ECW Hardcore TV 2/27/1996

Written by: Bob Colling

Extreme Championship Wrestling presents Hardcore TV
From: Philadelphia, PA

1.) Taz defeated Joel Hartgood
2.) JT Smith defeated Axl Rotten
3.) Shane Douglas defeated Cactus Jack

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) ECW World Champion Raven and the Bruise Brothers are sitting somewhere backstage. Raven says that Dreamer took his life. Kimona comes into the picture and shows off her breasts to Raven.

2.) We see footage from the ECW Fan Cam of a match between Shane Douglas and Raven. Brian Pillman appeared at ringside during the match. Douglas nearly wins the ECW World Championship following a drop toe hold sending Raven face first into a chair. Douglas tried to get his hands on Pillman.

3.) We start with Shane attacking Jack right of the bat. Shane Douglas hits a closeline with the necktie. Shane Douglas keeps beating down Foley. Foley tries to walk it off, and grabs a crutch and nails Douglas with it. Douglas beats down Douglas some more. Foley is reppin’ the cowboy boots tonight. Shane Douglas then goes up and flies Macho Man style with the double-axe-handle. Douglas is taking it to Jack. Shane Irish whips Jack into the corner and beats the crap out of him. Douglas hits a leg drag on Foley. The crowd wants Foley to die. Douglas blocks a suplex; then hits one, and crashes Foley into the guardrail. Douglas goes high and over the guardrail. OH MY GOD!!!!! Back in the ring, Douglas is a snapmare take over, and traps the chair in his foot. Off the top the rope, and onto the chair. Douglas works over the right knee, and hits elbow to the head. Foley comes back elbow to the chin, boot to the face and a chair to the back. Foley walks around, but then attacks Douglas. Slingshot into the ropes. Foley drives an elbow to the throat to Douglas, followed by another. Foley is working him over with boots to the temple.

Styles says you can smell that hatred these two have for each other. Foley is driving some forearms to the end. Finger nails across Douglas’ back. Foley works over Douglas some more with some forearms. Douglas falls outside. Foley uses the table to trap Douglas, and drives an elbow. Foley hits drop toehold into the chair, but only gets a dos. Foley hits a Piledriver. ONE-TWO-NO. Douglas hits Foley with handcuffs, and Douglas set up his Best Friend not for Life. Douglas uses the chair to kill Douglas. He gets on the stick, and tells Foley to get up, so he can kick his ass. They ask if he wants to quit, and he says no. Foley tells Whipreck to get his ass out here. Douglas puts in the figure four. Mikey comes in—and knocks Foley out with the chair. Douglas gets the pinfall @ 15:45. This would end up setting up Whipreck-Foley for his farewell match. Not the best technically sound match, but they got the point of the match over well. This match just proves that Foley can put a good match on with just about anyone. Foley really did a good job of adding some drama in the match; he also took some really brutal chair shots at the end, which would be later copied by WWF in Rumble 1999.*** ¼ (Credit: Kyle, CyberSlam ’96, Review)

4.) Shane Douglas is by a chalkboard and is going to give a lesson on extreme life. Douglas wants Cactus Jack to tell Vince McMahon he says hello. He also discusses Brian Pillman saying that Pillman is claiming to be a loose cannon. Douglas says he is the personification of a loose cannon and we see several examples of Douglas being a loose cannon during his ECW run. Douglas says that Tommy Dreamer came to him knowing that he was a marked man and wanted to make sure Beulah was kept safe. The deal was that Douglas would protect Beulah and the child no matter what. Douglas turned his back on Dreamer getting beaten up because of that deal to protect Beulah. He suggests we ask Tommy Dreamer himself.

5.) Tommy Dreamer is sitting in the corner and says that Douglas is speaking the truth. He knows that when the men come for him that he wants Beulah and his child out of the area. Dreamer says you can take his life and career but you’ll never get his girl or kid.

Final Thoughts:
This is by far the best Tommy Dreamer I’ve ever seen. His promos are captivating and he brings the proper emotion to make the feud feel like it is really serious. A good episode once again for ECW, which I probably don’t need to point out anymore.

Thanks for reading.

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