WCW Nitro 2/19/2001

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

A really good PPV. The last five or six weeks has been pretty damn good. Hopefully this trend continues. While the ratings for the two hours remained the same as last week with a 2.3 and 1.8 it got a 2.0 unlike the 2.1 of last week. RAW had the same 4.8 though the second hour got a 5.2 rather than a 5.1.

Flair and the Magnificent Seven are conducting a funeral for Nash much like they did for Goldberg. They are all in the ring. Flair calls Nash a titan among men and one of the founders of the nWo along with Hogan and Hall. Hall gets some cheers and Hogan gets none. But then after acting sad for Nash he yells that Seven have struck again. Steiner has the mic and thanks Flair for being such a great leader. He is bragging about all the guys that he has taken out such as Sting, Booker and he is taking credit for Goldberg. He is getting chants! Decent sized crowd right now. He is yelling about how no one touches his freaks. There is only one man left, and he is going to take him down and do it with a smile on his face. He is going to just show us and he opens the coffin and out comes Kanyon dressed as DDP. Jesus, Steiner is still going, stumbling over his words. DDP comes through the crowd, and he has been through hell and so that is fine as long as he gets him at Greed. Steiner wanted Kanyon to take out DDP and DDP is fine with that. Steiner is pissed and throwing the props around. Jesus, the guy probably doesn’t remember the fight he had with DDP two months ago! They have to hold back Steiner.

Cat and Ms Jones are talking about having some teams. Something about the Cruiserweights. He is going to whoop Buff as Steiner wanted him to take out the Cat…Oh it is for a Cruiserweight Tag Division.

Match 1: Shannon Moore v. Jamie Noble

Sorry, but it has been a solid back and forth match. I like the fact that the crowd is actually shown. Moore dives over the top rope and into Noble. Moore nails Evan too but gets grabbed off apron by his leg and yanked down. They are back in the ring, and Evan wipes out Noble. Moore finishes him off.

*** Fun match.

Evan comes in to help kick Noble’s ass. He and Moore dance to some Three Count music.

Match 2: Brian Clark v. Mike Awesome

They are brawling. Clark gets the upperhand. Skipper runs out and gets pummeled. Now Team Canada with Storm overwhelms him and unload on Clark. Adams runs down to kick some ass. Fans are fired up as Kronik leaves them laid out.


Cat is walking in the back with some security and he has something planned. After the break he is talking to Storm and he is going to be paid back. Oh fuck, Morrus pops up on the screens screeching and cackling. Christ. Cat rambles some more.

Are we back to the 90s again? A video package for a new guy: Kid Romeo and how all the girls love him. The music was atrocious. Romeo was in the WWF and came to WCW last week. He wrestled on Jakked.

Chavo comes out for a match. But Animal and Konnan are brawling in the back….It is a tag match.

Match 3: Kidman v. Chavo (c)

Kidman is Konnan’s partner and he ambushes Chavo and lays waste to him. The bell rings. Now the other two fight down towards the ring as the match continued. Konnan dropkicks Animal from the apron as the other two brawl. Kidman misses the Frog Splash. Both make the tag, nope, Konnan cut off Chavo and rolls him up for two. He hammers him but Chavo comes back, makes the tag and he and Animal take turns in pounding on Konnan. But he comes back with a rolling clothesline on Chavo and makes the tag. Kidman splashes him in the corner but is ambushed and stomped on courtesy of Animal. Now it breaks down as the faces take him out and Chavo is alone and he just stands there to wait for them to attack. They fucked up the facebuster from Konnan. Animal pulls him out. Konnan somersaults from the apron and Chavo flies into a clothesline. Chavo and Kidman go at it in the ring. Short powerbomb, and Rey comes running out and hits a guillotine legdrop on Chavo and he is finished.

**1/2 Clearly Konnan and Animal were winded. but it was fun and the crowd was hot.

Animal beats up Kidman and Konnan runs him off.

Buff comes out. Here comes the Cat and of course he is speaking. I tuned him out. Buff talks and the fans are fired up and he gets them going and then attacks the Cat.

Match 4: Buff Bagwell v. Cat

Pretty long match so far. Nothing special though. Cat is grounded but he powers up and out. He clotheslines Buff, pulls him up and is yanked down and put back in the chinlock. He is up and gets slammed. Kanyon comes down after the Cat kicks Buff around. He helps Buff and the Blockbuster finishes him.

** Okay.

Jones slaps Kanyon and gets a Cutter! They beat up the Cat. Jones is getting checked out by refs.

After the break she is carted off in an ambulance.

Match 5: Lash Leroux v. Rick Steiner (c)

Steiner absolutely murders him.

*1/2 Squash.

Great Morrus is mad at Steiner. He will fight Rick for trying to hurt Lash.

Match 6: Lance Storm v. Hugh Morrus

He is going to be serious for a moment. He has beaten Rection or Morrus or DeMott or whoever he wants to be called. Anthem time!

It is still playing after the break!

They go at it and Morrus unloads on him. He sends him to the floor after a flurry of chops Storm comes back and hammers him after some give and go, or give and take. He get two. He hucks him to the floor but gets murdered with some huge lariats after going after him. Morrus rolls him back into the ring and is backdropped. He tries to come back but is spiked and finished with the NO Laughing Matter.

** Fun but I am bit surprised by the ending. I guess Morrus is getting a push. The fans love him though.

JJ comes out eating fried chicken and dressed like Dusty Rhodes! He is doing a nice impersonation of him. Kind of funny actually. Okay it has gotten old: He keeps saying “If you will” and talking about JJ or himself beating up Dustin the fruit of his loins. He has some random jobbers run down in order to put on an expedition. This is really bad now. It is still going on. Dustin runs out to attack JJ but he is ambushed by Rick Steiner. Dustin bulldogs him. JJ guitars Dustin.

Match 7: Kanyon v. DDP

Back and forth match with DDP starting strong with his usual offense. Now Kanyon is in command. DDP comes back and goes off and the fans are loving it! Kanyon nuts him and then Cuts him! But DDP kicks out! A lot of exclamations!! Kanyon has a chair and the ref takes it. So he hits him with the book, that had in the summer with the brick in it. DDP kicks out and Kanyon has some knucks but he is kicked and DC’d and it is over.

**1/2 They always have a fun match.

Steiner comes down with his pipe and DDP leaves through the crowd and informs him that he is still standing.

*** I would rank this higher but for the overlong beginning and JJ promo. Still it was a fun show. Decent wrestling. It went by fast with little filler other than the two big segments. It is pretty close to a half star higher….I like the feuds even. Steiner is awesome as champ still. He and DDP will have a solid feud. I like the Cruiserweight stuff. All of it. Konnan is back…So is Kidman and Rey. Storm and the Cat had a solid feud but not sure what is going to happen now with him.

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