ECW Hardcore TV 2/6/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Queens, NY

1.) AAA Welterweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated Juventud Guerrera
2.) The Eliminators defeated ECW World Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck to win the titles

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) ECW World Champion Raven introduces the world to his most cherished possession, after shoving Kimona out of the way, he displays the ECW World Championship around his waist.

2.) EXTREME LUCHA LIBRE~! Kinda weird seeing Juvi masked because he’s been without one for so long. Crowd is jacked just to see these guys because of great reports out of Philly. Gertner does the introductions bilingually. Rey is billed as 165lbs. Rey wants a handshake so Juvi spits in his face. It is so on. Rey armdrags right out of the opening lock up. That was nifty. Juvi picks him up for an airplane spin but then stops suddenly and just dumps him for 2. They go to some mat reversals and the crowd gets a touch restless at the sight of a headlock. Rey switches up to bouncing around into armdrags. DRINK! Juvi with a spinebuster into a double leglock. Rey starts slapping him so Juvi turns it over and they end up on their heads still slapping at each other. They do springboard near misses but Juvi gets caught showboating and is taken off the apron with a springboard rana. Crowd loved that but the pause before the move killed it for me. It made Juvi look like a retard too. Rey drops down on a crossover so Juvi does a flip legdrop on him. Rey comes back with a springboard rana that sends Juvi to the floor and Rey follows with a somersault plancha. Juvi gets necklaced with a chair and run into the ring post. Juvi decides it’s his turn to show off with a springboard spin kick. Not the cleanest move in the world but it was effective.

Juvi with a Ligerbomb for 2. Juvi with a press into a table top suplex for 2. The middle transition part of that was a big ugly. Juvi is probably high to be fair. Rey flubs a corner spot but then snaps off a rana to prevent any negativity. He takes Juvi over with another off the rudo’s shoulders and follows up with a powerslam. Rey goes up top but Juvi isn’t worn down enough and cuts him off for Splash Mountain but Rey counters into a rana off the top and both guys land awkwardly. The collision of man and mat is enough to put Juvi away at 9.26. ***1/4. This was so energised compared to everything ECW was doing at the time and set the standard for in ring expectations for the following five years. The Extreme Lucha Libre added an extra element to ECW and future guys coming into the company were aware the fans craved not only blood and violence but exciting moves also. (Credit: Arnold Furious, Big Apple Blizzard Blast ’96 Review.)

3.) ECW World Tag Team Champions Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipwreck cut a promo. Cactus has a Mr. Potato Head while describing his match with Vader where he lost his ear. Cactus says that Whipwreck is the only person to stay by his side. Douglas left him and the fans spit on him. Cactus asks if Mikey would kill someone for him if he asked nice enough. Cactus talks about him and Mikey battling the Smoking Gunns at Madison Square Garden. Whipwreck says he is happy here and walks away with Cactus asking “what do I tell Vince?”

4.) Raven is out here as well because Cactus likes him. Mikey doesn’t. He keeps throwing the title belt down to demonstrate how little he wants to be here. Cactus is soon to depart and is wearing a WW F’N F shirt. “You sold out” chant the fans. Mikey does some nice improvisation after blowing a crucifix and changes to an armdrag. Crowd still chants “you fucked up” because they are without mercy. Everything Mikey does with both Eliminators seems to suffer from minor timing issues. Cactus jumps in there to complain about Mikey doing headlocks all the time. Cactus gets the mic and tells Mikey to get the hell out of here if he isn’t going to be supportive. Mikey remains. Cactus v Saturn is a hell of a match with Saturn’s speed and Cactus’ psychology. Mikey in but Saturn superkicks him after Cactus stops him attempting another pesky wrestling hold. Kronus helps out on a double STO. You know the Eliminators won’t go for the finish without their cool as fuck double team finisher though. Kronus with his handspring back elbow. Remember when he could that? It didn’t last. I remember the XPW John Kronus who could do nothing right.

