ECW Hardcore TV 2/13/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Queens, NY

1.) Shane Douglas & Tommy Dreamer defeated ECW World Champion Raven & Stevie Richards
2.) Taz defeated The Shark Attack Kid

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Saturn is shaving his head using the tag team title to see his result. Saturn says they are going to eliminate the Pitbulls. Kronus was just laughing the entire time.

2.) Bill Alfonso and Taz come out with Alfonso saying that 911 is finished and Taz is more dominating than 911 ever would be. Alfonso claims that 911 doesn’t have the guts to face Taz. Rey Mysterio Jr. comes out and says that he isn’t afraid of Taz. He also said what they did to 911 was personal. Alfonso suggests that Rey show some respect to Taz. Rey heel kicks Alfonso and hits a moonsault on Taz. Taz catches Rey and slams him so they re-do the spot and Rey head scissors him. Taz tosses Mysterio with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Rey head scissors Taz again but Taz drops Rey with another exploder suplex. The fans are giving Taz some good heat for that segment. Several wrestlers and officials come out and check on Rey. JT Smith stomps Rey for whatever reason and Hack Myers attacks Smith to save Mysterio from the unnecessary attack.

3.) Woman comes out and suggests everyone tune into wrestling on Monday night. She is going to stick around in ECW and she will not listen to orders. She asks when Joey Styles is free from his contract and if he would like to come with her, but she says it far more sexually. The Sandman’s music hits and the former ECW World Champion appears. Woman thinks that Sandman is here because he changed his mind, but Sandman isn’t going anywhere. Sandman has learned over the last several months that Woman has been a bitch her whole damn life. Woman challenges anyone to try and remove her from the building. 2 Cold Scorpio comes out and says he was talking some business with Woman in the limo, which is drastically different from last week. Scorpio is laughing when he says “this bitch is out of here.” So, he swerved Sandman a second time. Scorpio picks Woman up and carries her out of the building again.

Stevie Richards and Blue Meanie are out now as Woman is driven out of the area. Richards says they are giving Sandman one opportunity to back out of a championship match with Raven. Sandman has never backed down from a fight, which means he will not back out of the match. Stevie knows that Sandman thinks he is tough with the kendo stick and thinks that Stevie is weak. Richards tells Sandman if he doesn’t back out of the match he will have to Stevie Kick him. Blue Meanie attempts a super kick, but misses horribly and gets a kendo stick shot over the head. Sandman tells Richards to let Raven know that he is coming for his championship, bitch. Richards tells Joey Styles that Raven is going to kill him. ECW World Champion Raven and Kimona enter the ring and Richards is nervous. Raven calls Stevie a moron. Raven notes that Richards gets Meanie beaten up everyday and says that Stevie couldn’t handle giving Beulah one pill a day. Raven is slapping Richards around and chokes him with a boot. Richards has a big surprise for Raven, though. Stevie says they are going to be on every major newscast. Stevie gets a piece of paper from Meanie’s pants, who is still knocked out. Richards says he has a lawsuit against Missy Hyatt for sexual harassment. He says he was violated last time they were in Queens. Hyatt comes out to confront Richards. Richards threatens a restraining order and Missy says that it was probably the best day Stevie ever had. Raven says that there is another option and that is for Missy to join with the champion. Hyatt says that Raven doesn’t measure up with her and calls Kimona a whore. Missy says that Raven has a low sperm count considering Tommy got Beulah pregnant. Sandman comes back in with a kendo stick and cleans house to save Hyatt. Hyatt knows that Sandman has been having career problems and she thinks he needs to be taken care by momma. She grabs his cigarette and smokes. Looks like we have a new manager for Sandman.

