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ECW House Show 12/15/2000

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling House Show
From: Queens, NY

Opening Contest: Mike Bell vs. Chilly Willy: Bell is probably best known for being a WWF jobber and for appearing in the Bigger, Stronger, Faster documentary that is nicely done. Bell goes right after Willy with right hands during his entrance. Bell drops Willy with a kick after Willy caught his first kick attempt. Bell tosses Willy with a fall away slam that he bridged into a near fall. Willy nails Bell with a leaping butt splash to the face. Willy plants Bell with a sit out suplex and wins the match in quick fashion.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner come out for the TV opening. Here comes Joey Matthews and Christian York. Matthews has his arm in a sling so he’ll be out of action for the show. They get cut off by Simon Diamond, Johnny Swinger, CW Anderson and Dawn Marie rather quickly. York says that Marie’s only problem is that she sucks too much dick. The fans turn on York by chanting “just like you!” Diamond didn’t want to cause any problems so York and Matthews attack. York ends up eating the Problem Solver. Tommy Dreamer runs in and CW Anderson plants Dreamer with a spine buster! The Dudley Boys come into the ring and make the save. Dreamer has Marie but he gives her to the Dudley Boys so that they can do the What’s Up. The fans are welcoming the Dudley Boys back into ECW for one night only. Bubba gets a microphone and calls them faggots. Dudley Boys issue a challenge for a six man street fight with falls counting anywhere in the building. The match is agreed to for later tonight. I’m fairly certain the camera zooms into Billy Corgen sitting with a hood up right next to the entrance way.

Second Contest: Belvis Wesley vs. Michael Shane: This is the same Michael Shane would go on to compete in ROH and TNA. Wesley forearms Shane in the corner but they botch an exchange in the corner. Shane gets a sunset flip and gets a two count. Shane head scissors Wesley and hits a dropkick before arm dragging Wesley to keep control. The fans don’t care that Shane is related to Shawn Michaels. Shane gets tripped by Prodigy and Wesley hit a tilt a whirl side slam for a near fall. Wesley takes Shane down with a drop toe hold and locks in an Indian death lock but doesn’t get a submission. Prodigy enters to double team Shane with an elevated stunner but they can’t get a three count. Wesley slams Shane and goes to the top but Shane stops Wesley with right hands. Shane takes Wesley over with a superplex. They begin to trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Shane backdrops Wesley and drops Wesley across his knee. Shane continues with a DDT but only got a near fall. Wesley nails Shane with a super kick and almost got a three count. Shane gets a two count with a northern lights suplex. Shane knocks Wesley’s entourage off the apron and Wesley nearly wins with a Rock Bottom. Shane punches Wesley off the middle rope and leaps off to hit a midair X-Factor for the win. (*3/4. A decent effort but the fans didn’t really care for the action and didn’t care that Shane is related to the Heartbreak Kid. I could see that getting good heat for Shane had ECW survived long enough. A good finish to an underwhelming match.)

Third Contest: Balls Mahoney & Nova vs. EZ Money & Julio Dinero: Nova and Money kick off the match with Nova backing Money into a corner but backing away cleanly. Nova and Money trade snap mares until Nova arm drags Money. Nova and Money trade near falls and have a standoff. Nova elbow drops Money and tags in Mahoney but Dinero tags in as well. Mahoney has his steel chair with him but Dinero isn’t about to deal with that. Dinero leg sweeps Mahoney but Balls quickly comes back with jabs to knock Julio down. Balls slams Dinero and goes to the top rope hitting a frog splash for a near fall. Dinero tries to tag out to Money but is stopped as Nova gets tagged in and hit a top rope clothesline. Money comes in anyway and sends Nova into the ropes where Nova yanks Dinero down onto the apron. Balls knocks Money to the floor with a super kick. Nova takes them out with a cross body off the top to the floor. Nova runs into a kick but Money connects with a somersault clothesline to get a two count on Nova. Money plants Nova with a suplex for a two count. Dinero kicks Nova to the floor. Dinero takes Nova out with a cross body to the floor. Dinero continues his offense in the ring with a swinging neck breaker. Money and Dinero double team slam Nova with a wheelbarrow slam for a two count.

