2CW Uncut. Uncensored. Uncooked. 9/28/2015

Written by: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Uncut. Uncensored. Uncooked.
From: Binghamton, NY

Opening Contest: Matt Taven vs. JT Dunn: Taven stalls at the start yelling at some fans and walks around ringside briefly. Dunn takes Taven down to the canvas but they pop up and have a standoff. The fans chant for a test of strength, but there’s a delay in that occurring. Dunn puts his hand down his tights and Taven isn’t every interested in doing the test of strength. The show has been going on for nearly nine minutes and nothing of note has happened yet. Taven pokes Dunn in the eyes and they avoid each other until Dunn delivers an elbow shot and nearly wins the match. Dunn continues to work over Taven in the corner with a few more strikes. Dunn backdrops and then dropkicks Taven while Matt was sitting. Dunn misses a splash in the corner but elbows Taven followed by a hurricanrana. Dunn gets sent shoulder first into the ring post to stop his momentum. Taven is taunting the fans in the front row and is doing a great job at being an arrogant, annoying guy. Taven slams Dunn’s arm over the railing before tossing Dunn into the guard railing. Taven wants to kiss a guy in the front row. Dunn fights back with a series of chops but Taven delivers a double knee arm breaker to the injured arm of Dunn. Taven leaps over the top rope and drops Dunn’s arm over the top rope. Dunn fights back with a clothesline. Dunn elbows Taven a few times but gets dropped to the apron. Taven again yanks on the arm but misses a springboard dropkick.

Dunn nearly wins with a face buster back into the ring. Taven avoids Dunn in the corner but can’t avoid a rolling ace crusher, which nearly got Dunn a three count. Taven counters an elbow strike with a boot to the face. Dunn avoids a springboard moonsault but not a spinning heel kick. Taven hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Dunn gets kicked again but knocks Taven to the floor with an elbow strike. Taven rolls back in to avoid a dive and they avoid dives before Dunn elbows Taven on the apron. Dunn puts Taven on the railing and leaps off the apron to deliver a leg drop to the floor! Dunn goes to the top but misses a splash or something and gets nailed with a super kick. Taven goes to the top and finishes Dunn off with a frog splash for the win. (***. Once they got through the stalling, this became a really solid opener and the crowd was invested in both men. Taven is really good at getting people to hate him and Dunn played an underdog rather well here. I’d check out more matches between these two. Taven as a heel intrigues me, as well.)

Second Contest: Jessica Havok & Pepper Parks vs. Dick Justice & Veda Scott: The previous night, Parks teamed with Veda against Havok and Justice. In the end, everyone turned their attentions to Veda because she’s not a team player. I’d anticipate the same thing happening here. Well, I could be wrong as Veda seems to be dressed similar to Justice. So, perhaps this will be different since it’s a different market. This is a comedy match where Justice tries to control Parks but ends up feeling up his muscles. Justice does a slow motion save fore Veda in the corner but gets knocked down anyway. Veda gets a double choke slam and Parks gets the win. Moving along…

Third Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Brute Van Slyke: Slyck works over Brute with chops in the corner but a knee lift stops his offense. Brute gets sent to the floor and Slyck takes him out with a suicide dive! Brute drops Slyck throat first across the railing. They get back into the ring where Brute has kept control but is stopped with a few strikes. Brute punches Slyck off the top turnbuckle and Slyck crashes to the floor. Brute controls Slyck with a head vice but isn’t able to get a submission. They trade a few forearms with Brute getting the better of the exchange. Slyck tries for a clothesline but Brute doesn’t go down. Slyck hits a leaping clothesline to finally drop Brute. Slyck drives Brute down with a flapjack for a near fall. Slyck clotheslines Brute in the corner and comes off the middle rope to hit a leg lariat for a near fall. Brute plants Slyck with a sit out spine buster from a choke hold position for a near fall. Brute tries for a clothesline and hits it for a near fall. Brute runs into a back elbow and Slyck boots him away. Slyck drop toe holds Brute into the middle turnbuckle allowing him to hit another middle rope leg lariat for the win. (**. This came across a little clunky but was decent for what they managed to put together.)

