2CW Superkicks In The Southern Tier 3/8/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Superkicks In The Southern Tier
Date: 3/8/2015
From: Binghamton, NY

Opening Contest: Dick Justice vs. Guy Sunshine vs. Jasper Whipple vs. Steve McKenzie: Four local talents kick off the show and it’s a comedic start with everyone checking each other for weapons with Guy Sunshine really playing into his homosexual character. Justice uses Whipple to kick Sunshine and McKenzie down at the start. Justice stops all three men from coming at him and YMCA occurs. Sunshine dropkicks Whipple for hitting him in the face during the YMCA and the action continues. Justice catapults Sunshine into a strike from McKenzie. Whipple counters a Death Valley Driver and nearly pins McKenzie. McKenzie plants Whipple with a middle rope backpack driver but Sunshine makes the save. Justice plants Sunshine with a side slam for a two count of his own. Justice jabs Mckenzie who fights back with overhand strikes. Sunshine drives both men gave first into the canvas. Whipple springboards off the top to hit a forearm strike and pins Sunshine. (*1/2. Not much for high energy or excitement for the start of the show as it relied mainly on comedy, which wasn’t very entertaining.)

Second Contest: Pepper Parks vs. Kevin Graham: Graham works over Parks in the corner with strikes and chops. Graham runs into the corner and Parks hits a snap suplex into the turnbuckles. Graham bails to the floor and Parks continues to work over Graham with chops on the outside. Parks plays to the crowd before sending Graham back into the ring where Pepper delivers a bicycle kick in the corner for a two count. Kevin eye rakes Parks and delivers a knee lift sending Pepper to the floor. Graham continues with a vertical suplex but can’t keep Parks down on the cover. Graham gets another two count after a side Russian leg sweep. Graham follows up with a rolling neck snap but Parks kicks out at two. Graham hits a sit out spine buster but doesn’t get a cover attempt. Graham is kicked after coming off the middle rope. Parks drops Kevin with a few right hands and a standing hurricanrana. Parks clotheslines Kevin in the corner but is met with a forearm strike. Parks nearly wins with a sit down power bomb. Parks hits a swinging neck breaker but Graham powers out at two. Graham stops Parks with a jaw breaker and a running knee strike for a near fall. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring until Parks gets a backslide and almost wins the match. Graham crotches Parks on the top rope but Parks fights off and leaps off the top to hit a neck breaker managing to win the match. (**1/4. A decent match between these two. Personally, I’ve never been all that entertained by Parks, but the action here was solid if a little underwhelming.)

Third Contest: Hanson vs. Jason Axe: Hanson uses his size advantage to knock Axe down and delivers a big boot as Axe charges him. Hanson splashes Axe in the corner and hits a running cross body for a two count. Axe bails to the floor and Hanson goes for a suicide dive but is met with a forearm. Axe sends Hanson into the railing chest first a couple of times. Hanson slams Axe onto the apron back first and continues with several overhand strikes. Hanson plays to the crowd before dropping a fist across the chest of Axe. Back in the ring, Hanson works over Axe with several right hands and heads to the top rope. Axe gets to his feet and cuts Hanson off delivering a knee lift to knock Hanson to the floor. On the floor, Axe works over the midsection of Hanson with strikes. Hanson runs into a high knee lift and Axe gets a two count on the cover attempt. Hanson battles back with a few strikes but Axe overwhelms Hanson with punches. Hanson stops Axe with a side slam but on a splash attempt lands on the knees of Axe. Axe sends Hanson chest first into the corner, which gets another two count.

Axe runs into a big boot and Hanson hits a backdrop before delivering a clothesline in the corner. Hanson lays Axe across the middle rope and clubs away on him. Hanson hits a running bronco buster! Hanson attempts a double under hook but Axe powers out only to run into a twisting slam. Hanson misses a spin kick and gets kicked by Axe. Axe with a kick of his own and a jumping double knee gut buster for a near fall. Hanson cartwheels to avoid Axe and hits a clothesline. Hanson goes to the top but misses a moonsault! Axe is up and plants Hanson with a Death Valley Driver for a near win! Hanson front slams Axe and hits a sit down power bomb but Axe manages to get his shoulder up at two. Axe plants Hanson with a fisherman buster and wins the match. (**. Another match with solid yet average action here. Hanson isn’t really known in 2CW since he is mainly a ROH wrestler. So, it’s a good win for Axe, I’d say.)