Money hammers away on Nova in the corner but runs into a big boot. Nova goes for a tornado DDT but Money counters and hit an inside out vertical suplex. Money swivels his hips and hit a standing moonsault for a near fall on Nova. Nova plants Money with a modified Fame Asser. Mahoney gets the hot tag as does Dinero. Mahoney takes them out with clotheslines. Mahoney decks Dinero into a corner with more right hands. Mahoney pummels Dinero with right hands in the corner. Money grabs Balls putting him on his shoulders allowing Dinero to hit a clothesline and nearly wins the match. Money gets crotched on the top when Balls puts Dinero into Money. Nova hit a middle rope flatliner on Money! Dinero gets caught with a power bomb/neck breaker combo but Electra breaks up the pin and is decked by Nova. Money kicks Nova and gets the pin! (**3/4. I enjoyed this one more than I was expecting as there was some solid action with Nova showcasing his highflying skills. It’s a good win for Money and Dinero, as well.)

Fourth Contest: Christian York vs. Jerry Lynn: Early on, Lynn takes York down with a fireman’s carry. That fans are pissed at Lynn for selling out associating himself with Cyrus. Lynn refutes them asking where they were when he was kicking RVD’s ass. Lynn arm drags York a few times and York comes back with a hip toss. They counter each other rather well and it’s a standoff. Lynn slaps York and continues with right hands but York hit a springboard cross body. Lynn head scissors York and monkey flips York but York lands on his feet. Lynn backdrops York to the apron where York decks Lynn but is held by Cyrus and Lynn leg drops York across the middle rope. Lynn drives York down with a back breaker. Lynn is sent into the corner chest first but stops York catapulting him into the corner but York recovered to nail Lynn with a springboard leg drop. Lynn counters a wheelbarrow by dropping down and nearly pins York. Lynn runs into a big boot in the corner and York comes back with a running wheelbarrow bulldog. York hit a springboard back elbow. York continues with a neck breaker but Lynn kicks out at two. York goes to the top but Lynn stops York only for York to hit a power bomb for a near fall. Lynn plants York with a sit down power bomb for a two count. York plants Lynn with a sit out reverse neck breaker. Cyrus gets on the apron to distract the referee. Lynn takes advantage to hit the cradle piledriver to win the match. (**1/4. An average match that saw both men perform fairly well and York had some fine moves that allowed him to hold his own in the match. Lynn was getting some solid heat from the crowd, too.)

Fifth Contest: Kid Kash vs. Justin Credible: I don’t know if this normally the case, but Credible is getting some decent babyface reaction from the crowd. They counter each other early until Kash dropkicks Credible to the floor and takes him out with a slingshot cross body. Kash flips off Credible and gets hammered for it. Kash takes Credible over with a springboard sunset flip. They completely botch a tilt a whirl and the fans let them hear it. Credible gets sent into the corner and Kash hit a bulldog for a two count. Kash is holding his ribs making it seem like he might have cracked his ribs. Credible controls Kash with a sleeper hold. Kash hit a pedigree but there isn’t a referee for the count. Credible spikes Kash with That’s Incredible and wins the match. (*. Well, this had to have been cut short because Kash seemed to suffer a legitimate rib injury. Had that happen the match would have been solid, I’m sure.) After the match, Credible flips out on Francine. He threatens to drop Francine on her head if he didn’t know any better. The fans are chanting for her to suck Credible’s dick. Francine is crying and Credible apologizes for how he’s treating her. Credible leaves the ring and nothing occurs. A female in the crowd shows her tits after he husband basically just shrugged and said do it.

