WWF Smackdown 8/9/2001

Smackdown by Sonny de Peso
August 09, 2001
Los Angeles, California

Smackdown starts with Austin and the superstars of the ECW/WCW alliance
talking about the unit coning together and the WWF ain’t strong after all and
Austin says thank you Debra from the top of my heart. Austin says we need to
say together and on Raw is War this past Monday Austin talked about beating
Matt Hardy and I stunned Lita for the Dudleys, Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm and
the ECW/WCW alliance. He also says we need to watch eachothers back and beat
team WWF tonight.

Tazz and Michael Cole are the announcers for Smackdown tonight and are at the
LA Lakers arena.

Angle and the Hardys vs Austin and the Dudleys tonight in the main event on

Match 1. Chris Kanyon and DDP from the ECW/WCW alliance vs APA (c) of the WWF
for the WWF tag titles

APA came out first. What about Kanyon hits the arena and Kanyon came next.
They show the clip of Kanyon and DDP attacking the Undertaker on Raw in DDP’s
dressing room and Kane saving his brother after the attack. DDP came out
last. Bell sounds. Faarooq and DDP start. Chin breaker by DDP and tags Kanyon
but Faarooq reverses Kanyon and delivers a powerslam but Kanyon kicked out at
two. Tag to Bradshaw and Bradshaw hits a fallaway slam from the top rope but
Kanyon kicked out at two. Kanyon reverses and tags DDP. Bradshaw kicked DDP
in the back. Tag to Faarooq. Kanyon grabbed Faarooq’s leg and DDP and Kanyon
double team Faarooq but Faarooq kicked out at two. Spinbuster by Faarooq and
tags Bradshaw. Tag to Kanyon. Bradshaw clotheslines DDP over the top rope and
Test came from the crowd and attacked F. Bradshaw with the clothesline from
hell but Test has the tag belt and delivers it to Bradshaw’s head and Kanyon
covers Bradshaw and DDP and Kanyon are your new WWF TAG CHAMPS with the help
of the newest member of the ECW/WCW alliance.

Winners are: DDP and Kanyon and they are the new WWF tag champions.

The Rock has just arrived to the arena and the crowd goes crazy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is sitting in the front row tfor Smackdown tonight and
gets a great ovation

Match 2. Saturn of the WWF vs Raven w/ Terri of the ECW/WCW alliance
Saturn came out first with his mop. They show a clip of Terri dumpping
Saturn. Raven out last w/ Terri. Bell sounds. Saturn though the second rope
and connects and Raven is down. Suplex by Saturn. Raven reverses and goes to
the top rope and Saturn catches Raven and tosses him into the turnbuckle and
Saturn hits his finishing swinging fisherman suplex for the three count
pinfall. Very fast matchup.

Winner is: Saturn of the WWF

After the match, Terri took the mop and Saturn was searching all over for his

Test, DDP and Kanyon talk about the APA and Test says that the APA got what
the deserve and they says lets go party and Regal walked up to them and made
a match for SummerSlam and it will be DDP and Kanyon vs Undertaker and Kane
in a steel cage tag match.

David Arquette is in the crowd also tonight for Smackdown.

Molly and Spike are talking with William Regal and X Pac walks in and says
what the hell is your problem letting Tajiri get away with green misting me
on Raw this past Monday and challenges Regal and Tajiri to a fight on
Smackdown vs himself and his former partner of X- Factor Albert but Spike
said I know how tired you are Regal so i will tag with Tajiri tonight on
Smackdown vs X Pac and Albert.

Match 3. Edge of the WWF vs Rob Van Dam (c) of the ECW/WCW alliance for the
WWF Hardcore title

Edge came out first. RVD out last. Bell sounds. Tie up and Edge with a side
headlock. Suplex by Edge. RVD tosses Edge over the top rope and RVD over the
top rope and connects. They are fighting in the crowd and RVD gets a two
count. Edge picked up RVD and smashed his midsection on the baricades. Edge
was about to throw RVD into the ladder but RVD reverses with a spinning back
kick but gets a two count. Edge jumps on the ladder and the ladder falls on
RVD but RVD kicked out. Lance Storm came out and grabbed the rope and Edge
falls to the floor. Storm into the ring but Edge connects with a sidekick
and clotheslines RVD. Edge with a spear on Storm and Edge is about to hit his
finisher but Storm superkicked Edge. Storm and RVD did the Edge and Christian
move the conchairto and RVD hit his 5 star frog splash off the top rope for
the three count victory to retian the WWF hardcore title.

Winner is: RVD with the help of Lance Storm of the ECW/WCW alliance to retain
his WWF hardcore title

JVC boombox of the week is Tajiri winning the WWF Lightheavyweight title.

