WWF RAW 11/10/1997

Written by: Matt Peddycord

WWF: Raw is War
November 10, 1997
Ottawa, Ontario
Corel Centre

The current WWF champs are as follows:
World Champion: Shawn Michaels (11/9/1997)
Intercontinental Champion: Steve Austin (11/9/1997)
European Champion: Shawn Michaels (9/20/1997)
World Tag Team Champions: The Legion of Doom (10/13/1997)

TIME TO GET RAW! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jim Cornette. Bret Hart is still in the opening credits. Just saying.

As the D-Generation X music hits, it takes a while but Rick Rude walks out alone. He does his shtick and the crowd is all over him. Rude milks the moment for all its worth. He introduces the new WWF champion Shawn Michaels and the crowd chants bullshit. Of course, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna walk out with him. Ross is relieved that HBK is wearing clothes tonight. He also announces that many people feel Shawn Michaels robbed Bret Hart of the WWF title last night at Survivor Series and hence, Bret Hart has left the WWF. Rick Rude feels he is the only man worthy enough to interview the new champion and gives Shawn a congratulatory handshake. Shawn announces that D-Generation X is on top of the world. He then unloads on the Canadians telling them that he beat Bret Hart in his home country with his own finishing hold. If DX was hell to deal with before Survivor Series, they have seen absolutely nothing yet. HBK has a little bit of trouble talking tonight. He does say that he sent Bret Hart down south with the rest of the dinosaurs. The guys who aren’t dinosaurs down there who are Shawn’s friends will beat the hell out of the Hitman one day whether he likes it or not. Interesting how that turns out. Shawn continues to say how he will outwill Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, and Randy Savage to be the best because he has God-given talent – unlike those guys. Rude takes over the mic and reinforces the claim that Shawn Michaels will never ever quit. Ken Shamrock’s music hits and Shawn Michaels gets in one last zinger on Bret Hart saying he would never beat up on a 52 year-old man (referring to Vince McMahon). Shawn tells Shamrock that there’s no way he could possibly want more of the Heartbreak Kid after last week. Michaels insults Shamrock’s intelligence and hands him the mic. Shamrock shouts something that gets muted. He tells HBK and Helmsley they are a disgrace to the human race. Indeterminable gender jokes are directed at Chyna. He challenges Shawn Michaels and then drops some honesty on Rick Rude saying that he always comes up from behind people and can’t face anybody because he’s an old man. Shawn no-sells the threats from Shamrock and then returns some threats. Seriously, Shawn is not all there tonight. Commissioner Slaughter heads down and takes the mic away from Michaels. He announces that Shamrock will be getting a WWF title match. Shawn takes back the mic and backs down thinking the match is set for tonight, but Slaughter says that tonight Helmsley will be facing Shamrock. To ensure there aren’t any DX shenanigans, Slaughter will be sitting at ringside as DX will be banned from ringside.

Marc Mero (w/Sable) vs. Ahmed Johnson
Well, this wasn’t very good. Mero shows off his boxing skills in a wrestling match only for Ahmed to bust out a bicycle kick of sorts. He hits the Spinebuster and calls for the PEARL RIVER PLUNGE, but Sable waves at the big guy so Mero can punch him in the balls for the DQ. (2:28) Alright then. Afterwards, Mero leaves Ahmed laying with a TKO. Well, not really. ½*

Hey look, Butterbean is in attendance – and he’s wearing a Cosby sweater?

WWF Light Heavyweight Title Tournament Quarterfinals: TAKA Michinoku vs. Devon Storm
As she has been known to do, Sunny is the guest ring announcer here. Brian Christopher joins us for commentary. Being the guy to beat, Storm BUM RUSHES THE SHOW here and jumps Michinoku from behind. He turns his back on TAKA though and takes a missile dropkick to the back of the head. To the floor, TAKA unleashes his Asai Moonsault. Storm catches another leap and slams him on the floor for a splash off the apron. The whole time Christopher is hoping Storm sends the Japanese guy back where he came from. Back inside, Storm hits a dropkick up against the ropes followed by a somersault legdrop. Weak cover gets two. TAKA fires back with a Tornado DDT, but Storm delivers a release German suplex. Headscissors out of the corner gets two for Michinoku. He misses a flying splash though and receives a Death Valley Driver, but Storm only gets two. Michinoku stops Storm up top for a superplex. He tries a flying spinning heel kick and lands on Storm’s calf muscle in a painful moment. Sensing another TAKA victory, Brian Christopher gets up only to take a dropkick from TAKA off the apron. MICHINOKU DRIVER to Storm gets the three-count. (5:01) This was okay. I’ll probably forget about it by the end of the show. Afterwards, TAKA dives out on top of Christopher to trigger a brief brawl as Christopher heads up the ramp. **½