Fourth Contest: EMT & Pete Order vs. Kage & Rob Cook: The story that will never end. EMT and Pete Order are the henchmen of Bin Hamin who is determined to destroy any lower level talent in 2CW, this time being Kage and Cook. Late in the match, Cook gets splashed in the corner by EMT and that gets a three count while Kage brawled with Hamin on the floor. After the match, Pete Order is attacked by Hamin with a flag shot to the back for some reason. EMT delivers a clothesline too. I don’t believe this ever led to anything, anyway.

Fifth Contest: Brute Van Slyke vs. Joe Gacy: Brute shoulder blocks Gacy knocking him through the middle rope to the floor. Gacy quickly returns and hammers away on Brute with strikes. Gacy gets out of a choke slam and dropkicks Brute to the floor, which was mainly Brute running to the floor. Gacy takes Brute out with a suicide dive on the outside. Brute tosses Gacy into the guard railing and tosses a chair onto Gacy. Gacy chokes Brute on the outside and delivers several strikes, but Brute fights back with one of his own. Brute drops Gacy with a clothesline and chokes Gacy in the corner. Brute tosses Gacy out of the corner with a hip toss. Gacy fights back with strikes but Brute rams Gacy into the corner and chokes Joe with his knee. Brute puts head vice on Gacy, but that doesn’t last very long. Gacy connects with a springboard cross body for a two count. Brute avoids a head scissors in the corner but can’t avoid a handspring ace crusher by Gacy, but Brute doesn’t go down. Gacy with a weak looking German suplex after sending Brute chest first into the ropes and both men are down. Brute hits a vertical suplex on Gacy and is met with a running boot. Gacy nails Brute with a running forearm in the corner. Gacy delivers a bicycle kick, but Brute hits one of his own. Brute nearly wins with a reverse Death Valley Driver. Gacy goes for a Death Valley Driver but Brute counters with a battering ram and a power bomb, but again Gacy kicks out. Gacy clotheslines Brute but Brute nails Gacy with his lariat and wins the match. (**1/2. A mildly enjoyable big man match here with Brute looking kinda strong with Gacy not being able to drop the big man with his offense. I’d say the best undercard match of the night thus far.)

Sixth Contest: 2CW Tag Team Champions Dudley Boys vs. The Young Bucks: Bucks start the match hitting suicide dives to take the champs out on the floor. Matt works over D-Von while Nick battles Bubba on the other side. Bucks clothesline D-Von in the corner a few times. They follow up with a clothesline/kick to the head combo and a double vertical suplex. Bucks hit a springboard splash and a standing moonsault for a two count. Bubba enters but is met with a dropkick. Matt hits a top rope swanton but Bubba powers out at two. Bucks hit super kicks on the champs. Dudley’s counter another second kick by hitting two power bombs. Dudley’s hit the What’s Up on Nick. Bucks attempt another super kick but they are both clotheslined and nearly pinned as the Dudley’s were setting up a table. Bucks almost get a win with a double rollup. Dudley’s collide and are dropped with super kicks. Bucks hit double 450 splashes but can’t get a three count. D-Von gets planted with the Indytaker. Bubba avoids a diving Bucks to the floor and plays to the crowd. The fans want the champs to use a fans fake leg, so naturally they beat the Bucks with it. D-Von covers Nick and almost wins the match. Nick nails D-Von with a super kick and Bubba gets a double super kick, but only staggers. Bubba drops the Bucks with a clothesline. Bubba has a table but the table gets super kicked into his face and the Bucks pin Bubba to win the titles! (**1/2. The crowd atmosphere is excellent, but the action is very, very basic and repetitive. They hit their normal spots, but this didn’t deliver a high quality dream match that many would hope and expect from them.)

