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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #63 9/24/2003

Written by: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action Weekly PPV #62
From: Nashville, TN

Outside, Erik Watts has a confrontation with Don Callis for favoring Vince Russo instead of Roddy Piper. Callis tells Watts that Watts is in charge of the stuff in the ring while he controls everything else.

3LK comes out for a rap routine. Eventually, Simon Diamond, Glenn Gilbertti and David Young came out to attack Konnan, BG James and Ron Killings. They head to the ring and say that their opponents are in no condition to compete. Raven, CM Punk and Julio Dinero come out for a brawl. Raven gets a microphone saying he wants to scream, cry and puke every time he looks at himself in the mirror because he is embarrassed. Raven reveals that he has been diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenic, clinical depression and manic depression.

Kid Kash comes down to the announcers table to let us know that he is not responsible for what happens to Terry Taylor tonight.

Backstage, Jerry Lynn is interviewed by Scott Hudson. Lynn says he has heard people saying that he can’t hang with the young guys. Lynn doesn’t think that the young guys can hang with him.

Opening Contest: Frankie Kazarian vs. Chris Sabin vs. Nosawa vs. Juventud Guerrera vs. Jerry Lynn in an elimination match, number one contenders match: As you might imagine the action is non-stop here with all five men showcasing their talents. Nosawa is highlighted at first with his various kicks, but that doesn’t last overly long. Lynn and Sabin traded some hurricanranas until Lynn dumps Sabin to the floor where Lynn leaps off the apron to hit another one. Juventud and Nosawa enter with Nosawa sending Guerrera face first into the corner hitting a German suplex moments later. Juventud plants Nosawa with a fisherman buster to eliminate Nosawa.
First Elimination: Nosawa by Juventud Guerrera

Lynn dropkicks Sabin to the floor as Kazarian gets met with a head scissors from Guerrera. Juventud continues with a dropkick to a seated Kazarian and a head scissors on the floor. Sabin dropkicks Guerrera off of Kazarian’s shoulders. Sabin continues with a dropkick on Kazarian for a two count. Lynn leg drops Sabin throat first over the middle rope and hits a slingshot splash for a near fall. Guerrera gets in on the action dropping Lynn with a springboard missile dropkick. Kazarian hits a somersault leg drop on Sabin, who tags in Lynn. Lynn avoids a slingshot DDT attempt by Frankie. Kazarian drives Sabin down with the Wave of the Future but only manages a near fall. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock and pins Kazarian.
Second Elimination: Frankie Kazarian by Chris Sabin

Sabin tosses Guerrera into the corner chest first but Lynn lifts Sabin into the corner Guerrera delivers a dropkick for a near fall. Juventud hits a frontward bulldog on Lynn, who takes Sabin down with a reverse neck breaker. Sabin sunset flips Lynn, who takes Guerrera over with a German suplex. Sabin kicks Lynn after jumping off of Guerrera’s back. Lynn and Guerrera trade a series of pin attempts. Lynn spikes Guerrera with a backpack driver to eliminate the Juice.
Third Elimination: Juventud Guerrera by Jerry Lynn

Sabin has Lynn over his shoulder managing to hit a spinning DDT but Lynn kicks out at two. Sabin shoves Lynn off the middle rope but gets crotched on the top. NWA-TNA X-Division Champion Michael Shane is on the ramp to see the match. Lynn takes Sabin down with a superplex but only manages a two count. Lynn comes off the ropes and runs into a big boot. Sabin plants Lynn with a brain buster but still can’t put Jerry away. Sabin sends Lynn into the referee and Lynn goes for the TKO but Shane enters the ring and accidentally hits Sabin with the title. Lynn takes care of Shane with a DDT. Lynn finishes Sabin off with the cradle piledriver for the win.
Fourth Elimination: Chris Sabin by Jerry Lynn (***. A fine X-Division match, though the finish probably didn’t need the botched interference. Not surprising that Lynn won considering the angle they have going that Lynn is being treated like he can’t hang with the young guys anymore.)

Backstage, Ekmo Fatu and Sonny Siaki attacks Mad Mikey and Shark Boy during their interview.

Mike Tenay interviews Roddy Piper and lets him know that TNA decided to go with Vince Russo instead of going with Roddy Piper. Piper puts over the company as being a rocket ship and wants to be part of it. Piper puts over the guys in the company has being tremendous talents, as well.

