SMW TV 2/18/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

: 2/18/1995
From: Lenoir, NC

1.) Boo Bradley defeated The Wolfman to win the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship
2.) D’Lo Brown defeated The Wolfman
3.) Al Snow defeated George South
4.) Scott Armstrong & Tracy Smothers defeated The Masked Infernos

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) What the heck, SMW has a new TV opening and it features some upbeat music and new updated guys in the opening video. That was much needed. I hope it’s there for the remainder of the series.

2.) Last weeks match between Unabomb and Robert Gibson is aired. Unabomb controlled Gibson with a back breaker and slammed Gibson to the mat by his throat. Unabomb came off the ropes and missed a leg drop. Gibson fights back with a clothesline but gets tripped by Eddie Gilbert from the floor. Ricky Morton enters with a chair and hits Unabomb a few times, but he doesn’t sell them.

3.) SMW Tag Team Champions Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson are interviewed, but we hear that Eddie Gilbert has been fired from the company due to not paying a fine and a confrontation with an official. Morton says that Gilbert took the easy way out to get away from them. Morton doesn’t care who Unabomb gets as a new partner because they are going to prevail regardless.

4.) Hell, the ring looks like it got upgraded as well and the lighting looks good, too. Bradley won the vacant SMW Beat The Champ TV Championship after a top rope splash.

5.) Chris Candido is interviewed regarding his match with Boo Bradley, which will be a dog collar match. Candido doesn’t want to be chained to a retard like Bradley. If he can’t beat Boo then he might as well leave SMW. Jim Ross really presses the issue that if Candido loses he should actually leave the company then. Candido says he’ll do it if Bradley agrees, but he knows that Bradley won’t do it.

6.) Dirty White Boy cuts a promo on a ranch with a horse. White Boy says he has Jerry Lawler in a return match and then hopefully will get his hands on Buddy Landell. He considers Lawler to be a yankee. He’s coming to get his championship back and rip Buddy’s head off.

7.) Buddy Landell is interviewed in the ring regarding his match with Dirty White Boy. Landell says it’s a prematch celebration. His agent has six women in a limo waiting for him thanks to his agent. Buddy takes credit for Jerry Lawler to win the SMW Heavyweight Championship. Buddy notes that he beat Dirty White Boy twice and has pinned Tracy Smothers, too. Buddy doesn’t care who wins because he’ll beat either White Boy or Lawler. Buddy insults Dirty White Boy calling her a horse saying she’s been ridden by more cowboys and calls her a mule. That causes Dirty White Boy to come out and hangs Landell over his back by his tie. White Boy rips off Landell’s clothing leaving Landell wearing just his underwear!

8.) The Gangstas are interviewed by Jim Ross regarding Jim Cornette. New Jack says Cornette is as stupid as the rest of the rednecks in SMW. Jack doesn’t care who Cornette gets to be a referee because they’ll going to kick some butt next weekend.

9.) This is the debut of “Simply Sensational” Al Snow in SMW. Snow wins his debut following a springboard big splash.

10.) Al Snow is interviewed by Jim Ross after his match. Snow is in SMW to win and says that Jim Ross asks dumb questions. Snow brings out Unabomb who is his great friend. Snow is going to be partners with Unabomb. Snow has a problem with the Rock N’ Roll Express and says he is going to be the legend killer. Ross asks where Snow is going and Snow says he’s going to the back to have some sex.

11.) Jim Cornette is interviewed in the ring about the Gangstas. Cornette says himself and the Heavenly Bodies are pissed thanks to the Gangstas. Cornette says everyone thinks he is nuts for wanting to get in the ring. Cornette brings out the special referee for their match at Sunday Bloody Sunday. It just so happens to be… Bob Armstrong. The Gangstas come down to the ring and have nightsticks. However, Tracy Smothers and Scott Armstrong run down and prevent any altercation from happening.

12.) The Gangstas storm the ring to attack Tracy Smothers and Scott Armstrong after their tag match. Bob Armstrong has a baseball bat cleaning house and Jim Cornette uses his tennis racket to make the save.

Final Thoughts:
A stronger episode than last week with some last minute hype for the big matches taking place. Al Snow seems to be a better fit with Unabomb and I’m interested to see how that team develops.

Thanks for reading.

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