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WCW Nitro 2/12/2001

Written by: Kevin Kildenberger

It is time to stop fucking around and delaying the inevitable. Time to bury WCW. I need to put aside my pathetic feelings for a defunct organization that mostly bungled itself into nonexistence. However, WCW, you will always be in my heart: I will never let go Jack….I mean WCW. Let’s begin killing this bitch…again. It fell to a 2.1 off a 2.3 and 1.8. RAW received a 4.8 off a 4.4 and 5.1.

Well they are trying. They begin in the middle of a match between Dustin Rhodes and Rick Steiner. Rhodes is hammering him. A clothesline levels Rick and he rolls to the floor. Flair and friends comes out, and Flair is not happy with Rhodes and tells him that he is outta here. He is Ric Flair and this is his WCW and he is done. Here comes security. Rick is right behind and now Dustin is leveled and security swarms. He’s about to fight them off but told not to touch them or he will be sued. Flair is repeating himself about Dustin needing to beat it. Schiavone is acting sad with some mumbles. Now Flair and company are in the ring. Flair is the most powerful man in wrestling and the Seven run the world. Cue the Cat. Cat wonders if Flair has lost his damn mind. He is the Commish and he is going to reinstate putting his foot in his ass. Flair is tired him running his mouth and so he has a match tonight. Lance is shown walking and this is for the Commmissionership. Sanders is ref. Cat just shakes his head sadly.

Match 2: Cat v. Lance Storm

This was supposed to be after the break but instead Chavo has Flair cornered and he is not happy about El Nino last week, and Flair admits that that hurt him too. Rey got wind of it and he will make it up to him, and Chavo will get revenge.

Here we go: To be the Commish.

Cat goes for Sanders too as he hammers Storm right off the bat. Sanders attacks the Cat as he shucked and jived. Cat though DDT’s both men, and drops the elbow. He has Storm covered and uses Sanders’ arm to make the count but Storm kicks out. They try to double up on him again, but Cat fends off Sanders and hits the Feliner on Storm. No ref. For some reason Cat is stripping Sanders, and Storm kicks him in the skull and then puts him in the Leaf. Sanders calls for the bell right away. They beat up the Cat after the match.

* Angle advancement. Not really a match.

Flair is giddy. He comes out and is about to have them all kick the Cat’s ass. Nash shows up on the screen and warns them not to do that. Flair tells him to come on down, and Nash says he is not running the show and something is missing. Flair disagrees and they will have Nash’s seven foot ass. They pan back and Nash has a beat up and taped up David Flair, and Nash is running the show and making the demands. Nash wants a rematch at the PPV between the Cat and Storm. Flair is displeased but will do what he wants, and wants his kid left out of it. Nash wants Dustin to face Rick Steiner again. Flair better find him or else. If Dustin wins he is reinstated and Nash gets a title shot tonight. Flair is worried about Scotty’s reaction but gives in. Nash has had it with them and he is the man and running the show. If he has to hurt David he will do it, and he will hurt Steiner and get the belt.

Flair is really sad as they comfort him.

During the break Flair is yelling at Sanders to find Scotty.

Totally Buff are with the tag champs and want to shake their hands. They cackle about something….

Dustin has not left and Sanders tells him that he has a match tonight. Dustin does not care and wants him out of his room. Dustin will not get in the ring and threatens Sanders.

Match 3: Lash Leroux v. Yang

Yang and Lash are going at it with Yang getting the upperhand. He tries some move off the ropes but is grabbed by his ankles and yanked down. Lash stomps away. Yang comes back and dropkicks him in the corner and then dumps him over the top rope. Yang connects with a crossbody from the ring. They battle on the floor with Lash pounding him. Back in the ring, Lash gets a near fall after a running powerslam. He slowly goes up top and misses. Yang scissors him over. They are going at it for the next two minutes, exchanging holds and moves. Lash takes him down and gets a fall. but Yang counters with a DDT but cannot follow up. Lash is up and counters out of a move and turns a pump handle into a powerbomb. Lash does not cover him and spins him up into a fireman’s carry slam but Yang barely gets his shoulder up. Lash hammers him but is rolled up and nearly pinned, Yang charges but right into a back elbow. Yang tries to fend him off but he is nailed with a jawbreaker. Lash chops him up, and Yang runs off the ropes and flips backwards into Lash getting two. Now he follows up with a forward roll slam and then corkscrews from the top and he gets the win!

