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SMW TV 2/25/1995

Written by: Bob Colling

From: Lenoir, NC

1.) SMW Beat The Champ TV Champion Boo Bradley defeated Brimstone to retain the title
2.) Billy Black defeated George South
3.) Al Snow & Unabomb defeated Anthony Michaels & The Wolfman
4.) Al Snow & Unabomb defeated SMW Tag Team Champions Rock N’ Roll Express by disqualification

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Boo Bradley is interviewed regarding his match with Chris Candido. He has a big weekend going to the zoo. Jim Ross has to remind Bradley about his match with Candido. Boo recalls being chained up to a tree and now he has a chance to get rid of Candido in SMW.

2.) Chris Candido is interviewed and blames Jim Ross for all this nonsense. Candido says there are other places he could go, but he wants to be here. This is driving him crazy and it’s Jim’s fault.

3.) Buddy Landell is livid about the attack last week and he hopes that Dirty White Boy beats Jerry Lawler so he can kick his ass at Sunday Bloody Sunday.

4.) SMW Heavyweight Champion Jerry Lawler is sure that Dirty White Boy is at some sleazy hotel scared to death. Lawler warns any fan asking for an autograph saying he isn’t going to soil his hands with their papers or pens. They should kiss his feet.

5.) Dirty White Boy is interviewed by Jim Ross. White Boy doesn’t know how Lawler can call himself the champion when Buddy won the championship for him. White Boy says that Landell can be more upset because he wants Landell to get back to his mean disgusting way. It’s going to be real bloody at Sunday Bloody Sunday. White Boy is going to kick Buddy’s ass for bringing his wife into it.

6.) This is the debut of Billy Black in SMW. His finishing move is a top rope elbow drop.

7.) Billy Black is interviewed after his match and has a bag that has something in it. Black warns SMW to watch out for him. Jim Ross asks what is in the bag, but Black doesn’t tell him. Black challenges anyone to come find out what is in the bag.

8.) Jim Ross interviews the Gangstas in the ring to talk about Bob Armstrong and their recent actions. New Jack says he can beat a white boy and not go to jail for it. This weekend is going to see them beat up a lot of white folks. The days of Junkyard Dog and 2 Cold Scorpio are over because they are here now.

9.) Jim Cornette is interviewed by Jim Ross. Cornette says the mind is a terrible thing to waste. He believes the fans are sick of hearing from New Jack more so than they ever were from him. Cornette shows footage of the Heavenly Bodies challenging the Steiner Brothers for the WWF World Tag Team Championships from the 1993 SummerSlam event. The Bodies lost the match, but they show it a music video style. Not sure how showing your team losing to another team helps, but what do I know. Bob Armstrong is next to Cornette after the video is shown. Armstrong says he is going to keep his word and owed Cornette a favor but after this they are even.

10.) Rock N’ Roll Express rundown into the ring to make the save for the jobbers getting beaten down by Unabomb and Al Snow. Ricky Morton grabs a microphone and challenges them to a match right now. Snow accepts the challenge.

11.) Snow and Gibson kicked off the match with Gibson decking Snow and hit a monkey flip. Snow backs into the corner and tags in Unabomb. Gibson gets caught but Morton dropkicks Gibson on top for a near fall. Morton gets yanked to the floor by Snow and sends Morton into the ring post. Unabomb and Snow work over Gibson. Snow scoop slams Gibson and hit a somersault leg drop. Unabomb continues to work over Gibson while Morton went to the backstage area for some reason. Morton comes back with a steel chair and whacks both Snow and Unabomb over the head with the chair costing them the match. (*. This was just an angle advancement to give more issues between the two teams and it accomplished that rather well.)

Final Thoughts:
I’ve found the issues between White Boy/Lawler/Landell to be rather entertaining and heated. The main feud between Landell and White Boy should be fun to see continue after all this. Landell’s heel work has been top notch. This has been a good build for the big weekend of shows coming up.

Thanks for reading.

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