Fourth Contest: AR Fox & Mike Bailey vs. Cheech & Colin Delaney: Bailey and Cheech start the match, but Cheech decides to tag out to Delaney instead. Bailey works over the left arm briefly, but Delaney gets out of it and they trade pin attempts leading to a standoff and they shake hands. Bailey takes Delaney over with a standing hurricanrana managing a two count. Delaney avoids a standing moonsault and dropkicks Bailey. Cheech gets tagged in jumping down across the back of Bailey. Cheech hits a slingshot senton from the apron onto Bailey. Cheech gets worked over in the corner as Fox gets tagged in. Fox clotheslines Cheech followed by a running knee lift by Bailey and a double dropkick. Fox nearly wins with a split legged moonsault. Fox stomps on Cheech before tagging in Bailey. Bailey kicks Cheech out of the corner and Fox leaps off of Bailey’s shoulders to take Cheech down with an arm drag. The same for Delaney but Cheech stops Fox with a snap power slam. Fox gets double teamed with a double stomp and clothesline for a two count. Delaney drives Fox down with a side Russian leg sweep keeping a submission hold on Fox.

Fox isn’t going to give up. Cheech tags in and rams Fox into the corner. Cheech spears Fox in the corner followed by a suplex. Delaney stomps on Fox from the top rope. Delaney delivers a double knee to the lower back of Fox. Delaney has a Boston Crab on Fox, and his wife is pulled into the ring. Fox ends up hitting her with a kick on accident. Bailey takes Cheech out with a strike off the ropes. Delaney pulls the ropes down to cause Bailey to crash to the floor. Delaney controls Fox with a few knee drops and a leg drop for a two count. Cheech takes Fox down to the mat with a back suplex for a two count. Cheech double stomps Fox followed by a splash off the middle rope for a two count. Fox springboards off the middle rope to plant Cheech with an ace crusher. Bailey kicks Delaney and Cheech in opposite corners a few times. Bailey continues to dominate the match with kicks. Fox and Bailey hit suicide dive to the floor and then hit somersault dives to the floor!

A fan tosses a prosthetic leg to Bailey who drives Delaney face first onto the leg on the apron. Fox is given the leg but Cheech avoids it. Fox and Bailey deliver several kicks to drop the challengers at the same time. Fox takes Delaney down with a suplex and Bailey hit a twisting splash but only gets a two count. Bailey sits Delaney on the top turnbuckle but Cheech comes in and saves Colin. Delaney hits a crusher on Fox and a suplex by Cheech. Cheech has Fox Bailey and hit a middle rope power bomb onto Fox, who was across the knees of Delaney for a near fall. Fox kicks Cheech but Delaney comes back with a kick. Bailey nearly pins Delaney with a standing shooting star slam. Bailey continues with a somersault double knee strike on Cheech. Bailey kicks Cheech and Fox comes over to drive Cheech face first down to the mat. Delaney is kicked by both men in the corner. Delaney and Cheech hit a GTS/DDT on the opponents. Delaney comes off the top to hit an elbow drop on Bailey after a suplex from Cheech and that’s enough for a three count. (***1/2. A fun match by all four men and I was quite surprised to see Cheech and Delaney get the victory. This isn’t a match that Randy Orton or Rip Rogers would probably appreciate. Non-stop action and the fans ate everything up. Really good action and a pleasantly surprising result.)

Fifth Contest: Ted Goodz vs. Joe Gacy vs. Isys Ephex vs. Brandon Webb vs. Benjamin Boone: The trademark five way filler match for 2CW. This goes around eight minutes and will get the brief treatment. Ephex continues the gimmick of waking up when music if playing. Once the music stops, he stops doing anything but is unstoppable when the music if playing. The music stops with Ephex having Boone in a Death Valley Driver. Boone gets tricked as the music plays again and Ephex wins with a rollup. After the match, Ephex seemingly wakes up and is confused over what happened. “I was asleep!” and he runs backstage.