Seventh Contest: Guero Loco vs. Isys Ephex: A definition of a filler match. Loco has the early control but a double stomp by Ephex puts an end to that. Ephex delivered another double stomp to the back of Loco for a two count. Ephex slams Loco and taunts the fans. Loco fights back with a series of clotheslines and a head scissors. Loco goes for the 315 but Ephex avoids it and they botch a hurricanrana spot so Ephex hits a sit down power bomb for a two count. Loco gets out of a slam to hit a knee lift and a knee drop for a two count. Loco monkey flips Ephex out of the corner after an arm drag. Ephex rams Loco chest first into the corner and hits a sit out burning hammer but Loco refuses to stay down on the cover attempt. Loco gets tossed off the middle rope and Ephex heads to the top to hit a cross body and has an arm bar submission locked in which gets him a submission victory. (*. This was just there and didn’t hold my interest whatsoever.)

Eighth Contest: Dalton Castle vs. Cheech vs. Colin Delaney vs. Jay Freddie: Cheech and Delaney kick off the match. Cheech takes Delaney down to the canvas and controls the boot for a second before letting go. Delaney wrenches on Cheech’s arm but Cheech gets to the ropes to cause a break. They trade takedowns and pin attempts but neither man gets a three, obviously. Colin kicks Cheech and Castle tags himself in. Freddie decides to tag himself in, as well. They begin to yell at each other until Castle kicks Freddie in the midsection. Freddie fights back with a shoulder block and a monkey flip. Freddie dropkicks Castle and plays to the crowd. Castle stops Freddie with a right hand and Cheech tags himself in as Freddie clotheslines Castle to the floor. Freddie goes for a suicide dive but Cheech delivers a knee strike and a senton splash from the apron for a two count. Cheech works over Freddie but is stopped by a forearm shot. Freddie hits a running uppercut in the corner and a fisherman suplex. Freddie gets chopped several times by Cheech in the corner but turns the tables with a few boots. Cheech power slams Freddie and Castle tags himself in. Castle leaps off the top but misses a diving head butt. Delaney tags in and arm drags Castle followed by chops in the corner. Castle attempts a chop but Delaney avoids it and chops Dalton again.

Delaney goes for a chop but Castle drops to the mat only to be chopped anyway. Castle tosses Delaney over the top to the floor and same goes for Freddie. Cheech enters and is tossed through the ropes to the floor. Castle runs the ropes but plays to the crowd with his taunt. Castle attempts another taunt but Delaney is behind him. Delaney chops Castle and delivers forearm shots. Castle hits a running high knee but Delaney gets on Cheech’s shoulders for a chicken fight. Delaney comes off and arm drags Freddie and head scissors Cheech. Delaney gets caught by Castle who hits an overhead suplex. Castle delivers a knee to the side of Delaney. Cheech enters and chokes Delaney over the bottom rope. Cheech hits a side Russian leg sweep and gets a two count. Cheech spears Delaney in the corner for a two count. Freddie stomps on Delaney in the corner but runs into an elbow. Delaney hits a leaping stunner off the middle rope and tags in Cheech for some reason, who gets a two count. Cheech takes Freddie over with a snap suplex but can’t keep him down long enough. Freddie stops Cheech with a jaw breaker and Castle tags in. Castle gets speared off the apron by Cheech! Freddie takes both men out with a suicide dive! Freddie has a standoff with Delaney and they trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Delaney chops Freddie and Freddie returns the favor with some chops. Delaney with a big boot and both men go down. Cheech tries to pin both men but doesn’t get it.

Cheech drops Delaney with a running big boot and Freddie hits a forearm shot a couple of times. Cheech gets out of a suplex but Freddie counters a GTS by going for a Sharpshooter but Cheech almost wins with a rollup. Cheech is taken down by Freddie on a rollup and is eliminated. Castle comes in and pins Freddie after a German suplex. That leaves Castle and Delaney. Castle hits the German suplex on Delaney but only manages a two count. Delaney takes Castle over with a head scissors but Colin delivers a forearm shot. Castle with a spinning front slam but Delaney kicks out again. Castle works over Delaney with right hands in the corner and puts Delaney on the top rope. Castle gets dropped across the top turnbuckle. Castle shoves Delaney out of the corner. Castle drops Delaney with a German suplex, but it was more of just a drop. Delaney counters with a German of his own and a DDT out of the corner for the three count! (***1/2. A fun match between four very good workers in 2CW. This was exactly what the show needed and helped an undercard that lacked a lot of excitement.)