Debra and Austin are talking and O’Haire and Palumbo walk in and tell Austin
they want to be leaders and want to be like Austin.

Match 4. Spike and Tajiri vs X Pac and Albert all from the WWF
Spike w/ Molly cam out first. Tajiri came out next to a great ovation. X
Factor music hits the arena and the crowd boooos and X Pac and Albert came
out last. Bell sounds. X Pac and Tajiri start. Tajiri kicked Albert in the
face and X Pac attacked Tajiri from behind. Tajiri reverses and tags Spike.
Headscissors by Spike. Albert from behind and grabbed Spike and Albert
through Spike to the outisde. Verticle suplex by X Pac. Tag to Albert. Albert
is kicking Spike and says ” fight back, fight back”. Albert tosses Spike over
to the other side of the ring and is trash talking. tag to X Pac but Spike
kicked out at 2. Tag back to Albert and kicked Spike in the ribs.
Unbeliveable should black by Albert to Spike. Tag to Tajiri and is attacking
both members of the X Factor. Double dropkick by Spike and Tajiri to Albert.
Molly slapped X Pac and Spike attacked X Pac. Tajiri is kicking both X Pac
and Albert. Albert caught Tajiri and delivered his finishing move the Baldo
Bomb for the three count victory for the former members of the X Factor.

Winners are: X Pac and Albert

Saturn is in Regal’s office and is calling for moppy and Regal said go ask
Terri where the mop is and Saturn said ” You’re Welcome. O’Haire and Palumbo
came into Regals office and said they want to fight tonight against any WWF
tag team here tonight on Smackdown and Regal said ok.

Boom!! Bookers music hits the arena and Booker T. and Shane McMahon out to
the ring. Shane has a mic and says take a look at this crowd and I can tell
by looking at each and every eye and can tell that no one here has every been
in a fight. He also says it doesn’t matter who wins a street fight and is
matters who walks away standing up and it was not the great one the Rock. The
fans are calling the Rock’s name and Shane says I here the fans calling the
Rocks name and lets take a look at what happened to the Rock and they show
the attack by Booker and Shane from Raw and Shane says it matter who walks
away and it was Booker and myself.

Booker has the mic and says great question Shane and says the sucka is who
got his ass kicked last night and it not the five time WCW champion and the
sucka is and is scared and jealous of Booker T, and the sucka is the Rock. He
also says all you have to do is accept my challenge for SummerSlam and the
first move will be the axe kick, then the spinaroney.

If you smell what the Rock is cookin and the Rock came out to the top of the
ramp and has a mic. Rocky Rocky chant starts. He says Finally the Rock has
come back to Los Angeles. He says you want to go one on one with the great
one with the Rock at SummerSlam and you will go one on one with the Rock at
SummerSlam and he also says who came up with the spinaroney and the Rock has
the sharpshooter, Rock Bottom, and the People’s elbow and the Rock starts
making fun of Booker. He says you can come anywhere you want where I am and
the Rock says hell with SummerSlam and says lets go at it right now.

Booker says you can walk down the peoples ramp and the peoples ring and face
me and Shane to a fight right now and the Rock says let me think for a second
but the Rock drops the mic and ran down to the ring. Booker and Shane attack
the Rock. Shane is kicking the Rock in the corner. Spinning kick to the face
by Booker to the Rock. Booker is punching the Rock in the face but the Rock
is up and delivers a spinbuster on Booker on the chair. Shane from behind and
the Rock tosses Shane over the top rope. Shane is in the crowd and the Rock
brought back Shane and clotheslines him over the baricade to the floor. Rock
has Shane setup for the Rock Bottom and the Rock delivers the Rock Bottom to
Shane though the announces table and the Rock’s music hits the arena “If you
Smell What the Rock is Cookin”.

Saturn is shown again and is looking for his moppy and Terri walks in and
says you want the mop you dumpped me for and Terri walks away and Saturn is
looking in a pile of mess and says moopy.

Match 5. Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire of the ECW/WCW alliance vs Undertaker
and Kane of th WWF

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire came out first. BOOM!! KANE AND UNDERTAKER out
last w/ Sara. O’Haire and Palumbo ran out of the ring. Bell sounds. Palumbo
and Kane start. KIane is punching Palumbo in the corner. Clothesline by Kane..
Palumbo is attacking Kane. O Haire tags in. Kane with a back bodydrop. Tag to
Undertaker. Undertaker is working on O’Haire’s arm and Undertaker to the top
rope and walks the rope and hits his old school chop to O’Haire arm. To the
outside. O’Haire grabs a chair and delivers it to Undertakers back. Palumbo
whips Taker to the ropes but Undertker reverses and hits a ddt and tags Kane..
Kane to the top and delivers a flying clothesline. Kane whips O’Haire and
hits another clothesline. Kane with a sideslam. Palumbo and O’Haire into the
ring and they are about to deliver a double verticle suplex but Kane and
Undertaker deliver adouble clothesline for the three count victory and Kane
and Undertaker are the new WCW TAG CHAMPIONS.