4.) Stevie refers to the Blue Meanie as “Stan” during his pre-match promo and names his tag team the Fabulous Ones (get it? No? Stan Lane and Steve Keirn were the Fabulous Ones originally). They do the strut. Apparently this was all to keep Raven amused and to see if Stevie would actually do anything daft. The faces come out to Shane’s kickass music rather than Tommy’s kickass music. He’s freshly returned from his run as Dean Douglas. Raven looks upset with Dreamer for having Beulah grind all over him. Raven tags out. Clearly he’s working the psychological warfare right from the off. Stevie is still very much a comedy character at this point so Dreamer finds it easy to control him. He’s more interested in fighting Raven who’s reluctant to enter this match. Stevie changes his strategy with a new t-shirt, which is Razor Ramon’s. That upsets Shane Douglas JUST A LITTLE BIT. He jumps in there. TOOTHPICK~! Shane ignores it and destroys Stevie and his shirt attempting to feed it to him. Stevie tries for a sleeper so Shane kicks him in the nuts twice then ball shots him on the ropes as well. Dreamer starts involving the audience by borrowing assorted plunder to beat Stevie with. More groin shots. Poor Stevie. Tommy bashes him with a phone, perhaps a tribute to the boss, and slams Stevie on a chair. He misses the splash off the top and now Raven wants in. If you thought Stevie’s groin got worked over it’s nothing towards the number of ball shots Raven got in on Tommy Dreamer over the years. As if to punctuate that statement he punches Tommy in the balls. Stevie comes in and dumps Dreamer on his head after fucking up a powerbomb. KAWADA THAT SHIT DOWN!

Raven bashes Dreamer with the belt. Crowd wants blood. Raven and Dreamer have a horrible miscue where Raven dives off the top and Tommy isn’t looking and gets landed on while he’s halfway up. Raven with a piledriver for 2. Crowd is getting pretty restless about the lack of ECW style. They sure were bloodthirsty. Dreamer does some pretty bad timing on the hot tag blatantly watching Raven make the tag before tagging himself. Shane uses a chair. Raven feels that a few times. Now it’s Shane’s turn to hit a piledriver, on Stevie Richards. Raven and Dreamer get into a brawl. Cactus runs out here but collides with Stevie. Belly to belly but Meanie has the ref. Raven jumps in to chain shot Douglas for 2. Sandman runs in here and canes everyone. Meanie takes a great shot and the ref is next. Raven with a piledriver on Shane for 2 but shortly afterwards they clash heads and it’s a double knock down. Shane is up first and hits a DDT. More lying around follows. Richards gets a tag and the Steviebomb gets 2. Dreamer gets the hot tag and hits a powerslam for 2 but Raven saves with the chair. Meanie tries to get in a moonsault but Dreamer switches with Stevie behind his back and Meanie moonsaults the wrong guy. This has certainly gotten manic. Shane hits a pescado on Raven. Dreamer puts a frying pan on his boot and hits an Enzuigiri on Stevie for the pin at 19.33. **3/4. That was all getting pretty crazy at the end. I love how ECW in this time era tried to get as many angles running at the same time as possible to make sure the crowd was constantly delivered matches it wanted to see. Every show was a blow off or a major progression of something. (Credit: Arnold Furious, Big Apple Blizzard Bash ’96 Review)

5.) Joey takes shots at John Tenta calling him washed up as he was wrestling as The Shark at the time. Crowd wants Sabu. Shark Attack Kid hails from “The Great Reef”. He’s debuting and is a really bland jobber guy. Taz controls with ease and nearly taps the Kid with a cross armbreaker. Taz starts popping off suplexes and the Kid lands on his head off an Exploder. Kid gets a little offence in hitting a dropkick before Taz decides to kill him. The Kobashiplex leaves the Kid bleary eyed but he must have really upset Taz because he takes it to the ropes for a belly to belly superplex. Tazmission finishes at 3.30. ½*. Squash!

POST MATCH Taz calls out 911. Todd Gordon comes out instead waving his finger at the ring. Apparently 911 isn’t here so Fonzie invites Gordon in for a fight instead. Fonzie knocks him on his ass but when Gordon fires back Taz jumps in there to murder him but BAM BAM BIGELOW makes the save. That would be quite a surprise. Crowd immediately bites on him with a “Bam Bam” chant. He wants a piece of Taz but the orange clad one takes a walk. (Credit: Arnold Furious, Big Apple Blizzard Bash ’96 Review)

Final Thoughts:
A good show once again this week with a solid tag bout and the debut of Bam-Bam Bigelow in ECW. Bigelow needed a change of scenery since his WWF run that fizzled out pretty quickly after a promised push. Sandman and Hyatt segment was effective and while Hyatt can be annoying, I think she fits better appearance wise with Sandman.

Thanks for reading.

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