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Nick Ando vs. Sean Carr in a ladder match: Ando attacks Carr before the bell with strikes and hip tosses Carr out of the corner. Ando goes to the floor and tosses a ladder into the ring. Ando goes to climb the ladder but Carr kicks Ando to the outside. Carr climbs the ladder but Ando tosses a chair at Carr to stop that. Ando drops the ladder onto Carr on the floor, and Carr has been busted wide open. Ando hammers away on Carr with right hands to open the wound up more. Ando drives Carr chest first into the railing and delivers a right hand. Ando tosses Carr into the guard railing back first. Carr battles back with right hands and rams Ando into the apron. Carr nails Ando with a bicycle kick and the crowd is behind the hometown boy. Ando stops Carr with a kick of his own against the railing. Ando tosses a chair into the ring and grabbed a table but decided against using it. Ando tosses Carr into the ring steps instead. Ando slides a ladder into the ring and taunts the fans. Ando knocks Carr down to the floor with a baseball slide. Ando lays the ladder across the apron and railing. Carr counters a suplex attempt and drops Ando gut first over the ladder! Carr leg drops a chair across the back of Ando while on the ladder. Ando is able to recover and slides the ladder into Carr’s face to regain momentum. Ando has gotten a bigger ladder and slides that into the ring as well. Ando sets the ladder up and slowly climbs up but Carr has gotten not he top rope and dropkicks Ando off the ladder down to the canvas!

Carr tries to climb the ladder but Ando gets underneath him and stops his momentum. Carr kicks Ando again and charges towards the champ but Ando stops Carr with a power slam onto the ladder! Ando climbs the top rope and dives off to hit a diving head butt, which came off a little awkward considering the ladder was over the top rope and Carr was quite far away. Ando goes for a chair shot but is met with a couple of super kicks instead. Carr kicks Ando to the floor under the bottom rope. Carr tosses the chair at Ando’s face and kicks Ando on the apron. Carr whacks Ando over the back with a steel chair a few times. They brawl into the crowd where Carr nails Ando with a steel chair. Carr clotheslines Ando over the railing back to the ringside area. Carr hits a somersault dive off the railing onto Ando on the floor! They return to the ring where Ando rams the ladder into Carr’s face. Ando sets a ladder up in the corner where he chops Carr a few times. Carr hammers away on Ando with chops of his own. Carr manages to backdrop Ando onto the ladder in the corner! Carr hits a rolling fireman’s carry and a middle rope moonsault. Carr begins to climb the ladder but Ando stops Carr delivering a clothesline. Ando attempts a slingshot into the ring but Carr whacks Ando in the face with the ladder!

Carr begins to climb the ladder but Ando has gotten to the top rope and takes Carr out with a spear off the ladder! Ando has been busted wide open by this point, as well. Carr knocks Ando off the apron with a super kick. Carr begins to climb the ladder with Ando on the floor and has grabbed the belt! Carr drops the belt and Ando rolls into the ring to grab the championship. The ring announcer announces a new champion, but Ando has the belt.

Ando grabs the microphone and the fans are chanting that this is bullshit. Carr tosses the ladder at Ando and rams the ladder into his midsection. Carr stomps on Ando and pummels him with right hands. Carr works over Ando with several ladder shots. Carr has the fans fake leg and nails Ando right between the eyes with it. Carr goes under the ring and sets up a table in the corner. Carr puts Ando through the table with a somersault splash, but he isn’t done yet. Carr slides another table into the ring and puts Ando onto the table. Carr kicks Ando onto the table and Carr looks at the top of the ladder. Carr climbs the ladder and leaps off to put Ando through the table with a big splash! It’s announced that Ando is still the champion. (****. Okay, so here’s the deal. It’s a really good ladder match and the emotion that was in that building for this moment was incredible. I was there live and I was rooting for Carr big time. This was the moment where Carr should have won the championship. Everyone in that building was wanting to witness the hometown kid win the title from a hated heel in Ando. Instead, there we were given the finish where Ando somehow retained by having possession of the belt while Carr had actually gotten it. Regardless, it’s a fun, brutal and action filled ladder match. The finish just should have been decisive and in favor for Carr.)

Final Thoughts
It’s mostly a two match show with the four way and ladder match saving the show from being a major disappointment. Add in the Dudley Boys/Bucks match for the nostalgia of the Dudley’s on the independents, and it’s an average show. It’s not a top tier show for 2CW, but I’ve watched a lot worse.

Thanks for reading.

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