WWF Smackdown 7/19/2001

411’s WWF Smackdown! Report
July 19, 2001
Taped from BEANTOWN!!!
Your announcers are Cole and JR
Report for 411 by Sean “Beantown” McCluskey

Six Man Tag tonight: Dudz & Tazz Vs Taker, Kane, and Tajiri

Also Angle & Austin Vs Booker T & Rhyno tonight!

Here comes Shane-O Mac to kick off the show. All the WCW cronies are tagging along behind. Now Stephanie, who looks nicely big breasted tonight, Heyman, and ECW head out to accompany Shane & Co. Odd how Shane and Vince can just totally switch places as far as being a face or heel. Shane talks about he and Steph’s investment. Steph has the mic… barf. She asks if we think Freddie Blassie or SCSA could make a difference against them. Blassie got a nicer pop than Austin! Paul says that Vince was the reason his Father died. JR goes off in the middle of Heyman talking, calling him a liar. Heyman says that he wants to bring back wrestling, and wants to take down sports entertainment.

We see Vince watching this in his office. Jericho enters and he wonders if Vince heard what he said to Steph on Raw. Jericho repeats it, and Vince says he’s a little bothered by it. He says you should’ve called her… I can’t remember all of that, somewhere along the lines of a sleazy, dirty, bottom feeding, tramp! HA! The crowd goes nuts! Vince tells Jericho to take care of DDP tonight… “junior”! Vince and Y2J shake hands. Nice segment there.

Commercials… Saw Scary Movie 2 yesterday. I didn’t like it much… Worth seeing once I guess…

For those keeping score at home, Nick Patrick is our ref…
DDP jumps Y2J early and gains control in the corner. Jericho reverses and lands some WOOOOO chops. Now Jericho lands a couple clotheslines, along with a cross body. He stays on for the cover, but DDP kicks out at two. Jericho tries for the Walls, but DDP pokes Jericho in the eye, then follows up with a clothesline. Jericho tries fighting back, but DDP regains leverage with a belly to belly suplex. DDP stays on for a pinfall, but Jericho kicks out. DDP lands a spinning powerbomb, another cover, and Jericho kicks out again. DDP tries for a Diamond Cutter, but Jericho avoids it, and lands a DDT. Now Jericho is rolling, he lands a flying forearm, followed by a bulldog. Y2J covers, but Patrick doesn’t count. Now DDP tries for a quick roll up, and Patrick tries a fast count, but Jericho kicks out. Now Jericho lays out Nick Patrick, and he calls for the ding thing.
Winner by DQ: DDP

Jericho slaps the Walls on Nick Patrick, and DDP heads over and grabs a chair. DDP swings at Jericho and misses. Jericho applies the Walls on DDP. Patrick goes for the chair, but Jericho chases him off. Now Y2J lays out DDP with the chair, and he and Patrick run off.

We see Regal in his office, and Heyman is there with his feet on Regal’s desk. Heyman tries to recruit Regal. Regal has none of it, and chases Heyman out with threats. The crowd gives Regal a nice pop.


Lance Storm w/Mike Awesome Vs Christian w/Edge w/trophy
Lance rips into Boston… bastard! He gets cut off by E&C tunage…
Both men jockey for position, and Christian sends Storm to the outside. Christian follows. Christian chases Storm, and Awesome catches him with a clothesline, and sends him back into the ring to a waiting Storm. Storm yanks Christian up by the hair, and slams him back down. Storm covers for a two count. Christian tries to fight back, and goes for a crucifix, but Storm reverses it, and lands a sweet running powerslam-like maneuver. Storm covers, but Christian kicks out at two. Storm applies a chin lock. Christian fights his way up, and lands a backbreaker. Christian lands a back body drop, then covers, but Storm kicks out at two. Snake eyes by Christian, followed by another pin, and another kickout. Christian goes to the middle rope, and lands a REVERSE tornado DDT! Saweet! He covers, but Awesome pulls Storm out. Edge attacks Awesome. Not Awesome goes into the ring with a chair to take out Christian, but Earl Hebner breaks that up. Meanwhile, Edge comes in and spears the hell outta Storm, and Christian covers up and gets the tre.
Winner: Christian

Sgt. Slaughter tells Vince that Austin has arrived.


Arm wrestling match between Torrie and Trish tonight… Excellent…………….

Tajiri goes nuts over the news that he is teammates with Kane and Taker tonight. Here they come. Regal preps them for his match, and Tajiri acts goofy. The crowd is loving this, as am I. Kane calls him a freak. Good raughs!

Austin comes into Vince’s office. Vince goes for a hug, and Austin stops him. Austin says he’d like some water for now, and some beer for later, and Vince heads out.