When we return, Jim Ross interviews Goldust. He’s wearing a gold smoking jacket with black face paint and red devil horns. Goldust basically parrots what was said in the interview where while Marlena was gone for thirty days, he found real happiness. When JR reminds us what Goldust did at Survivor Series, Vader comes out. NOBODY WALKS OUT ON VADER. He wants to know why Goldust walked out on him. When Goldust doesn’t say anything, Vader gives him a POWERBOMB.

We immediately head to the back to see Michael Cole with Bradshaw. It appears that two jackasses have beaten up Blackjack Windham in the locker room. WHO COULD THEY BE?

Recon & Sniper (w/the Truth Commission) vs. The Headbangers (w/DOA)
Jackyl joins JR and Cornette for commentary. Neither Recon nor Sniper can handle the Headbangers to start. They try a double whip only for the Headbangers to dropkick them both out of the ring. Jackyl drops the headset and climbs up on the apron only to get knocked down to the floor. This would be all well and good if anybody cared about the Truth Commission. Thrasher gets owned for a short while and Mosh gets the hot tag. Recon takes a double flapjack, Interrogator receives a double dropkick, and then Thrasher powerbombs Mosh on top of Recon for the three-count. (4:50) As formulaic as WWF tag wrestling gets. I didn’t care about any of this. We get a big brawl to end the hour. ¾*

ENTER THE WARZONE! Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. Stills are shown of the Austin/Owen match from last night.

The IC champ Stone Cold Steve Austin kicks off the second hour. Michael Cole handles the interview duties. Not the crazy loud reaction we’re used to hearing, but it’s understandable being in Canada. Before Austin can really get started, the Nation of Domination music hits. Rocky Maivia comes out by himself. While brushing off Rocky sucks chants, he challenges Steve Austin for the IC title. If he accepts the challenge, the bottom line will read “has-been” compliments of the Rock. In return, Austin challenges Maivia to get a decent haircut. He challenges Maivia to flush himself down the toilet. Regardless, Austin accepts the challenge over his IC title. Austin says Rocky doesn’t suck because these people say so, he sucks because Stone Cold said so and that’s the bottom line. Rocky’s facial expressions are a total cartoon right now.

When we come back, Los Boricuas are in the ring while JR interviews Steve Blackman. Naturally, this leads to Blackman showing off and beating up Los Boricuas in a scene that felt like something straight out of a B-movie. Hmm.

Bunkhouse Battle: Road Dogg & Billy Gunn vs. Blackjack Bradshaw
This is a “come as you are” fight since everyone is wearing jeans. The Outlaws bring with them a shovel and a trash can. Immediately, Bradshaw throws powder in Gunn’s face. He does a good job beating the crap out of these two including a big chair shot on Road Dogg. In the ring though, Gunn avoids a superplex and tornado DDTs Bradshaw on a chair. The Outlaws dogpile Bradshaw for the win. (1:43) I would have actually liked to have seen a match between these two teams. Hmpfh. Afterwards, Bradshaw chases the Outlaws up the ramp with a shovel. ¾*

Time for another controversial interview with Jeff Jarrett conducted by Jim Ross. The big question tonight is if Jarrett feels he is underpaid. Of course he feels that way. What wrestler doesn’t? Some Memphis and AWA clips are mixed in with the WWF stuff. His ultimate goal is to win the WWF title and to be the most respected champion Vince McMahon has ever had. JR asks Jarrett about Bret Hart. That’s a guy Jarrett wants to beat. He feels he is superior to Bret in every way right now. When asked to pick a winner for the WWF title match at Survivor Series, Jarrett says he’d be surprised if Shawn doesn’t win. They play a word association game.