Sixth Contest: ECW Tag Team Champions Danny Doring & Roadkill vs. Angel & DeVito: Doring and DeVito start the title match with Doring dropping DeVito with a few clotheslines and a super kick. Angel tags in wants a piece of Roadkill. Angel works over Roadkill with strikes but Roadkill comes back with a side slam. Roadkill power slams Angel and tags in Doring who hit a top rope elbow drop. DeVito gets met with a Hart Attack and Roadkill assists Doring on a leg drop for a two count. Doring dumps DeVito to the floor and works over Angel with right hands. Angel plants Doring with a full nelson slam. Doring is trapped in a double Boston Crab but Roadkill helps his partner out. DeVito keeps control on Doring with a snap mare and a sit out front suplex for a two count. Doring rolls DeVito up out of the corner for a two count. Angel jabs Doring several times in the corner but misses a splash. Doring drives Angel down with a jaw breaker and tags in Roadkill. Roadkill runs over the challengers with clotheslines and a side slam for DeVito. Roadkill plants Angel with an ace crusher. Roadkill accidentally splashes the referee in the corner. DeVito side slams Doring and here comes Danny Daniels, the crooked referee. Roadkill is met with a double flapjack. Angel gets a chair as does DeVito. The chairs are setup in the ring and Roadkill gets chokeslammed through the two chairs. The crooked referee is about to count but here comes TAZ! The crowd loses their minds with Taz appearing. Taz chokes out the referee. Roadkill takes advantage of the distraction to hit a double clothesline off the top and Doring nails DeVito with a top rope leg drop for the win. (**. The surprise of Taz was cool, but I’ve never really liked the Baldies and this title defense wasn’t something I was overly interested in seeing.) After the match, Taz puts over Doring and Roadkill, who he had trained a few years ago.

Seventh Contest: ECW Television Champion Rhino vs. Spike Dudley: Spike arm drags Rhino at the start and keeps Rhino on the mat with a headlock. Rhino works over Spike with strikes in the corner but misses a splash and Spike almost wins with a rollup. Spike walks the ropes to take Rhino down again with a headlock. Rhino shoulder blocks Spike and gets a two count. Rhino drives Spike down with a vertical suplex but misses a falling head butt. Spike connects with a neck breaker three times. Rhino kicks out and Spike is tossed to the floor. Rhino presses Spike face first into the guard railing while a fan has been kicked out and the fans are focused on that. Rhino sends Spike into the guard railing and ring steps. Rhino sends Spike into the guard railing. Rhino press slams Spike into the ring and works over Spike with stomps. Rhino gores Spike in the corner and Spike is bleeding from the nose likely from being tossed to the floor earlier. Rhino is teasing that he will toss Spike over the top into the crowd. Spike gets out of a press slam and Spike went for the Acid Drop. Rhino countered and hit the GORE for a near fall. Rhino press slams Rhino into the crowd! Spike landed on fans but they don’t do the crowd surfing spot from years prior. Spike uses a chair on Rhino and whacks Rhino with a drink over the head. Spike plays to the crowd and jumps off the stage to axe handle Rhino. Spike smashes Rhino with a chair in the crowd. Spike rammed Rhino into the railing back at ringside and used a chair again. Spike goes for the Acid Drop on the apron, but Rhino counters and drives Spike off the apron through a table with a piledriver! Rhino covers only for Spike to kick out. Rhino hit another piledriver and that’s good enough for a three. (***. It’s a fine brawl and the piledriver through the table off the apron is always a sick spot and a great spot for a guy like Rhino. I did fell that perhaps Spike got too much offense in on Rhino, but it was a solid outing.)

