WCW Thunder 2/21/2001

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Kwee-Wee has come out and challenges anyone in the back. Kaz Hayashi answers the call.

Match 1: Kwee Wee v. Kaz

Wee is knocked to the floor and Kaz flips out on top of him. He hammers him and then rolls him back into the ring. Wee comes back and tees off on him. He gets a two count but then gets dropkicked into the ropes. He tries to regroup on the floor and stumbles back in, and wallops Kaz and goes for a suplex but cannot get him up, the second attempt is successful and he gets two. They battle and are on the apron, Wee goes for a suplex but he is dumped off. Kaz scissors him over, pulls him up and rolls him back into the ring. Kaz is in command but Wee comes back, misses the missile kick. But he counters, and goes off the ropes slamming into Kaz. Kaz kicks him in the head and gets two. Wee catches a charging Kaz, spins him down hard getting two. But Kaz won’t let him sustain any offense long-term and then finishes him off.

*** Fun opener.

Wee beats him up after the match.

Morrus comes down and he wants a piece of Scotty Steiner tonight. Steiner immediately comes out, taunts him and obliges him. He promises not to break his legs. But he will break his back and then his spirit. Maybe Morrus wanted Rick, and Morrus wonders why he is fighting his big brothers battles. Scotty makes his way to the ring and Rick ambushes and beats up Morrus who eventually fights back sending him into the railing. Scotty runs him off. Morrus is in the ring and they are about to get into it to fight him but the locker room clears out and they tell the Steiners to get in the ring. They don’t.

Flair and Totally Buff are giggling like school girls.

Vito is looking for someone. Stasiak stops him and tells him that the guy is with Vito’s sister. Vito is decked from behind and the fight is on. Security separates him. He was looking for Johnny the Bull.

Match 2: AJ Styles and Air Paris v. Boogie Knights

Knights have dominated most of the match. First Paris was killed and then AJ and now Paris eats a top rope stomp from Wright. But he is hit with crossbody and nearly pinned. But Paris runs into a spinning backbreaker. Wright misses from up top. AJ is in as is Disco. Disco takes him down and now he misses from up top. He is rolled up and nearly pinned and then AJ DDT’s him for two. All four are in and end up on the floor. AJ leaps into them as does Paris.. In the ring, AJ pins Disco after a top rope crossbody!

**1/2 Not bad.

Stasiak is in the ring and calls the crowd hicks. He will speak real slow so the cans can hear him. He taunts the crowd some more and here comes Vito.

Match 3: Sean Stasiak v. Vito

Stasiak decks him but is run over and pummeled. Back and forth match. Mafia Kick but he is slow to cover and Sean kicks out. Stasiak suplexes him and then bridges one for two. He kicks him but is kicked himself, and goes for a neckbreaker but is whipped down. Stasiak connects with a neckbreaker. Match.

** Okay. But it was all action.

Vito is called worthless like the fans.

Crowbar does a solo interview in the back. Didn’t really pay attention.

Kanyon and Buff are giggling in the back.

They come out and Kanyon asks who’s better than him and no one really responds but he goes with it anyway. He makes fun of Ms. Jones and DDP. Buff cracks some jokes….

After the break DDP and Cat are kicking their asses.

Match 4: Buff and Kanyon v. DDP and Cat

Not a bad back and forth match. Heels are dominating but DDP makes the hot tag and Cat goes off. DDP is back and he flies into them and then the Cat finishes them off for the win.

**1/2 Solid back and forth.

Match 5: Jeff Jarrett v. Crowbar

JJ attacks him and Crowbar fights back but is sent over the top rope. JJ goes after him but is dropped. Crowbar splashes him from the apron. JJ recovers quickly as Crowbar sells the knee, and introduces him to the steps and then drops his knee onto it. He breaks the count, and goes back after him, focuses on the knee. Back in the ring, JJ goes up and gets two after a crossbody. He follows up with an enzuguri but misses in the corner and is kicked over and over. Crowbar mounts and pounds him. JJ finishes him off.

**1/2 Not bad.

JJ beats him after the match until Dustin runs him off.

Flair is withe conferring with Animal and friends.

They are doing a “shoot” with Shane Douglas with some of the worst camera angles of all time. They show him in triplet, some of it is in black and white and they circle around the set, they show his eyes and lips and go ADD with a bunch of quick cuts. Fucking horrible. He is bitching about Flair because he lied about watching his matches. WHO CARES. The camera is really distracting me, close ups on the on the cast etc. He is still bitching about Flair and how he had free reign in ECW, and since coming back he thought he’d get in a fight with Flair but being the politician he shook his hand and then stabbed Douglas in the back again. He calls Flair a sell out over and over. He will get revenge or something.

Buff gets in the face of Sean O’Haire and hits him. They tussle before it gets broken up.

Luger comes out and challenges Palumbo who emulated him at one time. He brags about being rich etc. Back in June he did not want to work with Palumbo. Luger gets pissed about the Goldberg chants.

Match 7: Lex Luger v. Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo starts strong but Luger overwhelms him and goes on a two minute offensive. But he runs into an elbow and Palumbo rocks him with a flurry only to run into a powerslam. But out of the blue Luger is pinned!

** Well, I guess I cannot call Luger a complete dick.

He attacks Palumbo after the match but Haire makes the save and Buff pulls Lex to safety.

Match 8: Hugh Morrus v. Scott Steiner

Steiner has dominated most of the match but Morrus is game and beats him out on the floor, running him into the railing and steps before rolling him back in. He goes over to Steiner and eats a jawbreaker. But Morrus comes back and goes up but he is hooked and slammed back. Steiner gets two after a belly to belly. Steiner softens the back and goes for a suplex but he is elbowed and then T Boned! Morrus heads back up top, and he hits the big elbow! But Steiner ges the arm up. Rick and Animal kick down a door as I guess they were locked in. Morrus misses his finisher and is then placed up top, and belly to bellied off the top and finished with the Recliner.

**1/2 Sure why not. The heel is powerful and the match was good. Not sure why they kicked down a door, maybe I missed something.

Only Rick comes down and Steiner is about to destroy Morrus. Page tells him to stop or he will kill Scotty. He heads down and Steiner heads up and DDP punches away but is nailed by Rick. They bring him into the ring and start to wail on him but Scotty misses with the pipe and DDP and Morrus leave through the crowd with Page informing Scotty that he is still standing, causing Steiner to foam at the mouth in anger.

*** Another good show. The matches weren’t spectacular but not bad either. No long promos and just told the story in the ring. Nice to see AJ Styles again. The downside was the horrible interview with Shane Douglas and the wacky camera angles. But overall WCW continues to impress with decent booking and strong heels and the crowds have remained involved. The ratings are shit but at least the shows aren’t.

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