The Dudley Boyz & Tazz Vs The Guttytaker w/Sara, Kane, and Tajiri

Huge pop for Tajiri!
We start off with an all out brawl. We clear out, and it’s D-Von and Kane in the ring to start the matchup. Kane has control early with a couple clotheslines. Now the heels all come in and get smoked. Bubba catches Kane and hang him on the ropes. Now Tazz is in, and Kane regains control. Kane tags Tajiri in. Bubba comes in and lands a forward flapjack on Tajiri. Tag into D-Von now, and he continues to work on Tajiri in the corner. Tag into Tazz. Snapmare by Tazz, followed by some punches and a clothesline. Huge overhead suplex by Tazz now. Tajiri dodges a clothesline, and lands a huge kick o Tazz. Tajiri tags in The Undertaker. Undertaker takes everyone out, and all hell breaks loose. Now Tazz locks in the Tazzmission on Tajiri, but Taker comes over and choke slams Tazz. Taker covers and picks up the vic for the WWF.
Winners: Taker, Kane, and Tajiri


Bradshaw w/Faarooq Vs Sean O’Haire w/Chuck Palumbo
I’m such an O’Haire mark…
Bradshaw takes control early. Bradshaw tries for a quick cover, but O’Haire kicks out. Action spills to the outside, and Bradshaw tosses O’Haire into the steel steps. Now he tosses O’Haire back into the ring. Bradshaw goes to the top, and lands a flying shoulder block. Now Palumbo hangs up on the top rope, and O’Haire takes advantage with a powerslam. He tries for a cover, but Bradshaw kicks out. Now O’Haire lands a kick, and tries for another cover, but Bradshaw gets out of it again. Bradshaw retakes control now. Bradshaw lands a fallaway slam, and covers, but O’Haire kicks out at two. Now Palumbo tries to get involved, but Bradshaw takes him out with a boot. O’Haire goes for another kick, but Bradshaw ducks, and follows up with the Clothesline From Hell. He covers for the win.
Winner: Bradshaw

We see coverage from Lita’s autograph session at WWF NY.


Arm Wrestling Match
Trish w/Lita Vs Torrie Wilson w/Stacy

Winner: Torrie

The girls rumble, the refs rumble… eh…

Vince finds out that his divorce settlement is on hold. Vince calls this a night of celebration.


Jeff Hardy & X-Pac Vs Billy Kidman & Rob Van F’n Dam
Everyone still hates X-Pac… good laughs!
Jeff is wearing a hat…
Jeff and Kidman are in to start. Jeff gains control early. Kidman comes back with a powerbomb. Now a tag into RVD, and the crowd goes nuts. Huge “RVD” chant. RVD lands a legdrop on Jeff off the top rope. RVD works on Jeff some more, but Jeff lands a hurricanrana from the top. Tag into X-Pac. X-Pac has control early, but RVD comes back with some nice kicks. RVD follows it up with a flip splash. RVD is looking really sharp. Kidman and Jeff are now in. RVD comes in and Jeff takes him out. Kidman gains control over Jeff now. Now Jeff and X-Pac works together for poetry in motion, then a bronco buster. X-Pac lands the X-Factor on Kidman, then covers, but he isn’t the legal man. Now Jeff goes for the Swanton, but Kidman moves, then RVD lands a splash off the top rope on Jeff. RVD covers, but X-Pac breaks it up. Kidman lands his Pedigree-like maneuver, and gets the vic. That was an excellent match!
Winners: RVD & Kidman

Vince is back with a guitar. He starts singing the Welcome Back Kotter theme! HA!!! That show totally ruled!!! Austin takes the guitar, and bashes it over Vince’s head! Vince is out cold.


Shane, Steph, and paul prep up their 5 main guys. Then we cut to Vince getting iced up. Angle comes in and sees if he’s doing okay. Vince says he’s never felt better in his life.

And thus ends our pointless 5 minutes segment for the night…


Hm… less than 10 minutes for this last match…

5 minutes to be exact…

Kurt Angle & Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Booker T w/Shane & RHYNO w/ Steph & Paul
As soon as Angle enters, Rhyno gores the hell out of him. Here comes the Rattlesnake to a huge pop. AUSTIN CLEANS HOUSE big time. Austin lands a Stunner on Booker T and Rhyno. DDP appears on the Ovaltron, and he has Debra locked into a trunk. The Undertaker tries to make the save. Here comes everyone now, and it’s a huge brawl. DDP escapes, and Austin follows in a limo.
No Contest
Meanwhile, in the ring… Angle has Booker in the Ankle Lock, but The Dudleyz come out. Angle takes them down at first, but Rhyno comes in with a Gore on Angle. Now The Dudleyz break out a table, and land a 3D on Angle into the table. The WCW/ECW boys all celebrate with their owners as we fade…

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