Winners are: Kane and Undertaker w/ Sara and they are the new WCW TAG CHAMPS..

WWF RC Cola Rewind of the week is Jericho smashing a pie Stephanie McMahon’s
face on Raw is War this past Monday.

Stephanie is shown and Hugh Morrus and Hugh says he will make Jericho pay for
what he did to you on Raw.

Match 6. Chris Jericho of the WWF vs Hugh Morrus of the ECW/WCW alliance
BOOM!! Countdown and Chris Jericho came out. Morrus came out last. Bell
sounds. Morrus into the ring and Morrus is punching Jericho in the back.
Morrus whips Jericho but Jericho delivers great chops to Morrus’s chest.
Bulldog by Jericho but Morrus with a double knee block. Jericho reverses and
has the Walls of Jericho on Morrus and Morrus taps out to a very fast matchup.

After the match, Rhyno came out and GORED Jericho. Rhyno is kicking Jericho
and Rhyno backs up and GORED Jericho through the Smackdown set.

Winner is: Chris Jericho of the WWF.

Rhyno is shown and Stephanie ran up to him and is happy and says it was
perfectly. Rhyno says he wants to finish him at SummerSlam and Stephanie says
its a great idea.

Saturn called the cops and Saturn gave them the pcture of the mop and the
cops told Saturn not to call then back unless its a person who is missing.

Hardcore Smack of the Night is Austin beating Matt Hardy and Austin stunning

Match 7. Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Dudleys of the ECW/WCW alliance vs
Kurt Angle and the Hardys of the WWF and this is a elimination match

BOOM!! Dudleys came out first. Then Austin came out. Matt and Jeff Hardy out
next. Angle’s music hits the arena. BOOM!! Angle came out last. Bell sounds.
Matt and Austin start. Tie up. Side headlock by Austin to Matt. Angle into
the ring but the ref stopped him and the Dudleys double team Matt. Tag to D
Von. Matt reverses and hits a swingging neck breaker. Tag to Jeff but Buh Buh
with a clothesline to Jeff but Jeff kicked out at two. Tag back to D Von.
Flapjack by the Dudleys on Jeff but Jeff kicked out. Tag back to Buh Buh and
Buh Buh with a unbeliveable chop to jeff’s chest. Jeff reverses and knocked
down Buh Buh Ray. Tag to Angle. Angle with the ankle lock and D Von tgs out
and D Von is out of the match.Matt is punching Buh Buh and is kicking him in
the corner. Matt with a clothesline to Buh Buh but Matt only got a two count..
Buh Buh reverses with a Bubba bomb for the three count pinfall and Matt is
out of this match. COMMERCIAL NOOOO. Back and Buh Buh came of the top rope
and missed. Jeff with a swanton bomb off the top rope but Austin pulled the
ref out of the ring. Austin stunner Jeff and Buh Buh pinned Jeff and Jeff is
out of the match Austin is choking Angle and also hit a verticle suplex but
Angle kicked out of the pinfall. Austin has a chin lock on Angle but Amgle is
fighting back but Austin hit the jumping move and is punching Angle in the
head. Spinbuster by Austin but Angle kicked out. Austin has the bostoncrab on
Angle but Angle escapes and Austin tags Buh Buh. Angle is punching Buh uh in
the back but Buh Buh counters and both are down on the mat. Right hands by
Angle and Austin into the ring and Angle attacks Austin. Angle delivers a
Angle Slam on Buh Buh and covers Buh Buh for the three count and Buh Buh is
out of the match. Angle has the ankle lock on Austin but D Von is back in the
ring and has a chair. Austin has the chair in Angles ankle and Austin did the
jump of the trunbuckle and landed on Angles ankle. Matt and Jeff came form
the back and they clean house and they are taking Angle to the back and
Austin is trashing talking Angle and Angle is at the top of the ramp and
Austin knocked Angle of the gurny and is kicking Angle. Austin is looking at
the crowd and Angle knocked Austin down and has the ankle lock on Austin.
Matt and Jeff and the Dudleys are fighting down the ramp and Buh Buh came to
the top and made Angle brake the hold.

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