Sixth Contest: Chris Hero vs. Dalton Castle: Castle goes to the floor where Hero follows and they roll in the ring both going back to the floor. Castle is afraid of Hero and the fans are laughing at his mannerisms. Hero decks Castle with a chop but Castle battles back with strikes of his own. The chops aren’t having much of an impact on Hero, though. Hero nails Castle with a hard forearm shot to the face for a near fall. Hero follows up with a standing senton splash. Hero continues to chop away on Castle until Castle pokes Hero in the eyes and bails to the floor to regroup. Hero tosses Castle back into the ring and decks him with another forearm. Castle sends Hero into the corner chest first and hits a back suplex. Castle rams Hero into the corner and works over Hero with strikes. Castle hits a running knee lift and goes for a pin in the 69 position but only gets a two count. Castle splashes Hero a couple of times but doesn’t put Hero away. Castle arm drags Hero and proceeds to head butt the back of Hero’s head several times. Castle stands up and headbutts his hands before playing to the crowd. Castle goes back to delivering headbutts.

Hero and Castle trade several shots with neither man dropping down. Castle controls Hero on the canvas but a forearm shot from Hero stops that. Castle catches Hero coming off the ropes but Hero elbows out. Castle attempts a German suplex but Hero gets out of it and nails Castle with a kick to the face. Hero chops Castle several times followed by a big boot. Hero boots Castle from the apron but Castle comes back with a kick himself. Hero nearly wins with a big boot. Castle ducks a forearm but doesn’t duck a knee shot to the head. Hero slams Castle to the canvas for another two count. Hero forearms Castle again and continues to deliver shots. “This is boring” from a random fan and he gets yelled at by others. Castle tosses Hero with a suplex. Castle knee lifts Hero in the corner and runs into a big boot. Castle catches Hero in midair to hit an overhead suplex for a two count. Castle works over Hero with forearm strikes in the corner until Hero backdrops Castle to the apron and hit a running bicycle kick. Hero delivers another shot to stagger Castle. Castle stops Hero with a punch and goes to the top turnbuckle but Hero gets out of the hold. Hero gets crotched across the top rope after trying a big boot. Hero forearms Castle off the apron to the floor. Hero kicks Castle into the guard railing. Castle is able to connect with a head scissors on the floor and goes to the top to hit a missile dropkick back in the ring for a two count.

They counter some rollup attempts and Hero nails Castle with a forearm followed by another one to the back of the head for a two count. Hero has Castle setup and spikes him with a cradle piledriver for a two count. Castle is laid out in the middle of the ring as Hero goes to the top rope. Hero misses a moonsault attempt and Castle hits a dead lift German suplex but Hero kicks out at two! They trade a few slaps and chops in the ring as they struggle to stay on their feet. Hero decks Castle with a forearm shot several times. Castle goes for a tombstone but Hero counters with one of his own. Hero forearms Castle while he was kneeling and that’s good enough for a three count. (***. A good match, but the constant forearms by Hero just doesn’t click with me. They worked together and Castle more than proved he can hang with someone like Hero. Not a boring match as a fan screamed. It was perfectly acceptable for an undercard match.)

Seventh Contest: Bin Hamin, EMT & Pete D. Order vs. Guero Loco & Steve McKenzie & IB Green: Who really cares about these guys? I certainly don’t. Moose makes his way out during the match, which I think was unadvertised, if I recall. Moose destroys Loco with a power bomb and has apparently joined Hamin. Mckenzie also gets a power bomb. Moose gets the referee and drops him with a dangerous looking power bomb. Well, Moose takes out Hamin and the heels, too. So, Moose was just there to destroy everyone. After the match, EMT gets on the microphone and is pissed. He takes out Hamin with a slam.