Don Callis comes out to the ring and says that he chose Vince Russo and banned Roddy Puper from the Asylum for life. Callis is going to announce the firing of Jeff Jarrett until Erik Watts comes out and says that Jarrett will be wrestling Christopher Daniels tonight. NWA World Champion AJ Styles will wrestle Dusty Rhodes in a bunkhouse brawl match. Oh, and the trio of Simon Diamond, David Young and Glenn Gilbertti will compete against 3LK.

Second Contest: Chris Vaughn & Rick Santel vs. Ryan Wilson & Kevin Northcutt: Erik Watts gets involved dropping Wilson with a choke slam and Santel gets the pin fall. Vaughn and Santel were the major underdogs here.

Backstage, Terry Taylor is interviewed about his match with Kid Kash. Taylor says he is going to teach Kash a lesson tonight.

Third Contest: Kid Kash vs. Terry Taylor: Kash has Abyss in his corner and Taylor has America’s Most Wanted in his corner. Kash takes Taylor down to the mat and taunts him but Taylor comes back with a clothesline and Kash bails to the floor to regroup. Taylor takes Kash down with a dragon scree leg whip and has an ankle lock on Kash but isn’t able to get a submission. Kash bites the forehead of Taylor and stomps Taylor on the groin. Kash comes off the ropes to hit a swinging neck breaker. Kash springboards off the top rope to hit a cross body but Taylor kicks out at two. Kash sends Terry to the floor and tells Abyss to go over there and he attacks AMW. Taylor atomic drops Kash but here comes Abyss who hits the Black Hole Slam. James Storm takes Abyss out while Chris Harris spears Kash and puts Taylor on top to give Taylor the win. (*. The interference protects Kash, but I don’t know why Taylor is going over here. Kash is getting over as a heel and a victory here was probably the right direction.)

Backstage, Vince Russo is yelling at Erik Watts who told Russo that if he wanted to play games, then the games are officially on.

Fourth Contest: Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Jarrett: Daniels chops Jarrett early on but Jarrett takes Daniels over with a backdrop. Daniels clotheslines Jarrett over the top to the floor where Daniels misses a double axe handle and hits the railing. Jarrett sends Daniels into the railing a few more times. Jarrett leaps off the top but is caught in midair as Daniels hits a Rock Bottom. Daniels continues to work over Jarrett with basic strikes. Daniels gets a near fall following a vertical suplex. Daniels heel kicks Jarrett after getting out of a rollup. Daniels slams Jarrett and hits the Best Moonsault Ever but Jarrett kicks out again. Jarrett drops Daniels with a kick to the head. Jarrett battles back with a gut buster and a dropkick. Jeff goes to the top hitting a cross body for a near fall. Jarrett blocks a kick to the head and attempts the figure four but Daniels nearly wins with an inside cradle. Daniels drives Jarrett down with a spinning sit out slam. Jarrett kicks one of the minions into the ropes to crotch Daniels and Jarrett pins Daniels with a rollup. (*1/2. I didn’t like the match as Daniels didn’t come across like a threat to Jarrett despite weeks of promotion. It would be wishful thinking to think Jarrett would job here, anyway.) After the match, Daniels whips the minion that messed up with a belt.

Backstage, Dusty Rhodes says that he is an icon and that he has several women waiting for him in his truck after his match with AJ Styles tonight.

Fifth Contest: NWA-TNA World Tag Team Champions Glenn Gilbertti, Simon Diamond & David Young vs. Konnan, Ron Killings & BG James: Johnny Swinger is the other tag champion, and isn’t on the show. Yet, this match is still for the championships. 3LK go right after the champions sending them to the floor. Diamond and Konnan start the match with Konnan eventually hitting a rolling thunder clothesline. BG James gets tagged in as does David Young. Young decks James with a right forearm shot. BG clotheslines Young in the corner and holds David to allow Killings to come off the top and hit a leg drop to the groin area. Young rolls to the floor to regroup. Gilbertti tags in to try his luck against Killings. Gilbertti decks Killings with a clothesline and continues with stomps in the corner. Killings ducks a clothesline to hit a spinning heel kick and gets a near fall. Killings has Gilbertti and hits a power slam for another two count. Diamond cheap shots Killings from the apron and Gilbertti takes Killings down working on his knee before tagging in Diamond to continue the onslaught.