Powerbomb from Kronus and a double kneedrop off the top from Saturn gets 2. Cactus runs in for a save and that’s the first time he’s actually helped out Whipwreck during this one. He gets the tag and cleans house but the Eliminators are done making tags. Foleyline on Kronus. Cactus eyes up a sick back elbow to the floor. Piledriver on Saturn but Cactus bails for a broken bottle. He’s hardcore! Mikey doesn’t agree with this and dropkicks him. Saturn grabs the bottle so Mikey superkicks him. Diving rana on Saturn. That was nice. Apart from Saturn having to tell Kronus to get out of the way. Cactus gets in Mikey’s way AGAIN though and the Total Elimination signals a belt change at 10.55. **1/4. There was an awful lot of stuff going on there with storylines but ultimately the right team takes home the belts leaving the other storyline to progress to its logical conclusion. After the match, Cactus sticks up for Mikey by throwing Raven over. Because he wants to beat Mikey up himself. Double arm DDT on a chair. Raven appreciates it. (Credit: Arnold Furious, Big Apple Blizzard Blast ’96 Review)

5.) The Eliminators get back in the ring for some promo time and out comes Francine. She wants to manage the Eliminators despite them giving her Total Elimination beforehand. It’s a ruse though as the Pitbulls run in to mess up the new champs and Francine hangs Saturn with a dog collar while Kronus gets superbombed. And with that we set up another match. One thing leads to another and it’s all got heat on it. Heyman booking people! Gotta love it. Francine gives Saturn a new haircut seeing as he was going bald anyway. (Credit: Arnold Furious, Big Apple Blizzard Blast ’96 Review.)

6.) The Gangstas cut a promo saying they defeated the Pitbulls, not the Eliminators. They want a piece of the Eliminators now that they are the tag champions. They are coming for the titles and they don’t like anyone.

7.) Tommy Dreamer is holding a lit candle with the wax on his knuckles. He has a burning desire for Raven. The mental pain can last a lifetime while the physical pain can be ignored. He has to snuff Raven out. Beulah likes when Tommy uses the wax.

8.) Cactus Jack says that Mikey was too cool to care. Raven is by Jack’s side during the promo. Cactus knows that Mikey doesn’t have money and paid the tolls on the road and paid for meals. Cactus says that Whipwreck ruining his body is his own decision. Cactus says that he has a eating disorder and we see Whipwreck who is confused on what Cactus had been talking about. Jack says that McMahon wanted Mikey and he promised to bring him and now Cactus is going to look like a liar without Whipwreck. Cactus is going to hit Mikey like he is his child and there is no law to hitting Whipwreck.

9.) Shane Douglas simply says “The Franchise is back” with his laugh.

10.) Bill Alfonso continues to complain about everything in New York and wants Taz to drop people on their heads.

11.) The Pitbulls and Francine cut a promo on the Eliminators saying they are coming for the tag titles.

12.) Beulah says that she faked it every time that Raven tried to show his pain to her.

13.) Raven says that the scars of his friends addiction are worn for everyone to see. His scars can not be shown. He says there is compassion and love inside of him for one and there always will be for one. I’d assume that’s for Beulah.

14.) 2 Cold Scorpio describes a good looking woman and his mouth starts to get watery. He brings in his woman, which just happens to be the ECW Television Championship. All the hoes are for 2 Cold since he has the gold now.

15.) Pitbulls took the Eliminators pride and their hair. Saturn chimes in asking if they really think he cares that his hair is gone. Saturn is shaving his head bald while saying this. He doesn’t care that he was hung over the ropes. All that really matters are the tag team championships. Because that means you make more money.

Final Thoughts:
Good matches and some great angle advancement this week, which seems to be a regular occurrence for ECW. I’m actuality interested in the Pitbulls/Eliminators feud at this point. Hell, I don’t think there is anything that I’m not interested in. ECW is white hot right now.

Thanks for reading.

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