Eighth Contest: Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke vs. Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck: Mamaluke and Whipwreck kick off the match. Mamaluke backs Whipwreck into a corner and they try to get some momentum but a forced apart by the referee. Whipwreck head scissors Mamaluke down to the canvas and Mamaluke controls Mikey with a headlock. Mikey trips Mamaluke and hit a back breaker before tagging in Tajiri who hit a rolling neck snap and Mikey hit a wheelbarrow slam allowing Tajiri to dropkick Mamaluke. Guido enters to try his luck and arm drag Tajiri. Guido takes Tajiri over with a side Russian leg sweep but they have a standoff moments later. Tajiri kicks Guido off the apron to the floor. Tajiri has a Boston Crab on Guido and Whipwreck leg drops a chair across the head of Guido over the bottom rope. Whipwreck puts Guido in the tree of woe, as is Mamaluke. Tajiri nails Guido with a baseball slide dropkick to knock Guido out. Sinister Minister enters to put a claw hold on Mamaluke’s groin! Mikey puts an Indian death lock on Mamaluke. Tajiri gets tagged in and ties up Mamaluke with a submission but Guido quickly comes in to save his partner. Tajiri holds Guido to allow Whipwreck to hit a dropkick. Mamaluke gets kicked by Tajiri in the corner, as well. Mikey hammers away on Mamaluke in the corner but Tony counters with a swinging neck breaker. Guido hit a slingshot leg drop and Big Sal gets some cheap shots on Mikey on the apron. Guido attempts a cover but Mikey kicks out at two. Guido clotheslines Mikey to maintain control of the match.

Mamaluke gets tagged in and takes Whipwreck over with a snap suplex and a northern lights suplex for a two count. Mikey gets double teamed with a back suplex and the FBI work over Whipwreck’s legs. Guido drives Whipwreck face first into the canvas to counter a head scissors. Mamaluke takes Whipwreck down with an arm bar. Whipwreck counters a double back suplex and hit a double stunner! Mamaluke and Guido accidentally clothesline each other and Tajiri kicks Guido. Tajiri pummels Mamaluke with a flurry of strikes and kicks and dropkicks Guido’s legs. Tajiri and Whipwreck roll forward with Guido’s legs trapped to slam him to the canvas. Tony backdrops Whipwreck tot he apron. Guido plants Tajiri with a double under hook face buster and Mamaluke gets the pin, though the referee counted as if he wasn’t sure that was the finish. (***. A solid tag match between two teams that have excellent chemistry. Tajiri would have been a bigger name had ECW stuck around and would easily been the top champion at some point, in my opinion.)

Ninth Contest: ECW World Champion Steve Corino vs. The Sandman in a last man standing match: They start off the match trading punches and they both go down at the same time. Sandman works over Corino with strikes in the corner but Corino came back with one of his own but Sandman ran over Corino with a clothesline. Sandman drives Corino down with a delayed vertical suplex. Corino is busted open already as he sends Sandman hard into the corner back first. Corino uses a hammer on Sandman. Corino takes his cowboy boot off to deck Sandman over the head with it. Sandman tosses Corino to the floor where Corino landed on a table at ringside. Sandman slams the table on Corino. Sandman goes backstage to get a ladder and tosses Corino into the ring. Corino nails Sandman with a super kick in the ring. Corino drops a ladder across the back of Sandman. Sandman tosses Corino over the railing and into the crowd. Sandman puts Corino across the railing and leg drops a chair across the back of the champ! Sandman sends Corino back first into a ladder setup in the corner. Corino super kicks Sandman and puts the ladder across Sandman’s head. Corino whacks the ladder with a steel chair. A guard railing has been brought into the ring as Sandman rams Corino into the ladder face first. Sandman drops Corino across the ladder with a suplex. Corino works over Sandman with strikes and goes to the top rope. Sandman stops Corino and superplexs Corino onto the guard railing! Corino hit the Old School Expulsion onto the railing! The referee says that the first man to get up will win the championship since neither man got up before ten the first time. Corino has the referee distracted and allows Jack Victory to deck Sandman and Corino retain the title. After the match, Justin Credible entered and decked Corino with the championship. (**1/4. Hardly a classic encounter but there was a few good spots. The finish was rather predictable.)