Bret Hart – dedicated.
The Nation of Domination – strength in numbers.
Dude Love, Mankind, Cactus Jack – respect.
Randy Savage – hardest working wrestler he’s ever known.
The Legion of Doom – raw ability.
Eric Bischoff – right place, right time, right wallet.
Hulk Hogan – charisma + intelligence = success.
Shawn Michaels – phenomenal athlete.
Hunter Hearst Helmsley – tag-along.
Chyna – Jarrett shakes his head.

Does DX’s immaturity annoy Jarrett? As long as they leave him alone, it doesn’t annoy him. Shawn knows he can do what he wants to do and still be one of the best wrestlers in the world today. Back to live action, JR asks Jerry Lawler for some word association on Jeff Jarrett: a star and the future of the WWF. Time will tell.

Michael Cole is with Butterbean. Cole lists off Butterbean’s accomplishments when Marc Mero and Sable come out. Since Mero is a real boxer, guys like Butterbean piss him off. He vows that he could knock out Butterbean in four rounds or less. Mero also chastises Butterbean for looking at Sable. Looks like Butterbean is feeling froggy, but his manager holds him back as Mero and Sable walk off. Butterbean has a TERRIBLE voice, by the way.

The Undertaker vs. Kama
Undertaker wrestles his once a month match on Raw here. They trade shots on each other until Taker delivers the Chokeslam. As Kama takes a clothesline out to the floor, the lights go out and Kane’s music starts to play. Kane and Paul Bearer come out on the ramp while everything goes red.

While Kane could destroy the Undertaker right now, Paul Bearer says he will make the Undertaker wait. One day they will meet and Kane will prove he is superior to all Taker’s leeches of the night. All of that will be on Taker’s head. OH YESSSSS. Taker tries to reason with Kane telling him that the tub of lard next to him is an infectious disease that has poisoned his mind. Behind the mask of evil is a little brother that still has some good left in him. Taker says one thing that will never happen is a fight between he and his brother. He also vows revenge on Paul Bearer, to which Bearer responds that all the WWF superstars who get destroyed at the hands of Kane will be Taker’s fault. And for that, Taker will pay in the fires of HELL. Now Kane, set those corners on fire. Umm, where did Kama go? Rule it a no-contest at 2:19.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (w/DX) vs. Ken Shamrock
While not for an official decision, Shamrock has made Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels tap out over the last two weeks. Commissioner Slaughter comes out and makes sure the rest of DX returns backstage. Shamrock beats Helmsley in and out of the ring to start. HHH comes back with a facebuster and a DDT. Back to the floor, Helmsley throws Shamrock over the railing so he and Commissioner Slaughter can go nose-to-chin. Rick Rude comes back out and stands halfway up the ramp with his Haliburton in hand. Commercials! When we come back, Helmsley delivers the knee drop for two. Back to the floor, Shamrock takes a ride into the steps. More jawing between Helmsley and Slaughter. Back inside, Helmsley cuts off a comeback with an inverted atomic drop. Harley Race knee gets two. Shamrock fights out of a neck vice with an electric chair drop. That mounts a comeback leading to the hurracanrana. Rick Rude gets up on the apron causing Slaughter to get physically involved. Meanwhile, Hunter slugs the ref down trying to get himself DQ’ed. Shamrock gives HHH the Belly to Belly Suplex and applies the ANKLELOCK so that Helmsley can tap out with nobody watching. Chyna runs down to help, but Slaughter grabs hold of her. That leaves Shawn Michaels to sprint down to the ring, Rude laterals the briefcase to HBK, and Shamrock gets the briefcase in the back of the head. While Slaughter points fingers at the rest of DX, the show comes to an end as it appears Helmsley got the three-count. BUT WE’LL NEVER KNOW FOR SURE. (7:26 shown) Perfectly acceptable match, but it just wasn’t all that interesting for a post-PPV Raw. *½

Pretty skimpy on the wrestling this week. If I’m being completely honest, this post-Survivor Series Raw pretty much sucked.

Until next week though, so long for now.

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