WCW Thunder 2/14/2001

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

Storm is commish now. He is setting up matches. A screaming Steiner wants Flair and wants to kick some ass. Storm will take care of that for him.

We are informed that Nash is injured due to Nitro and not sure if he will be at the PPV.

Match 1: AJ Styles and Air Paris v. Evan Karagias and Jamie Noble

AJ! He and Noble lock up and AJ is pushed into the corner, and they shove each other. Noble snaps him over and gets one. AJ is looking good with some nip ups and dropkicks. He and Paris clear out the ring. Paris and Evan go at it. AJ is in and gets two and he flaots over and decks Noble off the apron but is knocked to the floor. Styles is flung head over heels into the railing as Paris bickers with Noble. Back in the ring Noble gets two on AJ after a snap suplex. AJ is stomped on by both men. Whipped form pillar to post but he gets his boot on on Evan but runs into a powerslam and nearly finished. Styles is hammered and put in a surfboard but Paris makes the save. They then collide and both are down. They are both up and exchange some moves and both are down again. Each crawl to the corner and make the tag…Paris is dominating. He has Noble over his shoulders and spikes him and then mounts and pounds Evan in the corner. Noble though bridges the suplex and AJ makes the save only to get kicked to the floor. Evan springs into him. Paris catches Noble up top but is decked by Evan and then killed with a big lariat and it is over…Nope. They are fighting over the pin! AJ kicks Noble and is attacked by Evan. AJ is nearly pinned but the save is made. The fight heads to the floor and AJ springs into an epic Shooting Star Press but wipes out his man and AJ is brought back into the ring and dropkicked into a powerbomb and he eats the pin.

*** Really fun!

Sanders is given instructions by Lance as Awesome glares. He has to do something for Flair and is not allowed to call Lance by his first name.

O’Haire screams about fear etc.

Match 2: Jindrak v. O’Haire

Not a bad match. Back and forth for six plus minutes now. Stasiak is watching from the stage. Jindrak puts the boots to him and goes up top, he had hit a hurracarana from up there. He is knocked back and Haire flips off and does not land on his feet but is quite nimble. Jindrak is spiked and hit with the Seanton Bomb and pinned.

**1/2 Not bad at all.

Match 3: Sanders v. Kwee-Wee

Sanders slaps him and Wee just unloads on him getting a two count. They fight to the floor with Wee dominating. Sanders is thrust into the apron and then Wee tries to flip into him but he is nailed and clotheslined. Sanders breaks the count and then goes to work. Back in the ring they pummel each other. Wee comes back and mounts and pounds him in the corner but he is rolled up with Sanders using the tights to get the win.

** Not bad and a decent length.

Awesome is going to end the career of the Cat tonight.

Match 4: Mike Awesome v. Cat

Awesome attacks him as Cat enters the ring. Cat tries to come back but he is stomped into the corner. Mike DDT’s him and then works over the small of the back. Chinlock applied. Cat is up and fires back but is nailed in the nuts and tossed to the floor. Cat pounces though and runs him into the announce table, uses a cord to choke him out but Awesome elbows free and short clotheslines him. Awesome gets in the ring. Cat misses the Feliner on the floor after Awesome went out after him. He hit the railing. Awesome is hammering him, and goes for the Bomb but Cat slips behind, but he holds the knee and gets it clipped. Awesome nails it again and goes up top. Frog Splash. Match.

**1/2 Nice win for Awesome. Cat is down and out and sets up his probable win at the PPV.

Awesome hits another Frog Splash! Storm is in the back a happy camper.

Match 5: Morrus and Rey v. Wall and Chavo

Back and forth. Rey is hold up in a hangman’s noose by Wall and can be pinned but Wall pulls him up. Now Chavo works him over but Rey fends him off and goes up top only to be crotched. He goes up after him but Rey Frankensteins him off. The big men are in and they brawl. Rey is launched by Morrus into Chavo but the save is made. Rey dodges both heels and Morrus just crushes Chavo in the corner but Chavo chops him right back only to be spiked. Morrus slowly goes up and Wall moves Chavo out of the way and no one is home. The heels finish off Rey and beat them up after the match.

** Not bad.

Totally Buff giggle about nonsense. Buff is the Stuff and makes fun of Konnan.

Match 6: Konnan v. Buff Bagwell

Konnan is going to dropkick Buff’s face into oblivion. I must have missed a back stage brawl.

Sorry. Not a bad match. Konnan was getting the upperhand and then Lex came down to help Buff win. Brian Adams runs them off.

** Angle advancement.

Match 7: Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner v. DDP and Dustin Rhodes

Wow this took forever to get started. Dustin is hammering JJ in the ring. DDP was battling Steiner on the floor and now they head to their respective sides. Again I am slacking….All four are battling back and forth. Right now Dustin is getting pounded by both Steiner and JJ. Sleeper courtesy of JJ and Dustin turns it around but he is back suplexed. DDP though gets the hot tag after Rhodes fends off JJ. DDP rips into both heels. Powerbomb on JJ but the save is made. Steiner Bulldog on DDP but Dustin belts Steiner and they fight to the floor. DDP goes for the DC but JJ slips free. Here comes Steiner to help and DDP is finished.

** Angle advancement.

Scotty Steiner comes down with a pipe and goes apeshit. The locker room clears out and so doe security guys. One dude stands there and gets his leg “broken” with the pipe and they show it like broken in half. I am not kidding. That is pretty terrible. A pipe breaking a leg off. Oh well…

*** Heels really dominated the show. One thing about WCW it does make the heels strong and if done right it will eventually set up a face victory. They act like Nash won’t be at the PPV and we need to tune in to find out. Not the most enticing offer but they dangle it like a carrot for us I guess. I liked the opening match and the rest of the show was not bad. It set up the PPV. It did the job and makes me look forward to it. Plenty of wrestling and really no nonsense to ruin it…The broken leg thing could have been a cool touch but it was a bit much showing it hanging there. Anyway, I am looking forward to the PPV.

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