*** Nice long match. Right man went over too.

Flair is on the phone bellowing about his son. Sanders comes up and Flair tells him that he will deal with Steiner and he better deal with it. Sanders claims he will get it done.

Sanders is begging Dustin after the break. Dustin just wants a shot at the US title at the PPV and the deal is done but Dustin refuses to shake his hand.

Gene talks to Jindrak and Stasiak and how jealousy tore about the Thrillers. Stasiak is taking on Paumbo. Stasiak rambles about how stupid they are.

Cat is a sad bear. DDP is telling him to hang in there and he will get JJ and Kanyon tonight.

Animal is choking out Sanders as he assures Flair that it is a done deal. Flair apologizes. Flair tells Animal if something goes wrong he needs to be the insurance policy.

Match 4: Rick Steiner (c) v. Dustin Rhodes

Right at the bell they start brawling. Dustin clotheslines him and now boxes away. A right cross sends him through the ropes. Rick Steiner comes back and gets a two count, and they keep battling, and the fight spills to the floor with Steiner getting flung into the railing. But Steiner comes back and takes him into the ring where he puts him in a chinlock and then breaks it with an elbow to the skull. He strikes with a belly to belly suplex and then bloodies his nose anas he knocks him into the corner and wails away. But he poses and gets decked. Dustin applies the sleeper, until Rick counters with a jawbreaker. He uses his boot to choke him out in the corner. Rick pounds him for a bit and then keeps him grounded. Dustin powers up and out and goes off the ropes and he blocks a hiptoss attempt but Steiner just decleats him. he delays the cover and Dustin kicks out and then he bounces back and rolls up Rick getting two. THey are both up with Dustin hammering him, and he floats over him as Rick swings, and then Dustin is shoved into the ref who is out. Dustin has him but no ref. Here comes the Franchise and he knocks out Steiner and Dustin gets the win….Animal tried to come out but he got waylaid by Douglas.

**1/2 Nice brawl.

Rick and Animal have Douglas down and a chair over the other wrist. Dustin tries to save him but is pushed out. Rick jumps from the top rope “shattering” the wrist. Now Dustin runs them off.

Scotty is not happy with Flair as he was told the belt would be protected. He is going to handle this his way.

Here comes Skipper and he has a mic. He babbles that this is his house etc.

Match 5: Elix Skipper v. Kidman

Skipper decks him, sending him to the apron, and they go at it. Kidman knocks him back with the shoulder and he is in the ring and then scissors him over. Skippper collapses to the floor and Kidman leaps into him and then drives his head into the railing. Back in the ring they go at it. Skipper gets the upperhand and works him over. He misses the lariat but Kidman misses the Crossbody as Skipper does the Matrix. Kidman tumbled to the floor. Skipper flies into him and unloads on a staggering Kidman. Kidman tries to climb back into the ring but he is pulled out, run into the side of the ring and then rolled back in. Tw count. Kidman is placed up top, but Kidman fights free and powerbombs him off the top! But he is slow to cover, and only gets two. Skipper counters with a dragon suplex and he gets two. Now Kidman spikes him for two. They tussle and Skipper hoists him up, slams him down for two. Kidman blocks and front slams him and now he gets two. They go at it, trying to get the upperhand. Skipper has it and has the arms wide, but Kidman is twisting and turning. Kidman turns it: Kid Krusher and match!

***1/2 Nice win. Great match. Kidman is in the Four Corner Cruiserweight Match.

Fuck. Hugh Morrus is giggling with Gene. He will face the Wall at the PPV. Fuck all he is doing is giggling as he makes a tag match between he and Rey v. Wall and Chavo. Gene is befuddled.

