into the ring post and Moore hits a dropkick on the apron sending Blood into the post again. Blood delivers a high knee in the corner to regain control of the bout.

Blood gets a chair and Moore hits a running clothesline in the corner sending the chair into Blood’s face. Moore goes to the top but Blood tosses the chair into Moore’s face. Moore shoves Drew off the middle rope and hits a frog splash for a near fall. Moore spikes Blood with a piledriver and that’s good enough for a three count. (**. Well, that was an extended squash match it felt like. It also feels like Moore is a favorite to be something important for PWU in the future and Drew Blood was not going to come close to his level.)

John House comes out to the ring and talks about being the General Manager, which is never easy. House brings out Devon Moore, who literally just competed. This is odd placement to have this segment. Apparently, Moore won Rookie of the Year for the promotion, as well. Before Moore can say anything, PWU Heavyweight Champion Trent Acid comes out to confront Moore. Acid is annoyed that a junior champion is getting recognized. Acid says that Moore is below him. Acid threatens the fans he’ll make them suck his dick. Moore gets annoyed and asks why Acid is the same size as him if he is a junior. Acid reminds Moore he is the PWU Heavyweight Champion. This is basically “hey, you’re small”, “well, you’re small too, so you suck!” Devon says he doesn’t need his title and throws it down saying the only one he wants is the one that Acid has. Moore leaves and the fans chant that Acid sucks to end the segment.

Fourth Contest: The Hellaware Assassin vs. Ian Rotten vs. Corporal Robinson: As you might expect, the match is all weapon shots. Rotten wins the match following a middle rope tombstone onto several chairs and pins Robinson after nary eleven minutes of action. If you enjoy just ridiculous hardcore wrestling, well, this is for you.

Fifth Contest: Gary Wolfe, Johnny Hotbody & Pete Hunter vs. Johnny Candido, Nick Berk & Z-Barr vs. Krash Krew & Ron Sarr: This is a mixture of old school guys from ECW and a bunch of young guys from the PWU school or local guys competing. That doesn’t interest you? Hey, it doesn’t interest me either. Krash Krew seems like they are trying to ripoff the Gangstas and failing horribly at it. It’s a quick match and I’d assume just filler for the match. Wolfe puts an arm bar on Candido and gets the submission to win the match. The fans didn’t care for this whatsoever and I don’t blame them at all.

Sixth Contest: PWU Tag Team Champions The SAT vs. All Money Is Legal: Jose and Pusha kick off the tag match with both men getting limited momentum before a standoff. Pusha delivers several arm drags and Murda gets tagged in taking Joel over with a hurricanrana. Jose enters and nails Murda with a spinning heel kick. Joel clotheslines Pusha and the SAT have a double leg lock until Murda hits a double bulldog after leaping off the top rope. AMIL double team Jose with a leg lock/cross face but can’t get a submission. There is no semblance of control as all four men are going at it. Joel hits a top rope Samoan Drop on Murda and leg drops Pusha on the way down. Joel nails Murda with a running big boot in the corner. Joel takes Murda over with a series snap suplexs. Joel puts the Texas Cloverleaf on Murda but Pusha breaks up the submission attempt. Joel locks in the sharpshooter but Pusha breaks up the hold again. Murda leaps off the top to plant Joel with a DDT! Pusha hits a missile dropkick and plants Joel with a tornado DDT. Jose is put in the tree of woe with a chair in front of his face. Joel does the same to Murda in the corner. The other two hit stereo dropkicks to take them out. Pusha takes Joel with a top rope dropkick. Somehow everyone is still competing after the double chair dropkick spot. AMIL hit a running double Muscle Buster on Jose for a two count. Jose super kicks Murda for a near fall.

A table is brought into the ring by AMIL. Murda drives Joel into the corner with a running death valley driver. Jose comes running down with a ladder and kicks Pusha onto the table. Jose climbs the ladder and proceeds to hit a moonsault off the top of the ladder to put Pusha through the table! Jose slams Murda and heads to the top rope but is met with a right hand from Murda. Murda hits a top rope hurricanrana but can’t put Jose away on the cover attempt. Murda goes to the top rope and goes for a swanton but Jose got his knees up and hits a back breaker power bomb managing a near fall! Jose goes to the top sending tribute to Eddie Guerrero as he misses the frog splash. Pusha is back to take Jose out with a kick. Pusha is trapped on the top rope as SAT recover to hit the top rope Spanish Fly for the win! (****. Yeah, this match was off the charts insane and just completely balls to the walls with action. The selling was non-existent, but I really enjoyed the action which this show badly needed to not be a complete snoozer.) After the match, AMIL attacks SAT with a ladder and the crowd voices their displeasure with the thugs.

Seventh Contest: PWU Heavyweight Champion Trent Acid vs. 2 Cold Scorpio: Scorpio gets a microphone and insults Acid lack of penis size, because we all know Scorpio is packing. They stall a little bit to start and both men work over each others arms with wrist locks for a basic start to the title match. Acid is really taking the time to stall and get the crowd to hate him, as if he really needs the heat. Trent dropkicks Scorpio and taunts the crowd instead of following up with the advantage. Acid tries to sneak attack Scorpio but settles for a dropkick and a clothesline for a two count. Scorpio battles back with a forearm shot to drop Acid. Acid stumbles and is met with a super kick, which gets Scorpio a two count on the cover attempt. Scorpio works over Acid in the corner with knee lifts to the midsection. Acid elbows Scorpio and hits a swinging STO for a two count. Acid goes to the floor where he rams Scorpio face first onto a table. Acid hits a springboard moonsault to the outside. Scorpio sends Acid into the railing and big boots Acid over the railing into the crowd. Scorpio tosses Acid into a bunch of chairs and delivers a forearm shot. Scorpio kicks Acid into another railing causing the railing to fall over. Scorpio has a chair as they head back towards ringside.

