ECW Hardcore TV 2/20/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Judge Dread & Bad Crew defeated Dino Sandoff, Don E. Allen & The Dirt Bike Kid
2.) The Bruise Brothers defeated The Headhunters
3.) Francine & The Pitbulls defeated Stevie Richards & The Eliminators in a triple dog collar six man tag match
4.) Bubba Ray Dudley defeated Mr. Hughes

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Missy Hyatt and Sandman share some thoughts to open the show backstage. Hyatt loves it when Sandman uses the big stick and makes it explode all over the place. Dear God, Hyatt plays the slutty role to perfection.

2.) Joey is doing the TV intro, when the lights go out, and we are re-introduced to.Brian Pillman! He complains about being fired from WCW. He says that Eric Bischoff is each one of these smart marks rolled up into one. Pillman then says “smart marks”. He says what is a smart mark…A mark with a high IQ? He says a mark is a guy that believes that OJ didn’t do it, and a mark is each and one of you sorry bitches. Pillman says he is going yank out his Johnson and piss this entire place. Pillman goes to, but everyone hits the ring. He calls Heyman the “booker man”. They then say, “He’s shooting, he’s shooting. Pillman spits on a fan, and the fan goes for a punch, but Pillman duck, and then beats the shit out of him. Shane Douglas hits the ring, but Pillman runs. Douglas gets on the mic—and says, “Get that blonde piece of shit out of WCW—or I will beat his ass tonight”. One of the best promos I have ever seen. Pillman delivered that promo better than anyone ever could. They also did a great job of making this really look real as possible. Pillman got some great heat—and they did an excellent job with the beat down on the “fan”. Awesome delivery and truly one of the best segments I have ever seen. (Credit: Kyle, CyberSlam ’96 Review)

3.) Bill Alfonso and Taz cut a promo with Alfonso saying that he hopes that Rey Mysterio Jr. has saved every dollar he has made. Alfonso says that Bigelow has come to their home and it is not WWF. Taz chimes in and says that Mysterio and Bigelow need to stay in their own promotions because ECW is his.

4.) Richards takes the chain off, and attacks Pitbulls. Richards hangs Pitbull II. Elim. hit a superplex followed by a big splash from the top. Richards goes for a cover, but doesn’t get it. Double leg sweep on Pitbull by Eliminators. Pitbull tries coming back, but Stevie Kick to the back of Pitbull’s head. Pitbull tries to establish another comeback, but Stevie-kick to the head. On the outside, Pitbulls take control of the match Pitbull II. They do some more garbage brawling on the outside. They go out in the crowd. Later on, the Eliminators get the pin @ 12:00. Not a bad brawl. They did a good job of letting the heels get some heat by beating up women, and getting a 3-2 advantage on it. I really thought Stevie Richards gimmick was great at this time. The Eliminators were a good tag team, and in my opinion one of the best overall tag-teams in ECW. They had a great character—being these sick-os, psychotic, do not give a crap heels—that got them good heat with a hard crowd to get over. ** (Credit: Kyle, CyberSlam ’96 Review)

5.) ECW World Tag Team Champions the Eliminators told the Pitbulls to not bring a woman into their fights. Saturn says they can keep their collars and they will keep their belts.

6.) Tommy Dreamer and Beulah come to the ring to finish the program. Dreamer apologizes to the fans for being out with injury since Raven hurt his shoulder. ECW World Champion Raven and his group enter the ring to confront Dreamer and Beulah. Raven says that since Dreamer got his girlfriend pregnant that his punishment will be… well he doesnt say it but it’s likely that his dick will get cut off. Raven had listed punishments in other countries for lying and running that involved hands getting cut off or feet getting chopped off, as well. Shane Douglas and the Bruise Brothers entered the ring to have Dreamer’s back, but the Bruise Brothers attack Dreamer and send him groin first into the ring post. Dreamer is left holding his groin to finish the show.

Final Thoughts:
BRIAN PILLMAN is amazing, folks. I don’t think during his WCW run I ever got the impression of Pillman as a major star, but one appearance in ECW and he could be THE GUY for the promotion. He has evolved as a performer to a point that you’d never think he was a clean cut baby face just four years prior. The final segment between Raven and Dreamer really makes the feud seem like it is at a boiling point.

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