Eighth Contest: American Wolves (Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. Matt Jackson & Roderick Strong: Wolves hit stereo baseball slides to take control of the match. They work over Jackson and Strong with kicks on the floor. Richards is destroying Jackson with kicks while Edwards chops Strong. Jackson is rolled into the ring and the match officially starts with Richards. Richards sends Matt into Edwards and Eddie tags in to drop Jackson with a forearm shot. Richards comes off the ropes to kick Jackson after a drop to hold. Wolves continue to double team Jackson. Edwards takes Jackson over with a snap suplex for a near fall and tags in Richards. Jackson tries to fight back with forearm shots and tells them to suck it. Wolves yank Jackson down to the canvas and Strong tags in but is hip tossed to the canvas. Richards forearms Strong in the corner and they double team Roderick. Richards clotheslines Strong for a two count. Edwards tags in but Strong fights back. Matt has a head scissors on Eddie on the apron and Strong kicks him off. Jackson goes to the floor to brawl with Richards. Strong runs the ropes but then slowly goes to the floor and chops Richards.

Edwards is getting worked over on the floor with strikes and chops. Jackson pokes Eddie in the eyes with a Too Sweet gesture. Edwards continues to be double teamed as the referee is distracted by Richards. Strong tags in and slams Edwards and slams Jackson onto Eddie a few times. Richards is fed up and the referee is distracted. Strong slams Jackson onto Edwards numerous times. Richards makes the save on the cover attempt and slams Strong. Richards goes to Edwards and proceeds to slam Eddie onto Strong several times. Richards takes Jackson over with a snap suplex. Edwards gets slammed onto Strong again. Jackson super kicks Richards. Edwards is in the ring now and Jackson continues to work over Eddie. Jackson taunts Richards on the apron using Eddie’s arm to say suck it. Jackson super kicks Richards off the apron to the floor and taunts the fans. Jackson and Strong deliver chops and then suck it taunts to Edwards in the corner. Strong controls Edwards with an abdominal stretch but Edwards gets out with a hip toss. Strong takes Eddie over with an Olympic Slam and clotheslines Edwards in the corner. Jackson does the same and tosses Edwards with a power bomb in the corner. Jackson hits a somersault splash and Strong gets a two count.

Eddie boots both Strong and Jackson followed by a double face buster. Richards avoids an attack and Eddie takes them over with a double hurricanrana. Richards gets the hot tag and cleans house. Richards causes Strong to DDT Jackson with a dropkick. Richards forearms Strong in the corner. Richards kicks Strong several times. Richards takes Strong down with a handspring kick to the face for a near fall. Richards takes Strong over with a suplex while managing a pin on Jackson for a two count. Strong stops Richards with a knee strike but Edwards comes in to kick Strong and nearly wins with a rollup. Jackson pulls Richards to the floor while Edwards has a half Boston Crab on Strong. Jackson enters and punches Edwards but they don’t hurt him. Richards puts the ankle lock on Jackson countering a super kick attempt. Strong is able to break both holds and kicks Eddie in the corner. Eddie goes for a backpack stunner on Strong but Jackson hits a super kick. Strong with gut buster, Jackson hits a super kick and the Strong Kick only gets a two count as Richards made the save. Richards and Strong are left in the ring. They begin to trade a series of strikes. Richards kicks Strong in midair and the Wolves hit a brain buster/kick combo for a near fall. Jackson is on Eddie’s shoulders as Richards hit a top rope ace crusher for the win. (***1/2. I’d say this was a really good match and I was surprised the Wolves went over. Though, Strong eating the pin and not Jackson shouldn’t be a surprise, I guess. This was supposed to be Wolves/Bucks, for a second time in 2CW, but just like the first time that wasn’t able to happen.) After the match, Jackson super kicks the referee and they embrace for some reason.

