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Rebooking The WWF: Week 48, 1993

Fallout from Survivor Series. The feud between Ted DiBiase and Bret Hart continues to get very personal. Plus much, much more.

WWF RAW 11/29/1993 (Manhattan, NY)
1. Men on a Mission defeated Barry Horowitz/Barry Hardy in 2:18 when Mabel pinned Hardy following a big splash. During the bout, Jeff Jarrett called in and talked about his disgust for rap music and called Men on a Mission a disgrace to the music industry.
2. Kings Court w/Ted DiBiase: Jerry Lawler opens up the segment bragging about putting Tatanka in the hospital right next to Chief Jay Strongbow. Lawler mocks Tatanka saying that he isn’t capable of beating royalty like himself and considers Tatanka a non-issue. Lawler introduces a man who had a very successful Survivor Series, Ted DiBiase, who defeated the broken down, miserably depressed Bret Hart. DiBiase makes his way down to the ring with a huge smile on his face and laughing in a few Hitman fans faces. DiBiase tells Lawler that it is always good to be standing in the ring with a winner, like Lawler. DiBiase tells the fans that he and Lawler are men that they should lookup to and respect. “You unintelligent fans cheer for guys like Tatanka, and Bret Hart. They are poor losers. You should all aim to be like me, a winner and wealthy!” Lawler wants to talk about DiBiase’s new home, the Hart House. DiBiase tells Lawler that for now on he wants his home to named the Million Dollar House. “Once I entered that disgusting, rotting home, the value went through the roof. Anything I touch becomes worth millions of dollars.” DiBiase tells Lawler that he has a surprise that he only wants to share here on the Kings Court. Recently, Bret’s sister Diane Smith has come home and assumed her job that he deemed she was qualified for. Lawler is quite interested in what DiBiase is talking about. DiBiase calms Lawler down and tells him that everyone will see what he is talking about next week on RAW.
3. Owen Hart defeated Brad Howard in 3:09 following a missile dropkick.
4. Mr. Perfect/Lex Luger Footage: Backstage footage from Survivor Series is show where Mr. Perfect celebrated with his team while Lex Luger tossed chairs and broke a mirror in his locker room before kicking the cameraman out of the room.
5. Shawn Michaels/Diesel defeated Ryan Hunkins/Roger Jenkins in 2:15 when Diesel pinned Jenkins following a powerbomb.
6. Survivor Series Report: Todd Pettengill reviews the Survivor Series event which saw the Undertaker overcome Earthquake in a casket match, the Heavenly Bodies make a case to be given a tag title shot as they defeated the Smoking Gunns, Ron Simmons’s team over came Jim Cornette’s team, Team DiBiase prevailed over Team Hart and Team Perfect got the win over Team Luger.
7. Rick Martel defeated WWF World Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner in 7:03 when Jimmy Del Ray grabbed Steiner’s foot to prevent a vertical suplex from the apron back into the ring. During this, Pritchard was brawling with Scott Steiner and the referee was distracted by Cornette. After the match, Razor Ramon ran down to the ring and along with Steiner Brothers cleared Pritchard, Del Ray and Martel from the ring.

WWF Superstars 12/3/1993
1. Chris Benoit defeated Brian Crawford in 2:34 with the Crossface. During the match, pre-tape comments from Benoit are aired. Benoit makes it clear that he is disappointed with his outing at Survivor Series but notes that he didn’t tap out but rather passed out. Benoit is going to make it his mission to show any of his doubters that he toughest competitor in the WWF.
2. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon introduces Bret Hart for an interview. Hart joins McMahon on the podium, clearly not in a good state of mind with losing to DiBiase. Hart quickly tells McMahon that what happened at Survivor Series last week has been eating him alive. Hart shows a lump on his forehead from being hit with a steel briefcase and says for the past week he has had the reminder of DiBiase hitting him and pinning him. “Every time my head throbs, I get angrier, DiBiase. This has gone far too personal for me to keep myself compose. You bring my sister into this along with my parents. If you dare do anything to hurt them, I’ll make you regret the day you ever missed with the Hart Family.” McMahon brings up Shawn Michaels claiming to now be the best wrestler to ever life as Michaels believes he was the sole reason that Team DiBiase won. Hart tells McMahon “Vince, no disrespect to you, but quite frankly I have bigger issues to attend to then Shawn Michaels.”
3. The Quebecers defeated Chase Cain/Jimmy Stewart in 3:39 when Pierre pinned Cain.
4. Razor Ramon Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon. Ross notes that since Rick Martel pinned Ramon at Survivor Series he has earned himself another championship shot on RAW, December 5th. Ramon tells Ross that Martel snuck his way to victory at Survivor Series but on 12/5, the Bad Guy will be focused and ready to battle for the gold.
5. Marty Jannetty/the Kamikaze Kid defeated the Beverly Brothers in 6:02 when Jannetty pinned Blake following the Rocker Dropper.
6. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Todd Pettengill interviewed Bam-Bam Bigelow who is fuming after being pinned by Randy Savage at Survivor Series. Bigelow tells Pettengill that Savage didn’t beat him, but rather Bigelow beat himself. “Macho Old Man Savage wouldn’t be able to last with me in a fight.. Not a match.. A fight.” Bigelow proceeds to challenge Savage to a no disqualification match which Bigelow deems to be his element. “Lets see if you can still take a beating, Savage.” Bigelow leaves the podium aggravated as the fans chant for Macho Man.
7. Ron Simmons defeated Yokozuna by disqualification in 4:08 when Crush ran down to the ring and attacked Simmons. Crush ended up handcuffing Simmons to the middle rope and broke the Japanese flag over Simmons back before being taken away be officials.

WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/4/1993
1. WWF Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon defeated Paul Offerman in 2:26 following the Razors Edge. During the bout, Rick Martel called in to tell everyone that on RAW, the WWF Intercontinental Championship will be around his chiseled waist.
2. Jim Cornette Interview: Jim Ross conducted an interview with Jim Cornette. Cornette has one thing on his mind and that is the WWF World Tag Team Championships. Cornette believes the Heavenly Bodies have made their mark in the company as a top tag team and demands that the Heavenly Bodies are given an opportunity to take championships off the muscle head Steiner’s. Cornette finishes the interview officially challenging the Steiner’s to step up to the plate and face the Heavenly Bodies!
3. Ludvig Borga defeated Craig Morgan in 2:07 following a shoulder breaker.
4. Jerry Lawler defeated Jason White in 2:16 following a pile driver.
5. Tatanka Interview: A video of Tatanka, sporting a neck brace is shown as he sits with Chief Jay Strongbow. Tatanka tells Strongbow that he continues to fail him and for that he apologizes. Strongbow grabs Tatanka’s had and says “Tatanka, you a strong man. You have the ability to be the very best at anything you put your mind to. I know that you will take care of Jerry Lawler. Do not settle for failure. Tatanka stands up and removes his brace looking at the camera and said Jerry Lawler, the war path has begun!”
6. The Heavenly Bodies defeated the Nasty Boys in 7:12 when Del Ray pinned Saggs following a moonsault. During the bout, Scott Steiner called in and told Vince McMahon that they don’t shy away from any challenge. The Steiner Brothers would gladly take on the Heavenly Bodies for the WWF World Tag Team Championships!


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