Scotty is looking for Nash and beats up a worker for fun.

Flair is doing everything he can to find David….he is assuring his wife.

Match 6: Sean Stasiak v. Chuck Palumbo

Palumbo attacks. He knocks him to the floor. Stasiak comes back but he is grabbed and nailed with a fall away slam. Two count. Stasiak comes back and knees him in the gut and gets two after a gut-wrench powerbomb. He pulls him up and runs him into the corner where he punches and stomps him into the canvas. Stasiak drops him and gets two. Stasiak takes his time, runs him back into the corner and then plants him with a running bulldog. He follows up with a snap suplex, and a neckbreaker and he gets two. He argues with the ref, and Palumbo is up but leveled with a lariat. Stasiak chokes him out. Palumbo tries to come back but runs right into a back elbow. Palumbo though counters, T Bones him and gets two. They go back and forth. Palumbo has him down, goes up top and leaps across the ring crashing into him. He gets two. He goes for a superkick but it is slow and caught. They tussle, Stasiak rolls him up, grabs himself some tights and gets the win.

** Nearly nine minutes! Not bad, but not great. Crowd rather dead.

Stasiak tells him that he will beat him again at the PPV for the tag belts.

DDP comes out and runs through the crowd getting them all riled up. he enters the ring, he has them all fired up as I have not seen this many DC signs in quite some time. He is talking about JJ and how they will tear it down at the PPV. At Slapnuts SuperBrawl JJ will feel the Bang. Now to Kanyon. He calls him out on stealing his gimmick and finishing move, and how no one does that. He will take him on anywhere and at anytime. Cue JJ. JJ disagrees with DDP telling him that he will be wearing the guitar. DDP wants a piece and wants to do it right here in Biloxi MS. Kanyon slides in from behind but DDP sees him and just lays waste to Kanyon with a stiff back elbow and now a DC! DDP hops up to do his signal but does it right into a guitar! Stroke.

Steiner finds a cord, follows it into a room where Nash was, kicks it down but no Nash. He looks on the monitor and sees Nash walking….It took two hours to figure that out? JESUS.

Match 7: Kevin Nash v. Scott Steiner (c) for WCW Title

Nash has a wallowing David and plasters him with a heavy right….They are in the ring. Ric comes out, begs Nash for his son back as he has done everything he has asked. Nash powerbombs him!

Steiner runs down, and gets plowed over. Nash gets a quick two and does his thing with a flurry of punches and clotheslines him over the top rope.

Flair puts his son in a limo and then tells his troops to kill Nash despite claiming there would be no interference earlier tonight.

Steiner is in command. He posts him. Back in the ring he gets two after a belly to belly. Steiner goes uoff the ropes and stomps him. He kicks him into the corner and sprinkles in some forearms. He jaws with the crowd as he pounds on Nash. Nash is down, Scotty yells at the crowd, turns and clotheslines Nash and does som push ups. Here come the Seven but Cat and friends meet them up on the stage and the brawl is on. Nash is suplexed or side-slammed. Missed it. Both are slow to get up. Nash blocks a blow and unleashes with some of his own: Sideslam and two count. Nash hits the big boot! Straps come down. Here comes an irate Flair as Nash preps for the powerbomb, and here comes Flair, Nash stands there and just looks at him as Flair ineffectually hits him. Nash turns and unloads on him as Steiner struggles to get up. Flair is whipped into the ropes, and Nash hits the big boot! He has Flair up for the powerbomb but Steiner attacks with the lead pipe. He did hit the powerbomb first, I missed that. Steiner stands tall as Nash had his knee bashed in.

** Angle advancement.

***1/2 I will say this: WCW is certainly doing their damndest to make it interesting. And I for one am fairly entertained. I like the Cruiserweights getting some time, and I like how they are using Nash and DDP. I like Steiner and Storm and the Cat. The crowd was fairly small of course but they were into it. They did a nice job of setting up the PPV. Of course you get the Morrus’ and Stasiak’s but such is life as WCW always has to have some tripe going down. Still, a really good show.

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