The Match #9: Money Inc. Vs. The Natural Disasters In WWF ’92

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In early 1992, Money Incorporated formed consisting of Ted DiBiase, IRS and Jimmy Hart. In short time, they won the tag titles in February when Hart inserted the new team into a match against the Legion of Doom instead of his clients, the Natural Disasters. Naturally, Earthquake and Typhoon didn’t like that and they began to feud. They’d have match at WrestleMania, but there wasn’t a decisive winner thanks to Money Inc. taking a count-out loss.

Eventually, the Natural Disasters would win the WWF Tag Team Championships on July 20th, 1992 at a house show in Worcester, MA. They’d have a brief feud with the Beverly Brothers over the summer before Money Inc. reemerged as challengers in the fall. Which, sets up the match I’m focusing on in this article.

The match took place on October 13th, 1992 and aired on November 1st on WWF Wrestling Challenge, which was a syndicated show for the WWF. The title match took place in Regina, SK.

Prior to the match, the Nasty Boys confronted Money Inc. and Jimmy Hart since Hart had swindled them out of a title match, as well. DiBiase attempts to bribe them with money and after a handful of hundreds trading hands, the Nasty Boys seem okay with it, but they just pocket the money and attack Money Inc.! They knock DiBiase out with a double clothesline after knocking IRS to the floor.

DiBiase starts the match getting shoulder blocked by the champs and splashed by both men in the corner. Earthquake knocks IRS off the apron and DiBiase gets splashed twice in the corner again. DiBiase falls flat on his face within the early moments of the match. Typhoon gets tripped by IRS from the floor and chokes IRS but that allows DiBiase to get up and attacks Typhoon from behind and tags in IRS. IRS works over Typhoon in the corner with strikes. DiBiase tags back in as Typhoon was sent into the corner. DiBiase keeps control of the bout ramming Typhoon face first into the corner. IRS tags in and Typhoon gets rammed into the corner some more. IRS drops an elbow on Typhoon several times for a near fall. IRS attempts a suplex but Typhoon isn’t just too heavy and Typhoon reverses with a suplex of his own.

Earthquake and DiBiase get the hot tags with Quake hammering away on DiBiase followed by a back elbow. Quake atomic drops IRS over the top to the floor. Quake power slams DiBiase and delivers another elbow drop. The Headshrinkers are making their way down to the ring as Quake signals for the big sit down splash but Typhoon is on the floor daring the Headshrinkers. Quake gets attacked from behind and is tossed into the corner which causes Quake to fly over the top turnbuckle and crashes to the floor hitting the guard railing. The show goes to commercial after that spot.

Quake gets rolled back into the ring by Typhoon where DiBiase continues to work over Quake and with help IRS rams Quake into the corner. IRS controls Quake with a sleeper hold after jumping onto his back. Quake rams IRS into the corner and tries to crawl to his corner but isn’t able to reach Typhoon. DiBiase keeps a sleeper hold on Quake, which looks more like a choke. Quake rams DiBiase into the corner to break free, but IRS hops onto Quake’s back to keep the sleeper on. Quake rams IRS back first into the corner and breaks free from the corner. DiBiase enters and puts the Million Dollar Dream on Quake! Quake struggles and gets to his feet but DiBiase gets Quake down to the mat and Quake is down on his knees. The referee checks the arm three times and Quake doesn’t respond thus giving Money Inc. the titles! (**. I didn’t review this thinking it was some kind of all-time classic, but rather because it’s hardly every mentioned it seems like. This is actually a really good segment to get Money Inc. over as legitimate champions since they won the match cleanly in the middle of the ring. Plus, they overcame an attack by the Nasty Boys and still won. That would piss me off as a fan.)

After the match, The Nasty Boys confronted Jimmy Hart at the interview podium calling him a runt and cheap. Money Inc. came back out to try and save their manager. Hart gets picked up and is tossed off the podium into the tag champions.

Personally, I always liked Money Inc. even when I was a kid, so this was fun to look back and see them regain the titles from Earthquake and Typhoon. What are your memories of the match and/or the teams involved?

Thanks for reading.

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