Scorpio smashes the chair into Acid’s face on the floor. Scorpio continues to work over Acid with a few kicks to the chest. Scorpio nails Acid with a right forearm as well. Scorpio hits a slingshot big splash from the apron into the ring for a near fall. Scorpio tries to keep Acid on the canvas for a three count but isn’t able to accomplish that. Scorpio plants Acid with a back suplex and begins to dance signaling for a splash or dive. Acid crotches Scorpio on the top rope and hits a hurricanrana. Scorpio slides to the floor where Acid hits another slingshot hurricanrana on the outside! Acid gets kicked off the top rope and lands chest first across the guard railing. Scorpio goes under the ring and brings out a table. Scorpio places Acid on the table but Acid gets up and shoves Scorpio off the ropes. Scorpio puts Acid on the table again, but Acid rolls off and walks away. Back in the ring, Scorpio nearly wins following a twisting cross body. Scorpio connects with a middle rope leg drop for another two count. Scorpio continues with another near fall following a back suplex. Acid plants Scorpio with a tornado DDT for near fall. Acid goes to the floor and sets a table up on the floor. Acid places Scorpio on the table and hits a top rope moonsault, but the table doesn’t break.

Acid proceeds to put Scorpio through the table with a DDT. Acid goes for the cover but Scorpio isn’t weak enough and kicks out at two. Acid drops Scorpio with a discus forearm and a yakuza kick but Scorpio kicks out at two. Scorpio kicks the chair into Acid’s face and gets a near fall with his hand on the ropes. Scorpio nails Acid with a kick but only manages a near fall on the cover. Scorpio attempts a power bomb onto two chairs, but Acid counters with a rollup for a two count. Scorpio hits a German suplex but Acid comes back with a near fall after a hurricanrana. Scorpio clotheslines the midsection of Acid to regain control of the match. Scorpio hits a 450 splash and pins Acid to win the championship. (***1/4. It’s an enjoyable match once they got things going. They did a lot of stuff and other things that didn’t work out very well. I thought the action was solid and the crowd was into it for the most part, too.) After the match, Acid and Scorpio shake hands and Scorpio dances with the belt. I was expecting Acid to do something awful like a real heel does, but he doesn’t.

Main Event: Johnny Kashmere vs. The Sandman in a steel cage match: Kashmere stalls to start the match, which is annoying for a grudge steel cage match. I get that he is a coward heel, but come on. Kashmere decks Sandman with a cheap right hand in the corner, which makes it seem like there are actually rules in this cage match. Sandman fights back with a back elbow and controls Kashmere on the mat with a headlock. Sandman tosses Kashmere face first into the cage and drops Johnny with a left hand. Sandman stands on the top rope to play to the fans. Sandman hip tosses and arm drags Kashmere to keep control of the match. Sandman follows up with another back elbow. Sandman scoop slams Kashmere and goes to the apron where he is speared against the cage. Kashmere gets a bucket of thumbtacks into the ring and Sandman whacks Johnny over the head with the bucket. Kashmere misses a second spear hitting the cage shoulder first. There are now legos in the ring to go along with the tacks. Kashmere plants Sandman with a DDT onto the tacks and legos. Kashmere goes to the top of the cage but is stopped by Sandman who power bombs Kashmere off the top of the cage and onto the legos. Sandman is on top of Kashmere and wins the match. After the match, Francine enters the ring and celebrates with Sandman while Kashmere is laid out.

A bloodied Kashmere is rolled out of the cage. Doesn’t this mean Tod Gordon goes in the cage for five minutes? Yeah, it does, Gordon is trying to hide at ringside and makes a run for it but is stopped by officials. Gordon is put in the cage with Sandman. Gordon is begging off and tries to make a run for it but Sandman sends Gordon into the corner. Gordon is trying to climb out of the cage but isn’t succeeding. Francine low blows Sandman and turns on him! Pete Hunter and Gary Wolfe come out to attack Sandman in the cage! Wait, Tod Gordon takes them out with a steel chair. Hunter gets a chair shot over the head by Gordon and Sandman delivers another chair shot. Sandman escapes the cage and pulls Francine into the ring where Gordon spanks her a few times. (*. The cage match was rather dull aside from the finish. The video at the start made this feel like a grudge match and it was going to be fairly even, but instead if was quick and Sandman won rather easily. So, that was a major disappointment. Plus, the turn of Gordon at the end is bizarre since I’m not sure why he’d align with Sandman when Hunter and Wolfe got in there. So, this was just a mess and didn’t seem to have much direction to it.)

Final Thoughts:
It’s a two match show and nothing more. AMIL/SAT and Acid/Scorpio are enjoyable matches while the main event was major disappointment with how it was presented. Everything else is just not good nor is it interesting as it involved local talent that isn’t all that good.

Thanks for reading.

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