Before the main event, Bubba Dudley literally goes to the upper deck and confronts a fan who had a sign that says he sucks. The fan rips up the sign and the Dudley Boys taunt him for stepping down so quickly. I honestly felt bad for the fan who seemed to be really uncomfortable and nervous simply for having fun.

Main Event: The Dudley Boys & Tommy Dreamer vs. CW Anderson, Johnny Swinger & Simon Diamond: Anderson and Bubba slap each other and Anderson gets the advantage working over Bubba in the corner with strikes. Bubba elbows Anderson but Anderson still hit a back suplex for a near fall. Bubba boots CW in the corner and hit a Samoan Drop for a near fall of his own. D-Von tags in and clotheslines Anderson. Swinger tags himself in and goes after D-Von hitting a side Russian leg sweep and a flurry of right hands. D-Von drops Swinger with a leaping shoulder block and a twisting elbow shot. Dreamer tags in as does Diamond. Diamond hammers away on Dreamer to start but misses a clothesline. Dreamer jabs Diamond and drops him with a right hand. Dreamer follows up with a knee drop and taunts like he is Dusty Rhodes. Swinger enters and Dreamer hit a running bulldog. Dreamer is going for the Worm, but it’s awful and delivered a forearm shot. CW decks Dreamer from behind but is splashed by Tommy. Dreamer has CW and Swinger in the corner and Tommy proceeds to do the stink face! Joel Gertner is given sunglasses as is Dreamer. They proceed to dance like they are Too Cool with the towel boy. Oh lord, Tommy shows his butt again. Bubba dances, too.

Back to actual action, Anderson works over Dreamer with shoulder rams in the corner. Diamond tags in and continues to stomp on Dreamer in the corner. Diamond clotheslines Dreamer and tags in Swinger as they hit a double backdrop fro a near fall. Anderson drives Dreamer down by his arm and stomps on Tommy some more. Diamond takes Dreamer over with a couple of snap suplexs. Dreamer counters with a Death Valley Driver and tags in Bubba. Bubba backdrops Swinger and clotheslines Diamond followed by an ace crusher on Anderson. The match spills out to the floor as any kind of order is tossed out at this point. Bubba grabs the towel boy and tosses him over the top and into the crowd to take everyone out! D-Von works over Diamond on the floor with punches while Bubba whacked Anderson with a steel chair. Bubba has a knife and slices Anderson’s forehead. Bubba licks the knife in a sickening manner. Swinger nearly tosses Dreamer over the upper deck railing. Bubba whacks Anderson on the groin with the knife. Anderson stops Bubba on the top with a right hand but Bubba hit a middle rope power bomb for a near fall. Swinger clotheslines Bubba but gets stopped on the top by Bubba allowing D-Von to hit a top rope clothesline. Dawn Marie breaks up the pin attempt to save the match for her team.

Joel Gertner gets involved putting his chest in Dawn’s face in the corner. Bubba slams Diamond and hit the What’s Up. Dudley Boys go to the floor and slide a table into the ring. Dawn Marie is put through the table with a middle rope power bomb! Diamond enters and quickly eats a 3D allowing Dreamer to get the pin. (**1/4. This felt more like a segment of comedy than a heated brawl between two teams that disliked each other. An average match that could have been delivered so much better had they not gone the comedy route, but I get why they did it.)

Paul Heyman comes out and confirms Kid Kash broke ribs and that’s why the match was cut short. He is out there putting over various talents such as CW Anderson and Tommy Dreamer. He also puts over his production team that stuck with him for six years. Heyman thanks the Dudley Boys for competing in ECW on a night off.

Final Thoughts:
I’ve seen a lot worse ECW house shows. The Elks Lodge fans are always vocal and that helps the viewing. There isn’t one standout match but there is enough decent action here that made it feel like a worthwhile show.

Thanks for reading.

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