Main Event: 2CW Heavyweight Champion Kevin Graham vs. Jason Axe vs. Michael Christopher vs. Sean Carr in an elimination match: The match has no disqualifications. Christopher tries to hit Graham with a chair shot but misses and all four men start brawling. Graham works over Christopher on the floor. Carr kicks Axe in the ring and hit a standing moonsault. All four men are on the floor until Graham and Christopher go back into the ring. Axe sends Carr back first into the guard railing. Carr is sent into the ring post face first. Graham atomic drops Christopher before hitting a clothesline over the top to the floor. Axe enters the ring and confronts Graham. Axe and Graham trade a few strikes. Neither man goes down following shoulder block attempts. Axe plants Kevin with a spine buster and taunts the fans. Carr comes off the top to hit a missile dropkick. Carr plays to the crowd and takes everyone out with a somersault dive over the top to the floor! Carr grabs Christopher and chops him on the floor. Carr stomps on Axe on the floor several times. Carr rams Axe into the guard railing face first followed by kicks.

Carr kicks Axe against the guard railing. The fans want Carr to use the fake leg and takes it from the fan. Carr nails Axe in the face with the leg. Graham and Christopher are in the ring where Christopher has his arm submission on Graham. Graham tries to fight out of the hold but waits and Carr nails Christopher with a super kick. Axe drops Christopher with a Death Valley Driver across Graham’s knees. Graham pins Christopher with a lifting DDT for the first elimination.

Axe and Graham double team Carr hitting splashes but can’t put him away. Graham knocks Axe down with several strikes but misses a clothesline. Graham takes Axe over with a backdrop. Graham comes off the ropes and kicks Carr off the apron to hit a bulldog on Axe. Graham goes to the middle rope but gets kicked by Carr. Carr kicks Axe several times. Carr kicks Axe causing him to DDT Graham, which we saw in the previous match. Axe misses Carr in the corner and is rolled up. Carr hits a shining wizard on Axe for a two count. Carr and Graham botch a Death Valley Driver spot. Carr slams Graham but misses a moonsault. Graham plants Carr with a sit out spine buster for a two count. Graham knee strikes Carr but gets dropped by Axe gut first to the mat. Axe puts a Crossface on Graham and Graham passes out to cause the second elimination.

Axe sets up a chair in the corner before grabbing Carr. Carr puts Axe on his shoulders to hit a rolling fireman’s carry followed by a moonsault off the middle rope. Graham can’t believe he is out as he heads backstage. Axe puts Carr on his shoulders and plants Carr with a Death Valley Driver for a two count. Axe knee lifts Carr before hitting a sit down fisherman buster. Carr super kicks Axe in midair followed by a Codebreaker. Carr super kicks Axe head first into the chair in the corner but only gets a two count. Carr whacks Axe over the back with a steel chair several times and still can’t pin Axe. Carr puts the chair on Axe and goes to the floor to get a few more chairs. Carr puts several chairs on top of Axe before heading to the top rope. Carr comes off the top hitting a Swanton Bomb! Carr goes for the cover and that’s finally enough to win the 2CW Heavyweight Championship. (**1/2. Alright, so it’s great to see Carr finally win the championship and the crowd wanted him to win, there’s no doubt. They totally missed a bigger moment had he won the belt back in March against the hated Nick Ando, though. The match suffered because nobody cared about Christopher. Jason Axe was seemingly in slow motion and didn’t seem to care that much. It made sense to have it down to Carr and Axe since Axe had the most heat of the other three men. Nobody would want to see Axe win the gold, again. This should have been a career highlight for 2CW and Carr, but it fell a little short because it was dragged out too long.) After the match, Carr is embraced by his family and gets a “You deserve it!” chant.

New 2CW Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr has a microphone and is prepared to give a speech. Carr thanks the fans for coming out on a Monday night to support a great company like 2CW. Carr thanks JD Love, the promoter for 2CW, for taking a chance on him four years ago. Carr notes that two people always told him that he could do whatever he wanted. Those people were his parents. Carr also talks about two guys who saw a lot of potential in him. One of them is Rob Cook, also known as IB Green. Carr thanks his fiancé and daughter for allowing him to follow his dreams. Carr thanks the fans yet again to finish the show.

Final Thoughts:
This was a really solid overall show with plenty of good action. There isn’t one stellar match, but several matches had entertaining value to them. I’d watch this again. Probably one of the better 2CW shows I’ve watched as of May 2017.

Thanks for reading.

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