Diamond takes Killings over with three snap suplexs and a fisherman suplex for a two count. Young tags back in and kicks Killings several times in the corner. Young drops Killings with a clothesline and tags in Gilbertti. Killings hits a scissors kick on Gilbertti. James and Young get the tags with James cleaning house. James jabs Diamond several times and decks Gilbertti and Young before hitting a knee drop on Diamond. James has Young for a pump handle but Gilbertti makes the save. Konnan plants Gilbertti with a face buster but Diamond super kicks Konnan. Killings is sent into a super kick from Diamond and Diamond accidentally super kicks Young. Killings hits a missile dropkick on Diamond. James sends Diamond over the top to the floor with a clothesline. Killings takes Diamond out with a dive to the floor. Gilbertti whacks James with a steel chair and Young hits a spine buster to get the victory. (*1/2. The final few minutes was fast and enjoyable, but it was otherwise not so great.)

Outside, AJ Styles attacks Dusty Rhodes at his truck, but Dusty is fighting back as the match starts outside.

Sixth Contest: NWA-TNA World Champion AJ Styles vs. Dusty Rhodes in a bunkhouse brawl: They are brawling in the grass where Vince Russo is punching on Rhodes as well. Dusty low blows Styles and sends AJ into the truck. Dusty sends AJ into a wooden building but AJ fights back with right hands. They brawl into the arena with Russo hitting Dusty with a bag or something. Dusty whacks AJ over the head with his boot. Styles uses the boot on Rhodes as well. AJ chokes Dusty with his belt as they finally enter the ring. Dusty gets out of the corner and elbows AJ. Dusty exposes AJ’s butt and spanks the champion. Jeff Jarrett comes out to prevent Vince Russo from escaping the ring. Jarrett has Trinity over his knee and Dusty is spanking her bare ass as well. The bell sounds and that’s it. How does a bunkhouse brawl end in a no contest? I have no idea.

AJ Styles comes over to the announcers table and says he is embarrassed and deserves a little bit more respect than what has been shown. Styles invites Dusty to the “house of style” and challenges Dusty to a NWA-TNA World Championship match next week. Vince Russo comes over and says there will not be a title match with Dusty Rhodes next week. Russo says he wants revenge and has a bigger picture. Russo says he will team with Styles to take on Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes next week. AJ Styles agrees.

Backstage, James Mitchell wonders how Raven feels knowing he is the first person to be scalped on live television.

Main Event: Shane Douglas, Slash & Sinn vs. Raven, CM Punk & Julio Dinero in a dog collar chain match: Raven, Punk and Dinero run to the ring and go on the attack. Raven is tied up with Douglas and chokes him over the middle rope. Dinero is paired up with Slash and Punk with Sinn. Raven yanks on the chain and sends Douglas face first into the ring post. Punk sends Sinn into the ring post as well. Raven has a bloodied Douglas in the cobra clutch. Sinn enters the ring to make the save. Sinn clotheslines Punk with the chain as the heels now have control of the match. I’m fairly certain everyone in the match is bleeding at this point. Sinn works over Punk with punches while Douglas works over Raven on the floor. Sinn yanks on the chain from the floor and Punk slides out of the ring crashing to the floor. Slash is pressing Dinero’s face into the ring steps. Sinn comes off the top with the chain and whacks Punk with it. Raven and his men are able to stop Douglas and his men on the middle rope as they went for triple axe handles. Raven low blows Douglas with the chain allowing Dinero and Punk to hit a double bulldog on Douglas.

Raven, Punk and Dinero pummel the heels in three corners and send them into each other. Raven brawls with Douglas on the floor while the camera completely misses Dinero pinning Slash in the ring. After the match, Vampiro enters the ring and attacks Raven. Slash drops Punk with a spinning slam. Douglas brings Raven to the outside towards the balcony. Slash is hanging Punk from the balcony, as is Raven and Dinero. (*1/2. Well, they were rather limited with the chain and dog collar. It’s just a ten minute brawl and they blade a bunch to continue the blood feud angle. The aftermath continues to make this feud interesting.)

Final Thoughts:
Aside from the opening match, the show lacked any entertainment in-ring wise. I was hoping for a better result in the main event but was disappointed there. Plus, they need to have AJ Styles wrestling worthwhile competition instead of Dusty Rhodes.

Thanks for reading.

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